Sunday, 12 June 2011

Again with the food ...

When I was a little girl I used to write in those "My friends books" (were they a typically Swedish phenomenon or did other countries have them as well? You would pass them around your group of friends and they would answer questions about themselves, their favourites, and their future) that I wanted to become a chef when I grew up. As luck would have it - or if one wants to argue that it was good planning on my part that is ok too - I managed to marry one instead. I feel I made a really smart deal, and I've talked about this before, since I get to eat a lot of good food without having to do all the work all the time. A girl's gotta do some smart moves in her life.
Throughout the years I've heard stories about what happens in a professional kitchen from the husband and have always thought it to be really intriguing. I never thought I would get to experience any of it but this week my workplace had some extra curricular activities in connection to a department meeting and one of them was to prepare that evening's dinner in a professional kitchen with the restaurant chefs.

Seeing as there were eight of us and three of them things were divided between us and all I got to do was an avocado paste. But it was still fun and it was great to come and tell the husband about it.

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