Sunday, 27 June 2010

On camera bags

Like any other camera happy woman I have been quite unhappy for the longest time about the über fugly camera bags on the regular camera/photography market. In the last couple of years a bunch of sites have popped up selling really awesome camera bags that actually look like handbags. Now that is a concept I like.

The first one I came upon a few years back was jill-e.
Their medium bag in chocolate suede was really the first bag I had seen that looked nice as well as was practical.
(Image from Jill-e)

I couldn't afford the price tag it came with though and decided to try to make it work with regular bags for a while. My friend Anneli helped me make an insert, and I tried picking apart an old regular camera bags, using the removable padding in my several different handbags. While it kept the camera safe it certainly wasn't user friendly as everything kept moving around in there.

Then I found Kelly Moore, and their red croc pattern bag. Oh swoon!

(Image from Kelly Moore)

I really love the dark red of this one. But spending that amount of money on a red bag ... hm, no, even for me that would be very irresponsible.

After that I saw Epiphanie and, seriously, their bags are off the charts cool. I love their Lola bag. Sadly, when I was searching they only offered it in red. And even though it called to me, the same logic still applied for red bags. (However, they now offer it in black as well)

OK, so now I really was hooked on finding the perfect camera bag. I kept searching and came upon *emera. Oh my. Not only is the bag totally stylish, it can also hold a laptop. Man, that is perfect for when I travel for work. I wouldn't have to bring two bags or feel forced to leave the camera at home.

(Image from *emera)

Unfortunately the bag is currently out of stock. I sent an inquiry when the bag would be available again, and was told mid May. If you are interested in the bag you should contact them to see when it will back in stock. I think this is the bag that Ali Edwards uses.

After this I was a little bummed and kind of gave up on finding the perfect bag  for a while. But the idea of being able to keep both a laptop and a camera in the same bag stayed with me. While browsing in an electronics store I saw a funky bag from Golla that I quite liked. It's not stylish like any of the previous bags, but it's cool. It's called Grit, which I guess explains the style pretty well, lol.

So I bought it. It was cheap compared to all the above bags. It holds, and this I can say from experience, one 17" laptop with charger and chord, one Nikon D80 camera with 18-135mm lens, one make up bag, two mobile phones, one large wallet, one hard cover for my glasses, one key chain, and one scarf. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Now, I am very happy with the Golla bag. But I still wanted something more stylish as the Golla is very casual. And if I'm not carrying a laptop it's pretty big to lug around.  So I decided that I needed another bag.

Hey, I'm a woman, right? Right!

But after having already spent money on one camera bag, I knew I couldn't justify getting any of the above bags. But fear not my friends. A woman will always find a way when it comes to shopping.

Enter Jo Totes. I found this site just the other week and instantly fell in love with the adorable ruffles of the Rose bag.

(Image from Jo Totes)

And guess what? Yesterday I ordered it! Woohoo! It should be here in a few weeks.

So that is my story for you on choosing a camera bag. If you are in the market for one, do check out these fabulous places. If anyone has any tips to share about other places that I haven't mentioned here, then please, do share! Even if I have no business what so ever getting any more bags any time soon, I love to window shop, and I think perhaps it would be helpful for other readers as well. :)


  1. I have a Jo Tote, too! However, they didn't have that cute one with the flower when I ordered earlier this for me! I love my bag! I do wish for one with space for a laptop ...

  2. How do you like the Golla Cam Bags ZOOM in purple or STORY in brown?

  3. I purchased the med Jill-e in October. I had wanted one for ages and was sooo excited BUT the interesting thing is I have sooo disappointed with it. It really isn't me. I couldn't justify another bag with that sort of price tag so I just resigned myself to the fact that I had to get to like it. Then I also found the JoTotes a week or so back and I am definitely going to order one of these. They look a little more like me and are very reasonably priced. Linda, I have a red Jill-e and I can't wait to stick it on E-Bay. My JoTote will NOT be red! You obviously have a LOT more self control than I.

  4. Tammy, I didn't know you had one of them. Is it holding up well? Are you happy with the quality?

    Anon, out of the two I prefer the brown one. I like the pink flowers on the front.

    Jowel, lol, here's a small secret, I do have a red croc purse. It's fabulous. But I didn't spend a small fortune on it so I guess it's ok. It doesn't hold a camera though. :p I'm sorry you had to spend the money to find it wasn't the right fit. But yeah, do sell it! I'm sure there is someone out there who will love it.

  5. Hey I have a Golla bag for my laptop. I love it. It's funky (it's orange with bright red flowers) and oh so roomy. :)

    You know I'm all for red bags. ;)