Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Party for a birthday girl

My goddaughter turned five a few weeks back. We weren't there and decided to have the whole family over for a small extra party with dinner (spaghetti bolognese) and cake.

I decorated the place all out to make it a real birthday party and I thought I'd share some pics here.

The table was dressed in a hot pink cloth with a multi coloured striped runner. Our white china (y'all know how much I always go on about white china, but it's really practical because it goes with everything and it is clean and fresh) was used for the dinner part.



I used lime green paper napkins (much more practical with kids I have to admit) rolled up with a biased cut piece of scrapbook paper. I altered two different patterned pink paper on the six seats.

I tied some dotted ribbon around each glass. The birthday girl got a pink one, her brother a green one, and the rest of us got a turqoise one.

I filled these candle holders from Menu with M&Ms

I got some really beautiful pink and green flowers and put them in two vases on the table. Five days later they are still as lovely.


I also put some garlands with cute wooden flowers along the length of the table.

I see now that I have missed to upload the ultra cute flag garlands that I hung across the room. I'll have to get back to that.

I wrapped the presents in matching striped paper. Anal? Yes.

And then, I also baked. I know, quite the home maker again.  I go through short periods of massive energy and interest. They are very short though. I think I could bake more often, but then I'd have to eat them and that is something I have to be careful with. So unless I know I can give them away I just don't bake at all.

I made vanilla cupcakes with pink vanilla frosting and served that with chocolate chip cookies which were store bought - hey I'm not perfect. Um, and that was a three tiered stand and there are six cupcakes on the bottom. I wasn't cheap and only served two cupcakes, lol.

I also baked a cake. Now this cake was the ugliest cake ever made. I seriously need some cake decorating help, lol. It did taste good though. It was dark chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and banana filling. Of course we had five pink candles.

The cake was served on Hello Kitty plates and we had soda and lemonade in Hello Kitty mugs. That was greatly appreciated by the girl. You can see me holding one of the plates in the back of the photo above.

And that is pretty much it. :)

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Two weeks worth of photos and P52 plus new releases

I am happy to say that my camera has been a much better friend of mine during the last two weeks. I have had it with me everywhere and actually picked it up more than once.

My sister was home from Italy last week and even though I had a three day business trip I tried to see her as much as possible. On Friday we went bowling (well, with my hand was I put on camera duty, but they played, lol).  I took lots of pics, but with the lighting they had in there, sadly only a few came out looking like something. I have to say I admire people who can shoot photos at concerts or night clubs sucessfully. With dimmed and blinking lights in blues and reds it's pretty tough to set both white balance and aperature. And then holding your breath long enough to get a steady shot? Um ... not after a glass of wine or two. :p

The gang


Then on Sunday I cooked dinner. I know! Who would have thought? Granted, it wasn't difficult to do a salad and roast a chicken. But I did it. And it looks good.

After dinner we had a surprise visit by a truly high class machine. I am not a car buff, but this was a beauty. That week's P52 had to be of the Rolls.

This week has consisted of work trips again, overtime, frantic cleaning, and a birthday celebration for my goddaughter. I will be back with photos of that celebration, but this week's P52 is related to my many biz trips.

And I will leave you for this time with my all time favourite breakfast; mashed banana on toasted bread with chocolate milk. Yum! Trying to stay healthy I rarely eat white bread and I try to stay away from chocolate milk. But sometimes a girl just needs to indlulge. I do leave out the extra salted butter though ... :D (and yes, I know it sounds gross but it's actually delicious - the salt of the butter with the sweetness of the banana marries so well on the crispy toast).

Next week is another busy one with a business trip (again) and then a weekend trip to Italy. But I will try to get my celebration post ready for Monday or Tuesday.

Oh, and I have two new products going live in the shop tomorrow! Hee!

Classic Budoir is a paper pack with 10 papers in shades of grey.

Tell the Story is a new set of journaling cards. There are nine cards in the set.

Have a great week everyone! Mwah!

CT members' eye candy

What? Where did this week go? I have no idea, because in my book it was Monday just the other day. Huh? I have been meaning for the longest time to post some lovely work from our CT over at and so here we go. Good stuff!

Jenn McCabe created this with papers from Mandarin Breeze Paper Pack and Buttons and Strips Set

Heather Prins creted this, also with papers from Mandarin Breeze Paper Pack.

And Monica Lifferth did this one with the same kit and a template from It's a Start I set.
Lisa C did a page with buttons from Buttons and Strips set
Heather Prins did a page with the Tell the Story 2 journaling cards.
Jackie Torres created this layout
Roshni Patel created two cards.

Joan Samuels created this layout with Pretty Pastels Paper Pack
Next up, some photography!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

OBW (One Buck Wednesday) goodies!

For a couple more hours you can pick up the Sweet On You Elements Pack for just $1.

Sweet On You
(Click on the image to go to the product in the shop)

Now isn't that a good deal or what? :D

Now, back to resting that hand!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

In bad shape

You guys, I meant to post lots of eye candy for you today, as well as P52 for the week. But my bad hand (which I have tried to ignore for a few weeks) have turned into a bad arm and I am now fearing that if I don't rest it will have to be amputated. So with that, I apologize and hope that you will forgive me if I stay away for a few more days.

Oh, and if you missed my Buttons and Strips freebie during the (i)NSD celebration, it will go live in the shop tomorrow.


Friday, 7 May 2010

7 Days in May challenge fest

Whew, desperately trying to catch up on my blogging. With business travelling all week I haven't been able to come on here and post anything.

If you haven't participated in the 7 Days in May challenges at  it's still not too late to jump right in. We still have a few days left! And today there is a template freebie from me as a extra little incentive to join in the fun! :D Just hop on over for the challenge requirements and the freebie right here!

Monday, 3 May 2010

Mandarin Breeze - New in shop

Today is a fine day! Today I have two new products in my shop at

I had the great fortune to celebrate my honeymoon in Thailand back in 2001. The lush and explosion of colours in this spectacular country has stayed with me and I found inspiration there for this new paper pack.

Mandarin Breeze

There is also an elements pack to go with the papers.
Mandarin Breeze
(Click on the images to go to the products in the shop)

I am completely in love with the colours of these packs and I feel they are so right for spring and summer! I hope you like them!

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Week 17 of P52

So here we are again with the weekly photo for P52. And it's a different one this time. Last year there wasn't one single photo of me the whole year. This year ... well, let's just say that I'm not shooting for a book full of Linda pages, lol. But still, I am documenting our lives and I have to admit that I am very much a part of that. So, yeah, this week is a portrait of me. The husband took it. His settings were off but at least it's in focus and at least I look happy.

OK, enough said, here I am.

2nd annual 7 Days in May

Thought we'd had enough with a four day (i)NSD celebration? No way! We're continuing the fun by throwing ourselves heads first into the 2nd annual 7 Days in May challenge fiesta!

Everyday for seven days Liv Esteban and I will be your hosts at the forum with a  new challenge to help you get your creative juices flowing.

Last year was a huge hit and a real blast, so there isn't any reason why this year wouldn't be the same. So come on over and join us!