Saturday, 13 February 2010

Involuntary blog vacation

My friends, I am sad to say it, but there won't be much posting around here for a few weeks. The reason is that my computer died on Thursday night.

The memorial service (includin alcohol) that I had planned for last night was put on hold for a few weeks as my husband went to have it serviced yesterday. Hopefully they will be able to recover all the stuff I had on there; and let this be a lesson my friends, don't ever be as lax about backing up as I have been the last couple of months.

It will take two or three weeks before I can get the computer back, if they can fix it, so until then all creative work on my part, as far as digital goes, will be nonextistant. So if I don't post much here, at least you know why.

I promise I will come back with full force as soon as I can. And I think I will be able to bring some good news with me then.

So hang loose, people, we'll see eachother soon again!


  1. Here's hoping you are able to recover everything! So sorry this had to happen to you.

    If you are able to answer this, maybe you could tell me the name of the font you used for the We Love You WA. Would also love a tutorial on how to make those kind of letters :)

  2. Oh so sorry for your loss. I lost a hard drive this past summer. Most of the stuff was backed up, but a few things weren't (but most of that I did have printed already), but I know the hurt and frustration. I am taking your advice to heart and updating the back up today.

  3. Yikes.

    Make the best of your forced blogcation... :(

  4. Here I finally manage to stop by and you are out and about! I hope you'll get it fixed soon, that is a bummer. That's why I like Mozy, you just never know!

  5. Lynda, so sorry to hear this very sad news. Hope with all my heart that you have not lost everything.

    I lost about 3yrs of treasured photos of my children a couple of years back so decided to go with online backup as I'm useless doing this myself. My husband has had 3 hard drive crashes in less than 5 months and he still hasn't learned!

    Best wishes in the meantime and I'll keep a prayin' for you.