Thursday, 25 February 2010

The comeback

Celebrating like you wouldn't believe right now! The computer was picked up from the shop tonight - and get this - every little thing was saved. Am I not the luckiest girl in the world right now? I think I might be.

My first point of order is, of course, to back everything up.
Then I think I might do a dance.
Then I will start working like crazy again. Because I think I have some exciting stuff to share very soon. :D

Before all of that though, I want to take the time to thank you guys for coming here to offer support and for your emails. I really appreciate you guys.

I'll see you tomorrow with some photos for P52.


  1. Oh she is back!!! How lucky to have gotten everything back, that is fabulous. Good to have you back, girl!

  2. Welcome back!! Also wanted to say that I downloaded your 365 template set and have used them for some of my weekly pages. They are great thankyou. If you wanted to see them they are on my blog at

    Please forgive me I have not yet done the credits, but will get back to this shortly to link back to you.

  3. Great Linda, you're back!!! :) And how lucky for you that everything was saved (unlike my EHD - I lost everything that I hadn't backed up).

    I can't wait for the exciting stuff you have to share with us.

  4. Wonderful news! Doing the happy dance with you!

  5. Great news! I am so happy for you :)

  6. I am so happy to hear that GOOD things DO happen to GOOD people! You share so much goodness so this result is only fitting! And I'll happily join in that happy dance.