Sunday, 27 November 2011

rewards program

If you already didn't know it - but I think you do - really is your best friend in digi shopping. Not only does this place have the best classes around, and the most amazing designers in the business (I truly thank my lucky star every single day that I get to be a part of that group); this place always works to bring you the best deals ever as well. The newest thing, and also possibly the best since sliced bread for all our customers, is a rewards program. How does this work, you say? Ah, well, you can here the full info here, but let me run it down for you real quick.

Let's say you pick up this little gem in my shop
Be Merry

and then you quickly grab this beauty by Liv Esteban
Paint Swashes

and then you fall in love with the little birds in this kit by Jodie Lee
Vintage Birdies

and you feel like a winner because you just gave yourself some real eye candy. Well here's the best part: not only do you get some truly great stuff for your stash. You also get, without doing anything else, 2 points for each dollar you spend. So for the above products you would get 20 points (based on regular price). Once you reach 200 points we give you money. Now calm down people, there won't be a person knocking on your door wanting to give you cash - you get a $10 gift certificate to spend as you wish in the shop. But who would say no to that, right?

Awesome stuff, I say!

PS. Click on the images to go straight to the products in the shops!

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