Monday, 31 January 2011

Crispy new pretties

I'm not much for winter. I do love snowflakes, but that has surprisingly little to do with winter itself and pretty much only to do with the beauty of their structure. I confess to also love Christmas, but the again I think I would love it even more had it been in July.  No, winter could quite possibly rank as my No. 1 least favourite season - not that there are too many to choose from, mind you.

However, there is one thing I really enjoy on a cold, gray, and dreary January day and that is to go to the shops and pick up a bunch of crisp, fresh, and pretty tulips. I love the sound of the waxy leaves rubbing against eachother, the soft pastels of the petals, and the hope of spring that they automatically bring with them. I also love that all I have to do is enjoy them until they are ready to be thrown away (ya, I pretty much suck at taking care of plants which is why bouquets of fresh flowers is the only kind of live plants I buy).

This week I got a pretty mix of red, pink, and yellow. Love them.

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