Monday, 14 June 2010

Thank you everyone for your sweet comments on my photos from the trip. In reality, it was totally and completely all due to the goregous places we saw, and probably not so much my abilities, lol. But thank you anyway.

Juls, you asked about my process? Do I get perfect shots in camera? Do I edit? Do I use actions?
LOL, no I do not always take perfect shots. Far from it. But I do think I've got enough knowledge to know how to get a good enough exposure and how to compose a  decent shot. If I shoot in RAW, which I admit to not always doing - yes really, well then it's a no brainer, I have to edit. If I shoot in JPEG I will most likely, unless the exposure is way off for some reason, only add some extra contrast and then sharpen. If I am lazy and don't want to do it on my own I'll use an action from Totally Rad called Boutwell Magic Glasses which does just that, add contrast and sharpen.

But teach? LOL, nah, I don't feel I am proficient enough to tell others what to do. I know it instinctively when I have the camera transfixed to my face but I will leave the teaching to the pros, lol. After helping out in the forum for Candice Stringham's classes at I can surely say that I got nothing on the pros, lol. Candice rocks!

Tammy, on the camera in the arena business, let me just say that I got some great smuggling moves. :) No, really, I just had it in my bag under a scarf. Ha! We walked right up to the arena. They took our tickets and in we went. No problem at all, right? Wrong.

About half an hour before the concert was about to start a bunch of big lads walked down each lane and placed themselves on little stools, facing the crowd. If they saw someone with a camera bigger than an inch they flew up from their seat, ran over, and screamed that if the camera wasn't put away they would confiscate it.

OK, so I don't remember enough Italian to know that they actually said confiscate, but I did pick up that they told people to put the camera away. I was right at the end of our row so there would be no way in hell that I could pick the camera up and once again I started to despair. But husband to the rescue! He did so well with hiding the camera and still getting shots during almost every song. So I am one happy girl. :D

Thanks again for your compliments my friends.


  1. Hi Linda!

    Your work is beyond average and has a signature-style which is wonderfully beautiful. As if you aren't busy enough, I'm saying that it is magazine worthy and I'd love to know how you do it!

    It's the clarity, pure light, the crispness of your pictures that always capture my attention. Even prior to you being on the team at JS, I've commented on your blog many times before. When I see your pictures, I imagine you running around with a light kit and setting up the shot perfectly. :) But no! You do it with ease!

    Cool color way on your new kit, btw. What was your inspiration?

  2. LOL, thank you Juls. You have made my day today.

    Hm, what do I do? I shoot in manual mostly. Aperture mode in tricky situations and I don't think I have time to work it out in my head.

    I feel my Nikon underexposes so I usually overexpose a little. A lot of photographers work hard to always have the entire shot correctly exposed. I feel I can't be bothered by that so I focus on getting the most important part of the photo correctly exposed. That means I am careful of how I meter. Then I quite like bright photography. Looking at other people's work I am instinctly drawn to those that are on the brink of being over exposed, so maybe that is something that comes naturally when I shoot as well?

    What else? Composure is important to me. I always look to find the best composition. Sometimes that is the most important thing to me. Getting a great exposure but a crappy composition is worse than the opposite IMO, as many shots with less than perfect exposure can be worked on in PS.

    I like contrast. I feel contrast can make a half decent shot really great. So that is something that I almost always work on post production. I think sharpening does the same, as long as it's not overdone.

    Then beyond that I don't really know, lol.

    Thank you again! Mwah!