Sunday, 12 February 2012

sharing some goodness | lightscoop

A while back Benita of shared a post about a neat little gadget that she had come across. It had me curious and so I checked out the website of the thing. Score! Lightscoop is a fabulous idea!

Now Lightscoop is a mirror that is placed over the in-camera flash to direct the light and bounce it off the ceiling or a wall instead of attacking the object of the photo with evil, harsh light. So, basically it's a low tech way of doing what external flashes essentially do. Now of course the external flashes, and especially the more expensive ones, have other functions that obviously a plastic gadget with a mirror doesn't. But I say it's a great idea for a lot less money.

(image from

They had a discount running when I checked it out so I went ahead and ordered one. It arrived this week, and I can absolutely see myself taking a lot more indoor photos after 3pm, which is basically when it gets dark here in the winter, from now on.

Let me share with you two quick comparison images that I snapped just for this post.
(Please ignore the fact that these are SOOC, I was too lazy to spend any time editing at all, LOL).

Regular horrible flash photo of a lamp in our house with that evil, harsh glare and bad colour.

Much more agreeable photo of the same lamp with a warmer colour, and no evil, harsh glare. And no bad, bad shadowing!

And another one ...
Regular horrible flash photo of a concrete rose in our home with that evil, harsh glare and bad colour.

Much more agreeable photo of the same rose without the evil, harsh glare and much less shadowing, despited being straight under the light fixture that hangs over our kitchen island.

I have to say, I'm a fan!


  1. Oooh, what a great little gadget. Must investigate.

    1. I haven't had time to try it out too much yet, but from the little I've used it, I think it's working well. Since I got a discount I can say that it was worth the money.