Sunday, 23 January 2011

Sweet and tasty

It's a strange thing. Like I have talked about before, in my first New52 post, I'm not much good in the kitchen when it comes to cooking. But for some reason I can rock it pretty well with desserts and baking. I think it's the exactness and need for step by step execution of baking that makes it possible for me to get through it without panic. With cooking you always need to have a million things going at once which totally stresses me out.

So with not being too shabby with the baked goods comes an interest in finding really good recipes to try out. That, and I like to look at the mouthwatering pictures of dessert/baking cookbooks. I've got quite the substantial collection going. I haven't even begun to try most of it - mostly because if I did we would be rolling in thish house.

This week, while doing our weekly grocery shopping, I stumbled across a recipe book completely devoted to cupcakes on sale and it just happened to slip into the grocery bags. How could I resist? It was on sale after all. And it seems to have been worth it because the one I tried today turned out pretty terrific.

I give you chocolate and cheesecake cupcakes. I opted to not have any frosting because I liked the crackled top. I thought it was pretty in all its imperfection.

I can attest to them being very soft and tasty.


  1. OMG, you should mail me some. My dad used to make a chocolate/cream cheese cupcake when I was a kid, it was heavy on the cream cheese and light on the chocolate. LOL

    I'm the exact opposite with baking v. cooking, though. Baking is so exact and if you just eyeball a measurement you can ruin the whole dish. Cooking is a less exact science so I can just toss things into the pan on a whim and let my measuring spoons and cups collect dust.

  2. LOL, you are clearly much more of a free spirit than I am Peppermint! I guess I've got too much of a stick up my arse! Hee!

  3. Those look so yummy, thanks for sharing your NEW52

  4. These look sooooo gooooood. Now I want cupcakes. Drat!

  5. OMG, please send some my way!!! And I have to say that yes growing up, I LOVED looking through my mom's dessert recipe books--loved looking at the photos and reading the recipes WHILE I would eat something entirely different like chips or cookies, lol. I don't bake and am a monkey with flappy arms in the kitchen (so hubs is the one doing the cooking). But those cupcakes almost make me want to head to the nearest confectionery's store for supplies. Almost. :)

  6. I ♥ baking ... cupcakes, biscuits, scones, shortbread, pies, sausage rolls ... you name it & I love baking it. My waistline on the other-hand hates it!