Sunday, 17 January 2010

Painting weekend

I spent both Saturday and Sunday morning painting this huge mutha of a painting. It all started with my coworker seeing a picture of a painting in our livingroom that my husband painted and asking if my husband would be up for making something similar for his new place. It continued with a misunderstanding between me and the hubby (where I thought he said yes and he thought he said no) and ended with me taking on the challenge this weekend.

Whew, and what a challenge it was. The canvas was 1x1,5 meter. OK, so I don't excercise all that much so I am ashamed to admit that I'm not as limber as I was a few years back. But painting that canvas was a right pain! It would have been an epic photo op though - thank god I was home alone!

Anyway, here is the finished product. I am not a painter. So not a painter. But we will see what my coworker thinks of it. If he doesn't like it I will definitely force the husband to redo it.
(Please excuse the blurry photo)


I finally ordered the P53 book last night from Shutterfly. *gulp* Despite having a 20% off coupon it all still ended up being ... um ... not inexpensive. I know I will love the book and cherish it forever, and I know I am getting a 12x12 book with 53 pages so I get that it will cost , but it still hurt when I clicked on the final order button. LOL!


  1. Hi there
    I was wondering if you would give me permission to use your templates in my challenge group.
    My members will of course be sent to your blog to download.

    You can contact me here: [email protected]

    Thank you :)

  2. Hey Linda - for your next book, check out Their prices on 12x12 books can't be beat!

  3. Hi Linda!

    Your painting is fabulous! I am sure that they'll love it! You are so talented!!



  4. Hi Linda

    You say you are not a painter but you did an amazing job with that piece of art! If your coworker doesn't like it, I'll be surprised. You are gifted with your artistic abilities that seem to translate into many and varied things.

    Well done!