Tuesday, 31 March 2009

The office

Alright, as dysfunctional and crazy as we may be in this house from time to time, I do dare say that we are not quite as crazy as the lot on the actual TV show (and if anyone comments here disputing that statement I will have to hunt you down, so be warned, lol).

We do have an office, though. Or at least half an office. How does that work, you ask? Well, our house has three bedrooms. In one, we sleep. The second doubles as a guest and whisky room (and by now you might be thinking that we really are loons, but my husband loves and collects single malt whisky and we keep the bottles in cabinets in that room). The third one doubles as a dressing room and office. I sometimes wish we had another room in the house so that we could have one office and one dressing room. But alas, that is not the case and we're making it work.

The layout of the room was not working perfectly for me. I have stuff. It's not overwhelming, not by my standards at least even if my husband might beg to differ, but there just wasn't enough storage in there. So we moved around a little in there and got some new furniture and knicks and knacks. It's still new but I think we like it better.

The room has a north facing window, so it's not getting a lot of light, and we had kept the colours very uniform; silver and grey with the only exception being the wood of the furniture. So to spice things up a bit I chose to bring in some red.

Coming in the first thing you see are our wardrobes. Yah, you can't see a third of the lot, and yah, I have a lot of clothes. A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

Looking into the room you see the desk (please excuse the mess in the small shelf at the end, I am hoping to tend to that next weekend). On the desk is the lamp we bought but have not yet put up.

Standing by the desk, looking back towards the door, you see the shelf where I keep all my papers and some of the craft stuff. I plan on writing something fun on the wall above the mirror. I just don't know exactly what yet. Suggestions are welcome.

We chose to cover the glass doors with leftover wallpaper from our bedroom accent wall. The rugs on the floor are actually bath maths, but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

Behind the desk you find the new furniture, which basically are two shelves. Earthmoving, I know. As you can see all the boxes and jars are sitting there ready, waiting for me to fill them with my things. Again, I hope to do this next weekend.

On the wall above the desk we have shelving where we keep important things like cables to old and no longer existing computers and cameras, instruction manuals to said computers and cameras, and other fun things. I am planning on putting three small photo frames in that area right above the desk under the shelves where I can rotate some of my work.

And that's it my friends. My office. It's not like I imagine Martha's home office to be. Heck, it's not even what I would have wanted had not those blasted wardrobes been in the room (I dreamed about a huge island, and a beautiful lace wallpaper covering one wall). But it works. And I guess that is more than enough.

Monday, 30 March 2009

Piazza duomo
(Credits: Paper from Sing for Spring kit by Liv Esteban, Taped up frames by Liv Esteban, Satisfaction font, photos by Linda Roos

Sunday, 29 March 2009

A sweet little project 52 and a sign of spring

This week's photo for Project 52 is a sweet little thing. My good boy Buster with his velvet ears and puppy eyes that are impossible to resist. I don't see him nearly enough to fill the ear- and belly rub need I have, lol.

#13, 2009

And another thing that happened this week was that my mum came over with a sure sign of spring, flowers. They look a little sad because I think I waited a little too long before I planted them but I can report that they are picking up nicely.

You bunch of pansies! (A shout out to anyone who gets the film reference)

I hope you all have had a good weekend? I spent a good deal of it redoing our office to better suit my needs for storage and order. I might be sharing a few photos a little later.

Now, off to work on some wedding invites.

Friday, 27 March 2009

I want to take the time to give a heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you who have downloaded, posted and commented. Thank you! It is so rewarding to log in and read the comments. It really puts a smile on the face after a trying day. And that is also exactly why I offering up these freebies here.

I am still waiting to be able to share some good stuff here. I can't say anything just yet but I will come back to it soon.

I am planning on spending part of this coming weekend on scrapbooking. My goal is to get started with a book of the photos from our recent trip to Milan. I am itching to dig in!

Here is a treat for you

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Check me out - I'm sporting a freebie!

I don't know if it is actually possible to physically sport a digital freebie. But let's just pretend for a while that it is. And let's say that it's also quite becoming.

I guess we can safely say that it's been a while, eh? All I can say is that my play time has been cut down drastically lately. But today I felt it was high time for a template.

So here we go.

Download it here.

You know the drill; please read and follow the TOU, please leave me some love when you download, and if you use the template I would love to see.

See you all real soon!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Going back to my roots

As some of you might have noticed I have a very modern taste. I like things sleek and sophisticated. Frills and frou frous are not for me. But yesterday for our Sunday dinner I decided to step out of my comfort zone and use a beautiful old set of porcelain dishes that I inherited from my grandparents a couple of years back. I have had it stored away all this time and have never used it. What better occasion than a traditional Sunday dinner?

I decided to keep it simple to not overplay the delicate pattern of the dishes so all I used was a linen coloured table cloth, robin's egg napkins, blue glass votives and two small blue faux flowers.

I thought it was immensly fun to use the thingamabob (anyone up for telling me the real name?) to serve the food.

I didn't have any glasses that went perfectly with the theme (remember, I'm into the sleek style) so the most frilly ones in the cupboard had to make do.


And just for good measure here is one with the actual food. Delicious it was. No thanks to me though - it's good to be married to a chef!

We also had dessert in these dishes, waffles with vanilla ice cream and strawberry jam, and I felt quite like the little home maker.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Project 52, week 12 and sweetness

This week has completely flown by. I haven't had the chance to pick up my camera once until today. It is starting to be my melody; the shot of the week taken on the very last day of said week. LOL, at least I am getting one, right?

#12, 2009
Making smoothies

I want to share with you something that made my heart melt. Right before we were leaving for Milan last Friday this card arrived for me in the mail. My little goddaughter made it for me and had her mum or dad send it in the mail.


Inside it says "For my Linda from Josefin" and she has drawn in it too.

Isn't it just the sweetest thing you have ever seen? It had me crying buckets. She is such a sweet little girl. I love her so!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Where has she gone?

Yeah, I've been neglecting this little place all week. I'm sorry guys! Between work and the usual migraines time has simply run away from me somehow.

I have been working hard on the pictures from our trip as well as a, for now, secret project. This far I am really happy with what I'm seeing as far as the photos go. I love how dramatic this one is.

Oh, and I got some potentially good news the other day, and I hope I can share it here really soon. Stay tuned!

have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, 16 March 2009

Back + Project 52, week 11

We just got back a few hours ago and I am spent! We've had a whirlwind of a weekend, absolutely perfect, and I now have about 600 photos to edit. :)

I have a taxi picking me up at 6 am tomorrow morning for a business trip so I will love you and leave you.

But at least I have a Project 52 photo for week 11.

#11, 2009

It was taken in the Vittorio Emanuele II galleria in Milan. Isn't it a beautiful place?
More pictures from the trip will follow as I edit. I also plan to make another photo book so when that is done I will link it up.

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Last minute preparations

Bags are being packed, passports are checked, camera bettery is being charged.

Why do you ask? I'm off to Milano tomorrow! Woohoo!

See y'all next week!

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Update on the banner issue

Thank you so much everyone for your feedback on the banner. I too felt it was too dark, and that is why I wasn't sure I liked it.

I went back to blue - one can always trust blue - but decided to give the fireworks a try for a while to see if they grow on me.

Again, thank you all for the honest feedback. And thanks for your comments on your view of my style. Being light is something I strive for, in more ways than one, lol. :D

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

New banner

Trying out something new for the banner. Not sure I like it at all. Will have to think about it for a day or two. Tell me if you hate it!

(Fireworks brush is by Ca-pris)

More layouts with products from Liv Esteban

I created two more layouts with the Gentle Morn kit by Liv Esteban at Jessica Sprague. I really love the soft quality of the papers.

(Credits: Paper: Vista from Gentle Morn kit by Liv Esteban Elements: TagSquare, Button2 from Gentle Morn kit, SwirlGlassAccent3 from ExtraordinaryDays kit all by Liv Esteban Fonts: CK Ali's Writing, Georgia Photo: Linda Roos)

Söt (sweet)
(Credits: Papers: Stripey and Cotton from Gentle Morn kit by Liv Esteban Elements: Ribbon2, Button3, GardenFrame, GentleMornAlpha from GentleMorn kit by Liv Esteban, staples from I live for kit by Vinnie Pearce Font: CK Ali's Writing Photo: Linda Roos)

Monday, 9 March 2009

You asked for it!

And now you're getting the answers! :D

Mirjam asked:
What is my favourite film and book? And will I be sharing more digital papers?

My answer:
I am such a film buff. I love watching films and always have new favourites. Narrowing it down to one is downright impossible for me. But I do love The Commitments, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Mystic River. Also, anything where Hugh Jackman takes his clothes off will get a good rating from me, lol.

I have two favourite books. The first one is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, and the second one is Macbeth by William Shakespeare. There was one book I read while at university that scared the crap out of me but I still loved it. It is called The Collector but I can't remember who wrote it, sorry.

I will be sharing more papers and templates here for sure. I am working on a paper kit but have a couple other engagements that I need to finish first (deadlines) so it might be a little while. I hope y'all are ok with waiting.

Nina asked:
What is my favourite picture? And what language is ok to post replies in?

My answer:
You can write to me in Swedish, English, a little Italian or German. :)

My favourite picture changes from time to time too. Right now it's one from our trip to Italy in August. It's the one in this layout.

Tammy asked:
What is my real job? And have I considered starting my own design or event planning business?

My answer:
I work for a utility company as a coordinator. Basically my job is to provide instructions and information for the people working in my and four other departments, and to see to it that they work accordingly to the company processes and execute things in the correct way. I organize classes and write instructions that I publish at our intranet. I work a lot and there is always so much more to do.

I have considered doing something related to both design and event planning. I had this idea of buying a villa in Toscana and provide an all in one service for Swedish couples who want a destination wedding with invites, planning, catering, and photography. Buuuuuut, that's just a dream. And the reality is, being new home owners we need two secure incomes right now. So starting a business of my own will have to stay a dream.

Anke asked:
Where was I born and how did I end up where I am?

My answer:
I was born in a town called Malmö in Sweden in 1974. I have lived there all my life and still do! :) I want to thank you for your comment on my English. I am fluent in English so I get asked frequently if I am from some place else. But no. There is a really long story but let's just take the short one here for now and suffice it to say that I like the language.

Lisa asked:
What was a decisive moment in my life and what changed because of it?

My answer:
Oh gosh, I think you get the prize for the most difficult question, lol. I think one decisive moment was my 20th birthday which involved a broken heart and a major life crisis. It was the moment I grew up and lost my naive outlook on my life. It was a horrible, horrible time but looking back now I know it is such a big part of who I am today that I wouldn't want to change anything.

Another one, of course, was marrying my husband and feeling more secure and at peace than I had ever felt before in my life.

Frida asked:
What is my favourite song from the 80s and 90s? What was my most fab 80s outfit? And who is the most inspiring celeb I know?

My answer:
Hahahaha, well seeing as Rick Astley was the greatest love of my life when I was 15 years old I guess I have to say Never Gonna Give You Up for the 80s song.

90s song? Hm ... I was very into RnB in the 90s ... I'll go with ... heck I don't know!

I don't know that it was even possible to have a fab outfit in the 80s. I do remember a white tunic with big orange dots, an orange plastic belt and white ski pants. Yeah, gag me!

The most inspiring celeb? I have to say Oprah. I don't know anyone who works so hard to better herself and the world. I know she has made mistakes, but she tries. I admire that.

Tammy (again) asked:
What is my take on scrap ettiquette? And where do I find inspiration?

My answer:
Well, yeah, I very much believe in giving credit. I know some people don't care for it but it's not fun to see people use your stuff and not even recognising your work. I saw a direct copy (it can't even be called scraplift because the girl had even gone and taken a photo like mine) of a layout of mine that was published in DSM and there was no credit to my original layout. There were a lot of comments to her post, raving about how great it was, and it just hurt me. Because it was my design. It was my ideas. And she took the praise. So I always make sure I give proper credit. Always. And I wish others would too.

I find inspiration in everything and anything. It can be a photo, a colour, a word in the news paper, an ad out on the town, a conversation overheard on the bus, a dream, other people's layouts, textures, food, music. Anything really. Sometimes I feel really blocked and so I am working hard on breaking out of the box and thinking creatively and like an artist. That is a really big challenge though, I think.

Whew, all talked out now! I'll be back tomorrow with some layouts.

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Dinner party bargain style

Despite coming down with another cold - what, number 5 this year? - I wanted to do something special for the dinner with my husband's brother and his family last night since the food would be pretty fantastic courtesy of my resident chef.

The other day Hostess with the Mostess posted about her 5 best tips for hosting a party (check it out by the way, it's good) and she asked for some tips from the readers. My #1 tip for any host or hostess is to hoard, which I've talked about before, and to stock up on decorative and functional party items when they are on sale.

So to demonstrate that it is indeed possible to make a beautiful set up with inexpensive items I decided to go with a bargain style theme.

Because I'm an idiot some of the pictures have lit candles and some do not. Deal with it. :)

OK, so the base is a white linen table cloth. Bought on sale a year ago. The napkins are from IKEA. Not on sale but still not expensive. Black and silver runners were bought on sale just after Christmas. The chrystals hanging from the chandelier is from this year's Christmas collection at IKEA. Also bought on sale in January.


Our china is from the 365+ series at IKEA. We use it for every day and special occasions. It is simple and let's the food speak. I like that. I also like the price tag. The red wine goblets are also from IKEA. I love how huge they are.

I used white translucent ribbon with silver print to wrap the bigger plates. I've had the ribbon for ages so I can't say whether or not it was cheap or not but since I've had it for so long I think it can be defined as free, lol.

I wrapped velum around a square vase from IKEA and put two tea lights inside to create a lantern. The light from the lantern was really soft and created a great atmosphere.

I had my eye on the diamond shaped glass ornaments for several months last year. The place where we go grocery shopping had them in their candles/napkins section and I would pick them up every time I passed by them. But I never got them. Not until I discovered that they were on sale for about a dollar each after Christmas. I picked up the whole stock. The round glass beads and silver twine was part of plant/candle combo gift I got a few years ago. Once the candle was burned and the plant dead I picked the thing apart and kept what I thought would come in handy. Another great way to keep the costs down.

I put floating white candles (again, from IKEA) in vintage champagne glasses that I inherited from my grandmother. I thought the champagne touch would go well with the diamonds.

And there you have it. I got nothing for this dinner especially. Everything was in my house already and most of it was inexpensive.

New painting by JRKonst

My husband is an excellent artist and paints striking pieces of art. The latest one he did quickly became one of our favourites and we hung it in our bedroom on the wall facing our bed. It is the last thing I see before I go to sleep and the first thing I see when I wake up. I love the energy it has and it looks so great on the white wall.


He hasn't updated his blog in ages and he has several new pieces. I need to get on his back about that.

Project 52, week 10

I have so much to post about here. I need to answer the questions y'all have asked me, I have some photos of a dinner party to share, and a brag post about my husband's beautiful art. But I think I will start with Project 52 and this week's shot.

#10, 2009
My BIL and SIL had tulips with them when they arrived last night for dinner. I love the crispness of tulips and was ever so delighted. I got a few shots and I especially like this one.

I used Pioneer Woman's action "Seventies" and burned the edges a little. I think I can remember there being tulips in the 70s (I was just a wee little lass back then) as well so I guess it's not all wrong, lol.

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Inspired by greatness - a new layout

Liv Esteban has started selling her absolutely fantastic digital products at Jessica Sprague. Her greatness inspired me to scrap this layout with the photo from last week's Project 52. Do go over and check her out if you have not already.

In awe of nature's beauty
(Credits: All papers and elements from the Gentle Morn kit by Liv Esteban except for staples; from I Live For mini kit by Vinnie Pearce. Fonts: Georgia and Century Gothic. Photo: Linda Roos)

Monday, 2 March 2009

You call the shots

So I thought I'd try something entirely new for this blog. I thought I'd leave it up to you to decide what to talk about. Fancy that!

Here's how it's going to work:
You reply to this post asking any type of question you like. That could be anything from what my favourite colour is, to what my take on scrap ettiquette is, to how old I am, to my political views, to anything related to entertaining, to whatever!

Then, sometime in the near-ish future I will make a new post where I answer your questions. I will then go above and beyond and be elaborate and might even use pictures. :)

OK, so ready set go. Hit me!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Project 52, week 9

#9, 2009
I am in awe of nature's beauty. This week's shot is of the amazing roses I got for the party.

Back to the 80s

Yesterday was the party for my sister with the 80s theme that I have posted about before. We worked all week on getting all the little details ready and I think it paid off. The pink and black was very striking and people got into the feel of the party thanks to a great soundtrack that the resident chef cum DJ had put together.

Photos? You bet! Here we go!

The first table had a black cotton table cloth with a hot pink runner.

I put pink candles on punched black cardstock, pink tea lights in clear votives and then we punched a lot of black and pink confetti that was sprinkled along the runner.


The disco element in the middle is actually a Christmas ornament but for some reason we felt it worked out pretty nicely with the rest of the decor.

We spray painted old casette tapes black and hung them from the chandelier in pink satin ribbon. We also hung these over the food station and from a lamp over by the second table.


The second table had the same black table cloth but a lighter pink runner. We went with the same tea lights but instead of a disco ball I got the most gorgeous dark pink roses and decorated the vase with black and pink dotted paper and ribbon.


We prepared for a music quiz and printed out little cards for everyone to use. I used an edge element by Katie Pertiet and the 28 Days Later font.

We also put pink balloons in all the windows but somehow I missed including those in any of the photos. Duh!

I tied pink dotty ribbon around the base of the champagne glasses. Here they all are waiting for the bubbly.

I didn't get to take any photos of the food station (with the cocktail sticks we painstakingly punched and glued for about three hours on Friday night) until the party was on the road, so I apologize for the slightly dodgy photos.


We used black paper plates, black and white plasic cutlery, hot pink napkins and all white china to serve the food in. It looked very good.

We had chocolate mousse served in glasses and chocolate and raspberry cupcakes for dessert and I found, surprise, hot pink holders for the cupcakes and the cutest candles for the birthday girl that spell hurra, wich is Swedish for Hooray.


The party was a hit and the girl was very happy at the end of the night. I am so pleased.