Monday, 31 October 2011

new in store | foto

Since getting my iphone - I know, I know, very late in the game - I have been completely hooked on using the camera phone and the super awesome apps available for photography taking and editing. I have found a great love for the Instagram app and use it extensively every day.

It was when I was uploading them to the computer one day that I realized I needed to document them in some way. And from that the Foto templates were born!

Now, although I created them with photo app photos in mind, these templates work wonderfully with regular camera photos as well.

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Inspiration from the girlies
by Jenn McCabe

by Kim Hammond

by Heather Landry

by Jenn McCabe

Foto is available at today!

Sunday, 30 October 2011

new52 | photo walk and tapas

Last week I was invited to join a photo walk with the photography group that my dad is a member of. It was my very first photo walk. I did sign up for a Scott Kelby photo walk in my city a few years ago but chickened out when I got emails from the local organizers about all the equipment they recommended. I admit I was a bit intimidated this time as well, when my dad told me several of the others coming were professional photographers who have been published - as in having their own photography books - and make a living out of it. But I had serious a conversation with myself and tagged along.

So there I was with a bunch of men in their 50s, walking around in the woods, looking for a good shot. I felt like the odd ball, LOL, and a bit stressed by the fact that everyone was walking and shooting at the same place, so I didn't get all too many shots. Here are a few, though.

Edited to add:
Oh, and I also did my monthly cooking session last week. I wanted to do a seafood dinner so I went with scallops for starter. This dish was lovely; scallops on apple and spinach with an apple cider glaze.

For main course I did moules! Yay! I love mussles. This dish was surprisingly much easier than I first thought when I read the recipe; mussles with fennel, orange and anis over roasted potaties and fennel. So delicious.

The dessert turned out to not be what I had originally planned but it panned out well anyway. I had planned to make a lemon panna cotta with a pomegranate sauce. Well, the sauce part turned out to be a hot mess, so I had to exchange it for strawberries and dark chocolate. It tasted nice enough in the end though.

This week the husband had a birthday and we've had several celebrations. We had a party for the immediate family on Saturday, but more on that later, and on Monday we went to a new to me restauant for a little celebration of our own. The restaurant is a tapas place, and it was completely awesome, just listen to this; marinated shrimp with horseradish cream, grilled green asparagus with truffle oil, duck liver paté with  marmelade, orange creme brulée with moscatel wine. Wow. It turned out to be an amazing evening. I love trying new restaurants!

I didn't bring a camera, I wanted to bring a small chic bag, so the only photo I have is from the iphone.

p52 | catching up with autumn

The return of a long lost blogger ...
Oh man, I kind of got lost there for a whil eh? What can I say, life has been insane for the past couple of weeks.

Last week I had the opportunity to join my dad's photography group for a photo walk in a woodsy area in the vicinity. I will talk more about this in my New52 post, I was a bit stressed by the fact that everyone was walking and shooting at the same place so I didn't take all too many photos, but I wanted to use one of the photos I took for my P52 shot of the week. I'll post more photos in the other post.

I know the lighting could be better in this shot, but I really like all the water drops that glisten.

This week has been a bustle to prepare for my husband's birthday party last night, so I haven't had too many chances to take the camera out. But I did get a shot in of the entry that we fixed up at the beginning of the week.

and this shot of the husband's hands that I just adore. The hands and the shot!

Monday, 17 October 2011

p52 | baby baby

This weekend has been quite glorious. All thanks to one super cute little nephew of mine. He is a joy to be around, and this weekend we got the chance to be around him for two days. Of course, this week's photo had to be of him.

I know this photo is technically not the best, but I like the sunbursts at the crown of his head, and the clarity of his eyes. I think it's a good example of something working even though it's not following any rules.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

laying it out | my iphone photos

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Sunday, 9 October 2011

p52 | out and about

Today I woke up with a headache for the fourth day in a row, and after spending yesterday in bed, I really felt I needed some fresh air in my system. So I hopped on the steel horse - the bike - and rode the few minutes it takes to get to a woodsy area near us. And boy did I need it. I am so not a woodsy person at all. I'm a city girl through and through and don't really feel comfortable with all the potential live things that could come in my way. But it was great to just stand there with my head tilted back, listening to the leaves rattling in the wind, no other people around, no stress, no nothing. Just what I needed. Of course, I got a bunch of pretty pictures as well.

I think I will make time to go back again in a couple of weeks as I think the colours will be really pretty

Saturday, 8 October 2011

laying it out | gimme

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upcoming class | mouse paper scissors give

Jessica Sprague is offering a new class together with Heidi Swapp in November. It's the fourth installment in the hybrid class Mouse Paper Scissors. Registration is open and class starts November 14th.

I'm taking the class, why don't you join me?

MPS Give
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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

obw | indulgence

Guys, take the chance to pick up the Indulgence Elements Pack at a discount on One Buch Wednesday at! But do it today, because tomorrow it's back to it's regular price!

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Monday, 3 October 2011

seasonal dinner party decorations

Almost a little shy of a year ago I shared two photos of a table setting I did for a birthday party (the husband's). In that post I said I would dedicate a whole post about the table itself. Well, here we are a year later, and can decidedly say that I never did. Ha! But I thought, with autumn at our doorstep and holidays coming up, it would be neat to take a look at it now.
The whole theme was set by the invite that had a very distinct autumn look. The style was very classic and simple, with the pumpkin as the main focus and a very subtle damask pattern on the brown background.

The decorations followed suit, and I went with a brown linen table cloth and a runner in green silk with a brown velvet print. White china, glass candle holders with green candles and flowers that matched the theme. The napkins were carefully chosen to match the colours, and folded in a novel way to be able to combine two different kinds. Each place setting had a menu card in the same style as the invite.

The food you ask? Well, courtesy of the husband we had a fantastic meal; soup of Jerusalem artichoke served in the coffee cups seen above with a prosciutto crostini, and a wonderful stew with veal and mushrooms.

All in all it was a good dinner party.

new in store | get happy

It feels like two ages ago that I released something new! But the wait is over and I have a new kit going live today at Fabulosity!

Get Happy

Get Happy

Get Happy

And if you want to pick up all packs, and save yourself some money in the process, then check this out! I am also releasing one full paper pack with all the 22 papers, and one full kit, with all papers and the elements. I'm trying to cater to all needs here. I know some scrappers, myself included, don't like being forced into buying one full kit because they simply don't use all that many elements in their pages, and then there are those who like to just get one full kit with all the goodies for maximum flexibility. I hope you will find what you are looking for in these.
Get Happy

Get Happy
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by Jenn McCabe

by Heather Landry

by Jana Holden