Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Up for a deal?

The Flutter By elements set is part of One Buck Wednesday today at The discounted price of $1 is valid today only so hurry up and head on over to my shop.

CT search
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In other words I have a template album and a sticker set coming up on Monday. So stay tuned for that!

Monday, 29 March 2010

CT Call at

CT search

Guys, if you are into digital or hybrid scrabooking and you wouldn't mind using the products on FOR FREE then do check this out. Go here for all the info you need.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Art collaboration take two

So I have a problem. I agree to do projects despite not being sure I will ever be able to pull them off (um, like selling digi products?). Sometimes this makes for a fabulous challenge and I rise to the occasion. Sometimes I bite off too much and I end up agonizing for weeks and weeks. Here is the story of such a time.

After agreeing to make another painiting for my coworker I went home and cried for two weeks. Then I came up with a vision of how I wanted the painiting to look. Then followed two weeks of mulling over it. When he started asking about the progress I knew I had to get the work started. That's when I had a nervous breakdown in our living room which led my über talented painter husband to step in and save the day. Oh how I love him so.

I drew the idea on a piece of paper, explained the effect I wanted and what colours I had in mind.  Then we set to work. Him mostly. It only took about an hour to finish it and it turned out amazing. We both contemplated getting a new canvas and make another painting for my coworker as we both wanted to keep this one. However, we have no space for it in our house so we decided to let it go.

The husband's last words? "Don't take on projects that you know you won't be able to pull off again. Um ... we will just have to see about that, lol.





Easter project

A few weeks back, when we had our Godchildren stay with us for a few weeks, I got some metal Easter eggs at a local hobby shop. The boys and I each painted three eggs but I wasn't really happy with the outcome of mine. But I gave it a shot to try and spruce them up a little with some ribbon and my Flutter By butterflies. And I think in the end they turned out quite cute.




I think that if I decide to use them for gifts I will give them as a set because honestly, the smallest one doesn't hold much sweets, lol.

Project 52 - three weeks' worth

It's been a while since I posted a P52 photo so I think it's high time.

#10, 2010
We both love a good glass of wine with dinner on the weekends and browsing through the aisles of the shop looking for something new is always fun. This week we came home with three bottles. As a sidenote: The middle one was fantastic.

#11, 2010
Our godchildren stayed with us this weekend and I took the bowling on Saturday. Turned out they were a lot better at it than I was, lol.

#12, 2010
The football season premiere was this week and of course we had to be there. The support group had made 10 000 blue and white flags that were placed all over the stadium and right before the game started, when the team hymn was played everyone waved the flags. Pretty cool. I love tifo!

Monday, 22 March 2010

Two new products to celebrate spring

I am ready for spring like you wouldn't believe! I want sunshine, I want warmth, I want pretty flowers, I want that tingle in my body that life is pretty awesome just because. I cannot wait for spring to arrive in full force. So in view of that I created two new products to boost my spirits; one paper pack and one elements set.

Pretty Pastels Paper Pack
This paper pack has five lightly textured background papers with soft colours and delicate patterns.
Click here to go to the product in my shop.

Flutter By Elements Set
This set of elements contains five beautiful butterfly designs that coordinates with the Pretty Pastels Paper Pack. There are ten butterflies in the set; two of each design with and without dropshadows.

Click hereto go the product in my shop.

Happy creating everyone!

Love song word art freebie

After creating the Sappy Love Songs word art set last week I wanted to do something with one of my very favourite songs in the whole wide world; Michael Bublé's "Lost". This song does something to me every time. It gives me a feeling of serenity and peace and it feels like his velvety voice caresses me.

So what better than to put it up here for you to enjoy a little as well?
(Photo taken by me at Lago di Garda 2008)

If you want to download the .png word art, then click right here.
Please remember that this is for personal use only. Please read and follow the Terms of Use included in the download.

Monday, 15 March 2010

Sappy Love Songs word art

So, want to see what the sneaky sneak was really about? I think I gave it away a bit with the "word art" on the end, and that it was about love, but I tried to not give away too much, lol.

This set contains 8 individual .pngs and a brush set.
I had a moment of inspiration a few weeks back when we watched Live Aid on DVD and REO Speedwagon came on. It's such a cheesy song, and their clothes and hair had us in stitches. But somehow it had me singing that damn song for days after. But an idea was born. So I'm down with it!

Sappy Love Songs
 Click on the image to go the product page in my shop.

Can you guess the songs and the artists behind them? Other than REO, of course, as I already gave that away! I think maybe only one might be a little tricky ...

  1. In other news I stil haven't finished that last painting.
  2. My neighbour asked me to help her out with a logo for her new business. I have a concept ready and just need to polish it up for her.
  3. My co worker asked me to help out with a birthday project for her husband which includes cars and a 50s style band.
  4. I am working on a mini Easter project. It's hit and miss at the moment but we'll se how it comes out.
  5. Oh, and I need to get a bunch of digi scrap ideas finished. I have about 10 different things started right now so I am feeling just a tad bit schizofrenic, lol.
Also, I need to upload last week's photos. I'll be back with that tomorrow hopefully.

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sneaking in ...

Thinking it's unusally quiet around here at the moment? Yeah, I noticed it too! I guess the newness of designing not only for myself anymore brings added pressure to make things perfect (as that is even a possible option) and to make things that people would actually want to use, let alone pay for. Pressure that I am not used to and was not really prepared for. So this means I spend all nigh every night working on designs. I am not complaining mind you. I am in love with creating!

I will have a new product up in the shop on Monday. Give me a day or two and I'll bring you a little teaser. Hee!

Happy hump day everyone!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Project 52

First of all, thank you all so much for all the wellwishes and congratulatory comments! I am so thankful for all your support.

This week I discovered something, for me, amazing. I have been given quite a few orchids in the last year or so and, being a woman with no luck whatsoever when it comes to flowers, they have all lost their pretty blooms very quickly. With the last three I felt it would be a huge shame to throw them out after only a few weeks so I put them in a corner behind a shelf and promptly forgot about them for several months. Until one day this week. This week I happened to look over and lo and behold, one of the plants had three big, beautiful blooms and two buds. How did that happen? I haven't even watered any of them in 3+ months. Naturally this had to be documented for Project 52.

#9, 2010

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, 5 March 2010

Turning a new leaf

I said the other week that I had good news to share - and I wasn't kidding!

Here's the story:
A few years back I stumbled across a thread at a community that talked about digital scrapbooking. I never had any interest in paper scrapbooking before despite my love of paper and paper design, but the fact that it was digital intrigued me. One of the posters put a link in her post to Jessica Sprague and on a whim I checked it out. I found her blog, with lots of great tutorials and Photoshop tips. We had an old version on PS lying around (PS7) and I decided to try it out.

I poked around her newly created forum and saw that she offered a brand spanking new class. I missed the deadline of the first ever BETA class. But in the coming months I created an account, became a part of the community, and once the next class came around four months later I was first in line.

After that many classes followed, friendships were formed, and I found a new love in my life. I got hooked on creating colourful pages to showcase my increasing interest in photography.

Then my friend Liv decided to try her hand at designing digi scrap products. I was asked to be part of the creative team at  and even though I had previously thought I wasn't cut out for CT duty I gave it a try.

Fastforward about a year. I am sitting at home trying to think of cool projects to do for Valentine's when I get an email from Jessica. An email with a life changing question. Would I be interested in leaving the creative team and join the design team?

Jaw, meet floor!

Wow, could I? Me? Seriously? WOW!


So off I go, I start working like crazy. Then my computer dies. With my newly created designs. Not backed up.

Oh the horror!

But sometimes good things happen even to me. My computer was fixed and my creations were saved. And because of that I am no so very proud (and completely in disbelief) to announce that my first ever product is live in the store at! I am a designer! Can you believe it? I am not sure I can!

You can check my first product out HERE.


I assure that there are plenty more stuff coming soon. I haven't felt this inspired in a long, long time.

I also feel the need to say a huge thank you to every one of you who have visited my blog, posted beautiful, kind comments, and downloaded my humble freebies. I promise to not stop doing those; I luv ya guys! Coming here and seeing your faces makes my day every time. So I certainly don't ever want to lose that. I also promise to give you the lowdown on every special, sale and goodie that might (surely) come in the future. :)

In short I am floating on little pink clouds right now. This is a new chapter for me. I am literally turning a new leaf in this adventure. I just hope the things I have to offer is ... up to par?!

Much love to every single one of you!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Oh so good but not good for you at all

Took these on Sunday. Looking at them makes me happy.


Art collaboration and a gift set

One of my coworkers asked me to do a painting for him after seeing the one I did for another coworker a while ago. It took me a while to get started and then it didn't exactly come out the way I had envisioned it. So after giving it several tries I had to ask my husband for help. I had the shapes and colours all set. I just couldn't get the blending of the black and white right. His solution was to open a bottle of wine and crack the paint bottles open. After a while we were both standing there talking and dragging paint along imaginary lines. The end result was this organic creation.

For the gift we got my sister for her birthday I wanted to do something cute and sassy and chic and cool. All at the same time! So I rummaged through my collection of wrapping paper and was discouraged. I had lots and lots of Christmas themed paper (ok, so I do go overboad in that department, sue me, lol) but nothing that screamed chic and sassy. What to do, what to do? Improvise of course! I went with a black wrapping paper and added a strip of this ultra cool scrapbook paper by Glitz. Then, as a simple last little touch I added a hot pink ribbon and some bling. Simple but effective.

Naturally I had to do a matching card as well. The pink paper got to act the star again, and I added the same ribbon as well as her initial and some sequins.


The gift? My faves; white high top Converse all stars!

Monday, 1 March 2010

Project 52 weeks 6 to 8

My camera has been a silent companion in the last couple of weeks. I have carried it with me almost every day but to be honest I haven't really had any interest or will to pick it up and use it. I think the funk over the computer somehow moved over to every other creative aspects of my daily life. But I have dutifully kept up with the project photos. After seeing the finished product of last year I'd be damned to miss out after only a few weeks into the new year.

#06, 2010
I got these baby cupcakes for Valentine's. It's not a huge thing in our household but I thought they were so cute.

#07, 2010
I cannot remember when we had a winter like this last. We've had snow since mid December and even though it's finally starting to melt away now, it was still abundant two weeks ago.

#08, 2010
My beautiful sister on her 26th birthday yesterday.

Tomorrow I'll share a collaborative piece of art and the card and present I made for my sister. Now I need to hit the sack as I have a taxi picking me up at 5.30 am tomorrow morning for yet another business trip.