Thursday, 29 September 2011

font faves according to moi

After getting some nice tips on great fonts on blogs around the interwebs I thought I would repay the favor and share some fonts that I have a big love for. Now, I think maybe this will have to be a recurring theme because when I browse the hundreds of fonts I have accumulated over the years I see so many favourites. It's an illness, I think, loving fonts. But it's an illness I don't mind having. Apart from the holes it makes in my wallet, it's purely a positive thing.

But let's start with these ten! These are ten fonts that I really love to use, both in designing, but also in digi scrap, card making, and what have you. Some of them are $$$, some of them are free. You decide for yourself if they are worth it for you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

gallery sightings

I think it's been way too long since we took a look at some of the lovely creations that the ladies of the creative team have produced. Let's take a look!

by Jenn McCabe using Valpolicella and 7 Days in May template

by Antonia Krajicek using Gourmet and It's a Start 5

by Jenn McCabe using Gourmet and Indulgence

by Lisa Corbin using Retro Mango and It's a Start 5

by Kim Hammond using Make a Splash and It's a Start 7

by Sarah Horton using It's a Start 2 and Clippings

by Camille Robinson using Retro Mango and It's a Start 5 

by Camille Robinson using Gourmet and Meet & Greet

by Rachel Sheedy using 7 Days in May template

by Jen Papadimitriou using It's a Start 5

by Monica Lifferth using Indulgence and Love template

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

p52 | changing colours

We've been having a sudden and unexpected, but very much welcome, stint of warm and sunny weather for a while now. This past weekend it was really warm - about as warm as one would expect a good day in June to be - and that, combined with all the beautiful colours of the changing leaves, had me in a good mood to run out beside our house and snap a couple of pics of the trees.  I love these kind of autumn days. I only hope they will stick around for a while!

Monday, 26 September 2011

new52 |back up and food

Uh, two weeks to catch up on again. Sheesh, what is wrong with me? I've been thinking for the longest time about getting a second camera. I love my Nikon dSLR. I think it takes awesome, high quality images and I know how to work it. But the big drawback is that I keep getting turned away at places and events because of the wide spread ignorance about people with "big" cameras. I don't want to make this into a rant about how angry that makes me. Let me just chalk it up to saying that I think it's messed up.  So, in order to get to preserve memories and stuff that we experience we've been talking about getting a slightly smaller camera. We talked about a super zoomer but when we went to look at them were advised against due to the image quality not measuring up to what I'm used to.

Thanks to a generous birthday gift certificate from my dad, and a huge sale, I was able to get myself Canon G12 for about half the original price the week before last. Pretty good deal. Now, yeah, I don't think I'm the kind of person who is strictly one brand. I honestly don't have all that much of a problem using both a Nikon and a Canon. For sure, the Nikon will still be my go to camera because, let's face it, a compact camera can never measure up to a dSLR (unless the new Nikon1 is fantastic - and BTW, way to go releasing that one exactly one week after me getting the G12, Nikon) when it comes to image quality.

I've tried it out a couple of times. I still need to "learn" it. But I think it does alright. I took it to the game the day after, to test drive it before the European League games that will start up this week.

Good enough for that kind of situation, I say.

Now last week, I worked overtime every night, and then had a boatload of stuff to take care of, so there really wasn't time for much of anything else. I did cook for the husband. Now, in august I missed my 3 course meal so this one was a catching up (I'm doing it again this week).

I decided to go hot this time round, and to use inspiration from Pinterest of all places. I had fallen for baked coconut shrimp with pineapple dipping sauce. Now, I couldn't find uncooked, large shrimp in our grocery store so I improvised and got some saithe instead.

I think it would have been better with the shrimp to be honest. This turned out quite dry and meh, really. The pineapple dipping sauce was hot and sweet. I used a really hot chile pepper which certainly left its mark.

For main I did a Mexican chicken soup. Again, I had to improvise because Adobo sauce was nowhere to be found around here. I got a hot jalapeno salsa, which did the job well enough. I added some extra veg, and went to town. I also exchanged  the chips for tortilla bread because I felt we could do without fried stuff. I have to say, this soup was delicious. Hot, but really good. Got some nice compliments from the husband on this one.

For dessert I made a Key lime pie milkshake which was unbelievably good. I made doubles, because the idea of the thing made me lose perspective on how much we would be able to have after two courses. So I didn't finish mine, but that was totally due to feeling like I was going to explode.

I used the new camera for these pics, and I think it's safe to say that it doesn't do as great of a job in low light situations as the Nikon D80 with my 50mm lens would. Hence the creative edit. But I knew that. And I accept it. I'm just glad I won't have to miss out on memories anymore.

Monday, 19 September 2011

please sit at my table

At the beginning of August my sister and her boyfriend came from Italy to visit (it's been long enough that she has been living there for her to not say she is coming home when she comes here), and we had a little welcome party with the family at our house. I set the table for dinner in a soft colour scheme with a bit of a traditional feel to it.

Pretty linens in a beige colour with floral tone on tone embroideries set the foundations.
I used store bought paper doilies under the plates. I had wanted to use crochet ones but I didn't have any that were big enough. I think they work well enough, but had it been a fancy party I would have gone out of my way to find the real deal.
I made paper bows, following these instructions, from scrapbook paper from the Bella Bella collection by Carina Gardner.
I put silk roses in small vases with lace covers in the center of the table.
As it was in the middle of the summer I opted out of candles, it would only get too hot and we certainly didn't need them for light.

I generally like to keep the table fairly clutter free. Sure, it's pretty with lots of stuff on there, but it's totally not practical if you want bottles, salt & pepper shakers, condiments and so on ready available for the guests. This was especially true for this dinner, with wine lovers, beer drinkers, and coke addicts in the family.

I liked the outcome. It was simple and down to earth, calm, pretty, comforting, and it reminded me, in an updated 21st century kind of way, of the kind of table settings I saw when I was a child.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

p52 | farmer's market

Yesterday we got up bright and early so that we could go to the farmer's market in town. We haven't had a chance to go since it started back up after the summer break (they do a couple of months in the spring and then again in the autumn) and so we both felt it would be a great outing for a Saturday morning. And it was. The air was crisp and fresh, and there were lots of good stuff to photograph and buy.

I don't like artichokes, but I do think they are pretty, which does make them worthy of being photo of the week.

And of course I snapped some photos of more tasty produce, I just couldn't resist.

We stocked up on delicious treats such as beetroots, mushroom, strawberries (above), rooster, and wild boar before we called it enough and headed back home. A good run, I'd say.

Friday, 16 September 2011

freebie | spraground challenge

Do you usually play along with our weekly challenges over at This week I am hosting and there is a treat at the end of the challenge in the form of a freebie template. Yay!

Here's what it looks like:

If you want to join in the fun, then just click HERE!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

p52 | catching up with the pixels

Wow, time sure does fly. Not only when you are having fun but also just gerenally. :) I think it was four weeks since I posted about my weekly photos. So prepare for an onslaught, if you can call four an onslaugh, of photos.

During our last week on holiday I painted the fence on our deck and we added a new piece to it for stability. It turned out really nicely (and stable), and even though this might not be the prettiest of pictures, it did fill up decent amount of our time that week.

Our tomatoes have been coming along really nicely for more than two months. We have been calling them moster plants because they literally took over the bed they were planted in. I really like these yellow ones, they are very sweet and juicy. It's a shame the birds ate the beans we planted and the zucchini never caught on, or it would have been as great a crop this year as it was last year . I like being eco friendly!

I travel a lot for work and mostly to our capitol Stockholm. We usually have long and intense, but super interesting, days. Even though it's fun and challenging it's nice to be able to really relax in the evening. The hotel we usually stay at is very lovely, with a modern decor that I love. I thought it would be nice to include something that is a big part of my life - and yes, I do spend alot of the time in bed, LOL.

Last but not least is a picture of a lily that I bought as a pick me up for myself. I love lilies. I think they must be my favourite flower. Also, I quite like presents, especially when they are for myself. Hee!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

obw | basically {spotted+dotted}

Check out my contribution to One Buck Wednesday at You can pick it up at a discounted price of next to nothing today only!

(Click on the image to go directly to the product in my shop)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

my work

Have you seen the layout in the right hand column under the "Me, myself, and I" label? I've had a layout there for a while now that I have updated every once in a while. Today I linked it up to a page with a bunch of layouts I have created throughout the years. Now, these aren't the complete works because, let's face it, there are some layouts (particularly from the early days) that make me cringe and say to myself "what the heck was I thinking". Hee! Also, I simply haven't uploaded all of them to a hosting site and now I can't be bothered. But there they are. Ranging from old to new. It's pretty cool to scroll through. And even though I knew it, it totally hit me that I am stuck on blues and browns. Seeing that gave me a chuckle.

Please feel free to check it out, if you like!

laying it out | oasis

I spend a couple of times a month away from home on work trips. The days are usually long and intensive and it's really nice to come back to a nice hotel in the evening and just relax in front of the telly. The hotel we usually stay in, Clarion Sign, is lovely with a modern style that is just up my alley.

The last time I was there, last week, I snapped a few pics and thought they deserved to be put into a layout.

Monday, 12 September 2011

new52 | times two

Alright, two weekends ago I woke up early and didn't really know what to do with my day. I thought long and hard on what would be fun enough for a Saturday in September. Cleaning? No! Gardening? No! Ironing? God forbid! In the end I pestered the husband until he couldn't take it any longer and gave me a ride into town so that I could get myself one of these:

What a neat little gadget it is! I can certainly see myself spending way too much time with this one. The funny thing is that I said about two years ago when I got my last phone that I wouldn't ever need an Iphone. I figured I had my dSLR for taking pics and my computer for doing everything else - what would I need the Iphone for? LOL, what an idiot I am. I've consequently spent two years not knowing what I've been missing. It wasn't until the husband got one a few months back that I started to realize that it would be kind of cool to have one. So I guess I'm the last idiot in the world? But I'm happy. It's sleek, it's shiny, it's powerful. Anyone who wants to give me suggestions for cool apps, just go for it!

Last week I had a work related function with a dinner and a related activity afterwards. Now there were many firsts for me here. First, I shot a rifle. Never did that before, and I think it will be a while until I do it again. I literally sucked big time. Aim is really not a talent I was graced with at birth. Alright, so I came last in that game. Shook that off pretty easily. Then, golf. Oh man. I never played golf before either, unless you count the sporadic miniature golf game during nice summer nights. And so, no, I don't think I'll try golf again any time soon. Sucked at that game as well. The night continued with games that found me last on the list of competitors but do you want to know the biggest thing of all new things that night? I sucked big time at every game we tried that evening and was totally ok with it. With my over achiever, have-to-be-perfect-at-everything personality, this is something I will always have to work on for the rest of my life. What felt really great though was that for the first time it didn't bother me that I was completely atrocious. Let's celebrate the small things, people!

Another positive new thing that night was the macaroon I had with dessert. I can't believe I've never had one before. It was so lovely! Defenitely will have to do that one again at least.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

laying it out | get happy

It feels like it was ages and ages since I scrapped last. I actually had to scroll down in the blog to see what it was I did. Granted, I don't scrap all that much anymore - which is a big shame - but it really has been too long.

So with being hit by a cold on Friday, and spending the weekend on the sofa, I finally had some time to play around a little. These photos, which were taken on my birthday a while back put a smile on my face and reminds me to laugh a little more often, and so I thought I'd do a layout about that.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Supplies: Get Happy Paper Pack, Get Happy Elements Pack (upcoming), It's a Start Templates 6 all by In the Making Design, Century Gothic font

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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

just a little note

I know I have been MIA for a while here. I never meant to leave y'all hanging. I just hit a huge mother of a wall and had to remove myself from a number of stress factors in my life. If I am sparse here for a week or so, I ask for your understanding, and for cutting me some slack. I just need to rest up for a bit.

Lots of love to you all!