Friday, 25 November 2011

photo class feedback

I had my second photography class this week and for this time we had a new assignment. We were all supposed to take photos at the same place in our city; a large and busy square in the centre. Now those kinds of assignments always make me really nervous, simply because my performance anxiety kicks in high gear and tells me I need to be perfect to measure up to everyone else. I worked through those initial feelings of despair and got on with the assignment as soon as I could.
I ended up bringing six photographs to class on Tuesday. Squares are difficult to shoot because of the open space and abundance of details all over. Taking panoramic photos will likely end up with a busy result and a photography lacking of a specific focus. My solution to that? Shooting details of course. Cop out you say? Yeah, me too! LOL!

Feedback: The colours are nice and the contrast of the leaves agains the gravel leads you into the image. The focus is at the right place. I should have cut out the tree and the green at the top of the image as it distracts the eye.

Feedback: This image doesn't work because it is impossible to understand what the saying is about. The roundness of the IRL globe is lost and the image seems flat. Also, the last part of the last word is out of focus and I should have used a smaller aperture.

Feedback: This is a really good image and the large aperture means that the little devil is the perfect focal point with very little distraction from the background. The composition is good.

Feedback: Interesting composition but the blue bike on the far right is a bit distracting. I couldn't have cut it out though because that would have meant that the red light would be too far towards the edge. The focus is nice on the rusty frame.

Feedback: Good composition and a good idea to not include their heads. That means the viewer starts thinking about who these guys are and what they are doing and talking about. Perhaps I should have cut out some of the stones at the bottom as the rest of the image is so tightly cut around the three guys. Good decision to make it a b/w image.

Feedback: This image should have been shot from straight ahead (which I actually wanted but was afraid to do since they played for money and I had no cash). The girl is the weakest point in the image as she is looking away and her hands aren't showing that she is playing the drum. The face of the male is nicely lit though.

So there you have it. Not all bad but not raving reviews either. I didn't expect that though and I love hearing what professionals, and other enthusiasts, have to say and how they can help me. The fun thing about this assignment was to see how differently everyone had gone about it and what different styles there were in all the photographs. I am so glad I was able to join this group.

The assignment for next week is to shoot something that sparks great emotion. Haven't got that down yet. :o

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  1. I actually like the pop of blue in the bike shot as it is a nice and unexpected pop of color in what would otherwise be a muted color palette.