Saturday, 5 March 2011

I get week in the knees

I don't really have a huge story to tell about the backgorund to this photo. If you want the story on why I love this man, then I'll talk your ear off, but I kinda think this photo speaks for itself. :) I love the clarity in this photo. I love the focus on his eyes. I know there is a teensy bit of glare on the glasses but I am going to pretend it isn't there. Because I just adore the photo. And I have to admit, looking at it makes me go week in the knees. What a lucky, lucky girl I am.

Also, let me just proclaim my love for My Four Hens' action called Touch of Vanilla. Love it! LOVE! It gives such a delish softness to B/W photos. It keeps the sharpness of a duo tone but makes it warmer and softer. What a fabulous action. If you don't have it, then run over and get it! I ran it twice on this photo after having converted it to B/W.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous!! Wish my guy would let me take more photos of him..
    The action is awesome!
    So is the scruff.. I miss that too. Upper management jobs and their appearance expectations suck.