Friday, 7 January 2011

Boohoo Bamboo

I got a Bamboo pen and touch tablet about a year and a half ago and never used it. The main reason being that I couldn't get it to work properly. Sadness. Then when I got my new computer just a few weeks ago I gave it another try. Lo and behold, it worked perfectly! Happiness! But Bamboo continues to not be my best friend. My handwriting and drawings look like child's play. Frustration. My handwriting is actually quite pretty normally. And my drawings don't suck. One thing is clear though; I ain't no digital Picasso. Ha!


  1. Oh it takes some getting use to. I still get so frustrated with it but just keep practicing.

  2. I think everyone's writing is a little less than they would like to see with a pen tablet. Can't tell you how many times it takes me to get a decent signature! Keep persisting and you will learn to love the thing. Best wishes, glad that its now working.