Sunday, 17 October 2010

Project 52 weeks 38 to 41

I have let the updates for Project 52 slide for a few weeks, so here we go with four weeks' worth of weekly pictures.

#38, 2010
I was sorting out the last of my summer shoes to put away and thought the collection marked a bit of a sad time of the year for me. I love the colours of autumn but I certainly don't like the fact that it's the start of cold, rainy, windy and miserable months and that always gets me down a little. So I decided to take a picture just to keep that sunny, cheery feeling inside for a little while longer.

#39, 2010
It was the week of the christening of our godchild Elias and I made all the decorations for the party. It was a beautiful day.

#40, 2010
The ultimate proof that the seasons are changing. It's pretty!

#41, 2010
During the business trip this week I had the chance to shoot a few pics at a beautiful location by a lake. I knew when I pressed the button for this one that I would love it.

Only eleven more photos to shoot this year. Wow!

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