Sunday, 28 June 2009

Project 52 and a new layout

I have both a photo and a layout to share today. The summer is in full swing here and so there are lots of photo ops everywhere. I just wish I had a macro lens to be able to take full opportunity of all the goodies around.

#26, 2009
Delicious rasperries

I took this photo of my sister in Como back in March during our Italy trip and I am absolutely in love with it. She is such a pretty girl and I am so proud to have captured this photo.

Pretty smile

Orchard & Broome
West 4th Collection cool
Liv Esteban
I sing for spring kit
Jessica Sprague
Templates+ 11 (remodelled to fit a portrait photo)
Designer Digitals
Katie Pertiet
Rounded corner stitch holes

Dani Mogstad
Tropical Punch felt flowers

Century Gothic
28 Days Later


  1. She IS really pretty, Linda!

  2. I feel your pain about the macro lens ... I'm wishing the same thing. Along with a couple of others, too! ;)
    I agree, that photo of your sister is gorgeous. Don't you love taking portraits from that angle?
    Great layout, too. I really like all the new stuff at

  3. Beautiful layout, Linda! I will have to try that angle too. I recently joined Jessica Sprague and also love her work - she's incredible. I hope to sign up for several of her classes.

    Juls in TX~

  4. my sisters are the most beautiful girls in the wooooorld! :)

  5. I saw that LO on FB and loved it! Great shot and great scrapping! I hear you about the Macro lens, I am wishing for one too! Lovely work Linda