Sunday, 5 June 2011

Catching up on newness

I think I have some catching up to do when it comes to posting about my adventures in newness-land. It's been three weeks since I posted last. I don't know how that happened exactly, LOL! I have had new experiences every week so I don't really have a good excuse for not posting. I have to blame it on being absentminded. Ha!

OK, so the week of May 16 to 22. Let's see ... I took a class through my workplace on speaking in public and how to better your performance. It was an awesome, awesome class. Not only did I learn lots of really useful tricks on how to catch people's interest and then keep it, but I also got to confirm the well known fact that I need psychological help. LOL! Most of my classmates were there because they felt uncomfortable speaking in public, they felt nervous about being in the spotlight. I don't really have a huge problem with that. I was there because I genereally have tremendous performace anxiety. I put so much pressure on myself in everything I do that I tend to sometimes let it get in the way of what I am actually doing. Now, of course the class wasn't directed to work with my underlying issues, LOL, but it was staring me in the face the full two days we were there. I have known this for years, but at least I learned new tricks to get past it when speaking in public.

Last week, the week of May 23 to 29, I bought a new bike. Yay! I got a bike from the husband for my birthday five years ago and even though it was very pretty, it's been so tough using it. I've had to work twice as hard as the husband to get anywhere. For years I've been wondering how it could be that he is so much more fit than I. That is until we switched bikes a few weeks ago on our way home from a dinner with family. Holy moly, what an easy ride that was! I came home happy, he came home dripping with sweat and panting. It wasn't me! It was my bike! So we swiftly decided to get me a new one. I am so glad we did because we've had some really nice rides in the last couple of days. It's a black cruiser and it's really cool.

This week I've done something I have been wanting to do for ages, and something that was on my list that I wrote at the start of the year. I started Zumba! I ordered the DVD set a few weeks back and it arrived this week. Now I need to work on the embarrasment factor because my only way of using it is in the living room, which has floor to ceiling windows all along two sides of the room, but I am telling myself that people in passing cars is something I can live with to get to work out in the comfort of my own home. I started with the "20 minutes express" DVD for four days (in a row, mind you) and kicked it up a notch today with the "cardio party". So five for five. Am I setting myself up for failure here? Maybe, but I can't do things half assed. Besides, I really like it. With my background as a dancer, even if it really is waaaayyy back, this kind of workout is perfect for me. My mind is fooled into thinking that I'm not actually excercising but dancing rather. What could be better?
And f you were waiting for a picture of my sweaty self, you can just forget it, heehee!


  1. Okay..A) I start crying when I speak in public, I get so overwhelmed. I can hold it together when I really need to, but for the most part I'm a hot mess.

    B) I Need a new bike, too! Mine is so much harder to ride than my husband's, and I was like you - I didn't think I was in THAT bad of shape. But I rode his bike once and it was 200% easier. I think this settles it, I need a new bike. I'm going to tell him it's been scientifically proven on the Internet

  2. Oh Peppermint, I find that hard to believe just by judging from you outstanding and super funny contributions to the digi show! I always love to listen when you are part of the panel. Love your interaction with Izzy! :)

  3. LOVE Zumba. I take a Zumba class at the local rec center, and it really helps that women of all sizes and all dance abilities (or disabilities in my case) surround me. I somehow can pretend no ones sees me. Hah! :)