Monday, 22 June 2009

Project 52, week 20-25

Be prepared for a boatload of photos! I have seriously slacked when it comes to posting my Project 52 photos. This means I now have six weeks' worth to post to be caught up.

So, I'm almost at the half mark by now. I never thought I would be able to keep up. Granted it's just one photo a week, but still. I am famous for starting things and then getting tired quite fast. Let's just hope it will last the whole year.

#20, 2009
My good little boy Buster.

#21, 2009
A peony in my mother in law's garden.

#22, 2009
My own personal chef. I love this man!

#23, 2009
Meh, uninspired that week ...

#24, 2009
My sister in law Jenny.

#25, 2009
My sister Frida and my mother welcoming my sister Nina home from Italy after being away for six months. Not a well taken photo, but worth so much to me.


  1. Great photos! Keep it up, girl! Love the photo of the peony - beautiful flower...


  2. Love the pic of the cute dog face! And your sweet personal chef too. :)

    Good to see that I'm not the only one that is moved to begin things but stalls in the middle... ahem. DH has a hard time with that sometimes. (He still loves me)

  3. Good for you for keeping up!!! I love these pictures, especially the puppy and your personal chef!!!