Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A real life story

Just have to share a little something from today!
On my way home from a business trip  I sat beside a guy on the train. We both had our computers up and were both working on graphic design (I had to take frequent breaks though because I get terrible motion sickness). It was like a little creative corner at our end of the train. Hee!

Only difference was:
1. He was a hot shot art director doing high end commercial work for a big firm, I was working on my own digi scrap designs.
2. He had a huge, shiny, new Macbook Pro, I worked on my four year old HP.
3. He was working on CS5 (PS and AI), I have CS3 PS but no AI.
waaaaah - inferior complex rearing its ugly head big time

But despite all this he moved one word (in Century Gothic font) back and forth on a red square for 45 minutes while I created four papers. I guess the lesson for me there was that even though I badly need upgrades on both hardware and software I can still rock the design world (in a small way of course).


  1. In our family, we laugh all the time about how people choose and use fonts, naming the fonts correctly each time, of course! So that detail in your story made me laugh! And you are SO right ... you are rockin' the design world!!!

  2. Good for you my dear! You are amazingly talented and I hope he went home green with envy! :)

  3. You are rocking in a HUGE way!!!!

  4. WTG Linda! You are a beautiful designer, despite needing upgrades! LOL I'm sure he was amazed when he peeked at your compy screen!

  5. just wanted to say that your kits are some of my most favorite over at J.Sprague. i just love the colors and sophistication...they are just beautiful :)

  6. Thank you so so much everyone for you so very sweet comments. Made me tear up! xoxoxo