Sunday, 9 January 2011

One new thing at a time

First off, I just want to say that I've had some really lovely comments here on the blog and through email with regards to my review of 2010 and from the bottom of my heart; I thank you so very much. Sharing insecurities is a touchy subject I guess but I am glad I did because your messages to me have validated me and shown me that I'm not alone. So thank you all!

Now then, I said last week that I was tempted to try out New52 to challenge myself to grow as a person, and to have some fun on the way. Well I thought about it, and then some. I thought about what kind of new things I would like to try this year, how much of a challenge it would be, and how much guts it would take to do some of them. I came up with quite an impressive list. But reading and reviewing the list made me realize that many of them would be really difficult to document in a way that I could upload to a computer and do something with. And the OCD part of me just can't bear to not have all my ducks in a row, lol. OK, so what to do? Back to square one?

Actually no. I have decided to break the mold and not commit to a certain format, and to not document with photos that are to be compiled into a book, and  to not be disturbed by the fact that it is whatever it is - some weeks nothing, some weeks huge things that I can just keep within me, and some weeks photo ops that I can share here. I really want to do this to challenge myself and to hopefully look back at the end of the year and feel more positive about myself and my actions than I did looking back at 2010. With this in mind I have decided to keep the list off this blog for now. I might compare what I have done and share later on though.

Still with me? :)

One of the things on my list was to cook dinner for the husband once a month. It's no secret that cooking is something I do not do. Being married to a chef certainly has its perks. Fabulous food every day being the biggest one! But a drawback has been that my abilities in the kitchen have shrunk to stupid little things like boiling eggs. So in an effort to change that, and to spoil the husband a little, I will try take charge of the pots and pans at least twelve times this year.

So last night it was premiere night. Oh man I was nervous! I had planned the menu around the promise of champagne from the husband and the importance of easy to follow recipes. Did I make it through to the end without a melt down and without burning the place to the ground? Yes siree! I sure did.

(This is where I tell you to ignore that I wore no make up and my hair was a mess)

And the actual food, you ask? Yup, it was edible!
Salmon ceviche for starter

Green pea soup with bacon and ciabatta for main

Chocolate covered stawberries with Italian cookies for dessert

You won't believe how proud I was after this. I haven't cooked a full meal entirely on my own while the husband was actually in the house for ages and ages. So this will definitely happen again.


  1. What a great way to approach the New52! I love all the photos of you doing something new, too, and if the photos are any indication, your dinner was scrumptious!

  2. OMG, will you marry ME? That's an impressive meal! I'm so jealous.

    I think you're on the right track with just accomplishing the things you want without worrying about whether there are going to be photos to accompany them. With my weekend pages I'll often just take a photo of any little thing, too, like my calendar on my desk or the view out my window. To me the photo doesn't matter, it's the story.

  3. That food looks delicious! I would find it very intimidating cooking for a chef. I'm very glad you didn't post 'the list' for your New52 project, sometimes the littlest, unplanned 'new' things will be the most significant!

  4. Great approach to the year and love the cooking photos, it looks like you made him a real treat. Better than the mush I throw together! LOL. Look luck with this year, the important thing is the memories you take from it, it doesn't have to include photographs.

  5. Um, yeah, I second P: will you marry me?? I'm a total klutz in the kitchen and that starter has me salivating! YAY you for creating and enjoying what looks like a fantastic meal! YUM!

  6. Oh my, your food looks delicious! Your culinary skills are WAY better than you give yourself credit for. Like you, I have an idea of some (not all) of the NEW things I want to try this year; and like you, I'm keeping that list to myself ... I'm hoping that by keeping it that way, I won't get too disappointed if a week doesn't go the way I'm hoped / planned. KWIM? Anyhoo, AMAZING job with your meal. Oh, and your kitchen looks FANTASTIC, so I guess being married to a chef really does help in that respect!

  7. Wow, thank you so much for the encouragement everyone! Big kiss!

  8. Yum and wow! I was excited to make plain old soup this week. LOL