Monday, 11 April 2011

Slippery little buggers

If you think there wasn't a New52 post the week before last then you are completely correct. The reason being that I didn't do one single thing worth talking about that week. I was simply too swamped with working and being sick. It's the way of life and I'm definitely not going to beat myself up about it. I promised myself that at the start of this project back in January.

But that means I can be all the more excited about this past week's new thing. And boy am I! The thing is, I kind of feel a little sad that it took 37 years before I tried it. I've deprived myself of something fabulous for such a long time. Thankfully I will have lots of time to enjoy it during the rest of my life (hopefully).

So on Monday it was our 15 year meetiversary. Fifteen freaking years together! I was saying to the husband the other week that back then we were young, we were thin, and we were happy. Today we are not so young, not so thin, but sickeningly happy. I am proud and amazed all at the same time.

We had made reservations at our favourite local restaurant for Monday and were really looking forward to going. But the sickies that I referred to above when talking about the week before last came at the end of the week and come Monday I was stuck in bed all day and completely miserable. So we had to reschedule and decided on Thursday.

Anyone wondering when I'm getting to the new part? Stay with me, I'm getting there!

Our favourite restaurant has a cool concept. Instead of starters and mains they have divided the menu into cold and warm dishes (they still have desserts though, thank god). Each dish is a little bigger than a starter and a little smaller than a main and they all cost the same. Excellent news for both big and small eaters as you can pick and choose whatevery you like. As an addition to their menu they also have a selection of small apetizers and here is where the new part comes in. They had oysters from Bretagne and even though I had never tried oysters before in my life, and had never really wanted to either due to people talking about them as slimy snot buggers, I suggested we try them out. The husband was all over that suggestion and was almost a little taken aback by my suggestion. So we ordered and the owner, who came over to talk to us, gave us this whole lesson on how they are farmed. It was awesome. I could still feel the nerves build in my stomach though. What if I didn't like them at all? What if it was indeed like slimey gross snot?

Man alive, they were fantastic! Salty, fresh, tasting of the sea in a good way. They were served with a tangy shallot vinaigrette and lemon wedges. After finishing them I was on a high all night. Of course, the rest of the meal didn't take me down one bit. I had Jerusalem artichoke soup with grilled scallop, paired with a super fresh Riesling, and then finished off with my all time favourite dessert - creme brulee which was served with a raspberry parfait and chocolate crunch.

All in all it was an awesome night; the food was fab and we had some really fun and crazy conversations. The thing that still stands out to me though was the new thing; the oysters.


  1. Two things ...
    1) Can't believe you tried oysters before I did!
    2) We are definitely soul sisters ... if there's creme brulee on the menu, I'm probably ordering it.
    Woo Hoo! Happy celebrating!

  2. Tammy,
    1. You mean that after all your time in France, and after cooking all that French food you haven't tried oysters? I thought for sure ypu would laugh at me, lol! Oh, what is better than creme brulee? Nothing I say.

  3. LOL! I love oysters and still call them slippery little buggers. My favorite way is steamed on the grill with a little bit of garlic butter and Tabasco.

    That restaurant sounds like a lot of our tapas style restaurants.