Friday, 1 April 2011

Serious house love

We moved into our house about four and a half years ago and it's been a love story from the start. I adore the comfort and simple elegance of our home. Having grown up and lived all my life in apartments I never thought for a minute that I would be a "house person" at all but I am feeling like I'm in the absolute right place in a way that I have never felt before. I can only chalk it down to it being the perfect match. Of course, had I won millions and millions on the lottery I would probably be in a bigger and more spectacular place, but let's live in reality here, lol.

So despite all this love and lah di dah, I think we all go through bouts of just plain tired. I do when we haven't had time to clean and keep the house tidy. Those are the times when I feel like just packing up and staying in a perfect hotel. If I happen to have spent time perusing Pinterst at the same time I feel like so even more. The other week was such a time and guess what I did to get out of the funk? Well, let me tell you. I really like this idea. Here's what I did. I whipped the camera out and shot a bunch of photos of all the rooms in the house and once I had loaded them in I listed things I really, really like of each room. After having gone through them all I felt quite differently about our home.

Please allow me to share with you! Things I love about our home!
(ok, brace yourselves , I will have to break this up into several posts because I discovered I love a lot)

The entry

1. The granite floor is so easy to clean and the rough surface hides dirt quite well which means we don't have to mop it all the time.
2. The sliding glass doors to the wardrobe makes the space seem bigger and reflects a lot of light from the windows in the kitchen (off the left edge of this photo).
3. The huge painting, that the husband painted when we had just moved in especially for that wall, is absolutely stunning and exactly our style.
4. The three windows in the entrance door lets even more light through which means we have ligh coming in from all four sides of our house.

1. The bucket with the fluffy slippers for guests is a popular feature of the entry. It was one of the first ideas I had when we signed the contract to build.
2. The hand written text (by me) on the wall says: "Come as you are, leave as you became". It encompasses the feeling of freedom and relaxation that I want guests to feel when they come to visit us.
3. The photos on the wall were taken with our first DSLR and back when we were completely clueless when it came to photography. But they represent a beginning of a lifestyle - one as a photographer (not professionally of course but I do consider myself a photographer).

The kitchen

1. We chose to go with aluminum doors for the fridge/freezer instead of stainless steel. This is great because finger prints and smudges are much less of a problem. It meant that we had to have two towers with a fridge/freezer combo (they didn't have one large frigde and one large freezer) which we thought would be a problem at first. It ended up being a huge plus though. We don't use the right freezer, which means less using less energy, and we can use one fridge entirely for drinks (wine, beer, soda and so on) which means we can have the temperature a little higher without it affecting the food.
2. The cutting board, cut from a solid wood counter top, covers the whole width of the island and this is perfect for a household where food is a huge priority. I was against it at first but the husband stood his ground and now I love it.
3. We eat most of our meals sitting beside eachother at the island. It feels relaxed and we get to be close to eachother. It's also a perfect place for me to sit and sip some wine on Friday nights when the husband is cooking.

1. The magnet rack of professional knives used to scare the heck out of me. Now that I have started cooking on my on I appreciate having the perfect knife available to me.
2. I don't drink coffee but I love the idea of the espresso machine. I love how metropolitan and Mediterranean it makes me feel owning one.
3. The sleek look of the the cabinets is perfect for a semi minimalist. I sometimes wish we had gone with white, and I think we will once it's time to redo the kitchen further down the road, but most days I'm quite ok with the look of our kitchen.

Alright, let me break it up here. I'll be back with the dining area and living room tomorrow.


  1. Your kitchen is lovely ... the double fridges/freezers is a great idea.

  2. Your kitchen is perfect! Not to big, not too small. Love the cabinets and the fridge. I never considered doubling up in the kitchen, but it makes so much sense :)

  3. Your house is GORGEOUS! I wanna come & visit!! Can your hubby do some painting for us, too? I really love his style.