Sunday, 14 November 2010

A celebratory P52

It's been exactly one week since the team of my heart became Swedish champions. I was there and what a party it was! Those of you who have followed the P52 series this year know that I've done a few football related weeks already. But how can you pass up the winning week? So with that in mind, I've got two more!

#44, 2010
After the game a lot of the supporters stormed the pitch to be close to the boys as they recieved the trophy. We were too high up to be among them but it meant I got some pretty good pics of the storming and the crowds. The team is at the bottom left in blue shirts and golden helmets with the captain swinging the trophy.

The day after our city hosted a public celebration at a square in town and we were right up at the front by the stage. The guys were still as extatic as the day before when they won. I love the expression in this one! Go Guillermo!

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