Monday, 4 October 2010

Cinque Terre - part one

We took soooo many photos that day we spent in Cinque Terre that I need to break the post up. It's just too hard to scale down too much. That place is just so fantastic. Let's concentrate on the villages as seen from the water in this post.

Portovenere (which isn't part of Cinque Terre, but you pass it with the ferry from La Spezia and it's beautiful).

View of the bay

Approaching Riomaggiore

Via Del Amore between Riomaggiore and Manarola clings to the cliffs and is visible from the water.

Beautiful blue water


Corniglia, which is the only one of the five villages that doesn't have a harbour. It can only be reached by train. Because of this it was the one village we didn't visit.


Another beautiful shot of the bay

Approaching Monterosso

I'll share more from Cinque Terre next


  1. We were just there a week ago! We lived at Corniglia and loved it so much, beautiful place!:)

  2. What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these. Can't wait to see more.

  3. My husband proposed to me over the phone from Cinque Terre:) I have never been there, but in my mind it is a Fabulous place,lol! Thanks for the photos.

  4. Sono bellissime le foto!!!

  5. Gorgeous place and your photos are superb. I've just added this place to my ever growing wish list of places to visit!