Saturday, 31 March 2012

photography | april challenge

Thanks to the ever wonderful Pinterest I came across this blogpost at Paper Coterie about a daily photochallenge for April. I've done a monthly photo challenge before, in November, and I want to remember that I said it would be a cool thing to do it every month that has 30 days. So yeah, I'm totally doing this one! Anyone up for joining me?

Thursday, 29 March 2012

laying it out | silver lining

I created this layout for Nisa Fiin of Splendid Fiins in time for her Spotlight weekend at - she offers 30% off all products from today until Sunday.

Supplies: When Skies are Grey Cards Vol 1, Baker's Twine by Splendid Fiins, Note to Self Full Kit by Echo Park, Get Happy Solids Paper Pack by In the Making Design, stitches by Anna Aspnes, Desert Dog and Iecester fonts.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

photography class | studio photography

So last weekend we had an extra session in photography class to dip our toes in studio photography and learn the basics. We showed up bright and early with our cameras ready for some serious clicking. I was nervous about this. I worried about all the gear that I've never used before, about the confined space and with this less opportunity for different ideas, and about directing the models.
There were five of us, plus the two teachers, and I opted to take the backseat and watch the others work for a while before I felt ready for giving it a shot.

Man what an awesome experience it was. My adrenaline was through the roof once I got started and actually felt my hands shaking for a while. When the others had a coffee break I went outside to sit on my own for a while and think about it all. There are so many things to keep in check with staged studio photography that I really haven't come across before. I definitely bow down to those who do this for a living and still produce stellar work.

So I think I got about 60 or so shots. I think five of those ended up being decent shots. Two I really liked. This is hard, people! LOL!

The two shots? Yeah, go on then, here they are!

The husband and I dubbed this the Beyonce shot when we went through the pics on Sunday night. I love her hair and the look in her eyes. They say "Yeah, I'm all that!" to me, LOL! I also like the little detail of the necklace flying.

I like the eye contact in this one, and his dimple is the cutest ever.

I'm looking forward to next class, so that I can see the others' photos and get some feedback from our teachers.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

gallery sightings

I know I've been gone for ages and ages. Here I am again! Hey!
I thought it would be a good thing to check in with the girlies of the creative team.  It's a special gang of super fabulous ladies. I will talk more about that in the coming week, but for now, let's look at some eye candy!

by Debra using Marrone Full Kit and It's a Start Templates 8

by Amanda using It's a Start Templates 5

by Jen M using Valpolicella Paper Pack and Elements Pack

by Emily using Valpolicella Paper Pack and Elements Pack

by Amanda using Things to Love Template

by Amanda using It's a Start Templates 5

Thursday, 15 March 2012

new in store + designer spotlight

I am so proud to announce that I am the featured designer this weekend, starting today, over at

If you head over to the homepage, you can find a cute little pixel collage giving a glimpse into my life.
Now, of course this isn't all, not by means!
First, I am offering a 40% sale on all the products in my shop starting today until Sunday. Heck yeah!
Second, I am hosting a speed scrap on Saturday at 10 am EST in the general forum. Heck yeah!
And third, I have new stuff going live today! Heck yeah!

(Click on the image to go directly to the product in the shop)

(Click on the image to go directly to the product in the shop)

(Click on the image to go directly to the product in the shop)

Let's look at what you can do with this kit!

by me

by me

by me

by Emily Cheney

by Carol Johnston

by Sarah Hoskins

by Marianne Van Arnhem

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

laying it out | jackpot

Can you believe it? I have actually created three layouts in the last week. I hardly can. Now, let's not get ahead of ourselves and think this will be kept up for any lenght of time, I see little time to sit undisturbed in the next coming weeks. But why not celebrate the small things, people?

This layout was inspired by an awesome layout I happened to come across out and about in the interwebs; "If I had a million dollars" by KimR+ .
Here is my take:

Supplies: Marrone Paper Pack, Marrone Notecards Pack, Sweet Template (including title alpha and jewels) all by In the Making Design, stitches by Anna Aspnes, Iecester and You are Loved fonts

Monday, 12 March 2012

laying it out | a minute at a time

I am just so in love with this photo. Not that it's a master piece by any means at all. But for what it represents; tiny little moments of refreshing and finding my center. Far away from computers, emails, to-do lists, deadlines, stress, and burning eyes and neck. I love how powerful even a short moment in the cold wind can become when you think about it.

Supplies: Marrone Paper Pack, Marrone Journaling Cards Pack, Kickin' It Elements Pack, Indulgence Elements Pack, Meet & Greet Elements Pack, Valpolicella Elements Pack, Make a Splash Elements Pack

Sunday, 11 March 2012

p52 | bloom

So I haven't really used my Canon G12 much since I got it. I guess I reach for the Nikon dSLR automatically when I need a camera. But this has made feel a little bad; I mean, I spent money on it, so I shouldn't just keep it on the shelf. So out it came this week to document some tulips I picked up to trick myself into feeling more positive about spring one day when snow surprisingly decided to fall again.

I have to say I'm not sure about this camera. It did pretty well with regards to white balance and exposure (I find that my Nikon underexposes a bit too much) and colour here, but I had it on ISO100, and there is just far (faaaaaaar) too much noise for that to be ok.

Then I tried shooting something a little more colourful. The same settings, I basically just turned around in the kitchen so the lighting was the same, and the result was completely different.

No noise but the colour on the darker bits are all wonky here. I am pleased with how close I can get to the subject though. That is something I can't do with the lenses I have for my Nikon.

All in all, I guess it's an ok camera considering but it totally doesn't compare to a dSLR.

Saturday, 10 March 2012

laying it out | fave telly

I have been meaning to do this page for ages. Somehow I just never got round to it. I am going to blame it on time getting away from me, even if we all know that it's all due to me being a scatter brain. Hee!

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I have a very eclectic taste when it comes to tv, to say the least. I guess experts would have a field day trying to analyze me from this. I am quite popular with the husband, at least, as he doesn't have to suffer through girly shows he hates.

Supplies: It's a Start Templates 8, Marrone Paper Pack, Marrone Journaling Cards Pack, Kickin' It Elements Pack, Get Happy Elements Pack, Meet & Greet Elements Pack, Mandarin Breeze Elements Pack, Wax Seals Elements Pack all by In the Making Design, Stiches by Anna Aspnes, Verdana, Rockwell, Iecester fonts

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

handmade birthday box

This weekend we were invited to a birthday party for my dad's wife who turned 60. We had bought her a gift certificate and I wanted to present her with something better looking than just an envelope.

And so I created a small box custom fit for the size of the gift certificate and dressed it up so that it looked all pretty.

I cut a hole in the lid and covered it from the back with a solid, complementing paper. The egdes along the hole were trimmed with paper lace, and then I made three 3D hearts with a few different pretty papers. The finishing touches were a few banners with the lady's name and age.

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

a grungy place

So I said the other day that we went to a deserted, and burned down, industrial lot and took a few photos. There were a bunch of kids there doing grafitti art inside one of the buildings. I mustered up the courage to ask them if I could take a few pictures of them and their work. I got a resounding "no faces" reply. I complied, shot a couple of photos, and then quietly snuck out of there before I put myself in a bad situation.

It was early afternoon, so the light was very hard, but I was cold and wanted to go home to a cup of hot chocolate, so I decided that was a compromize I was willing to make.

Monday, 5 March 2012

gallery sightings | template edition

Time for some eye candy again from the amazing creative team! Yay! This week we get to see what they can do with In the Making Templates (and let's just sneak in a layout with a kit as well, just for good measure).

by Barbara Unzen using It's a Start Templates 8

by Antonia Krajicek using It's a Start Templates 4

by Emily Cheney using It's a Start Templates 2

by Monica Lifferth using It's a Start Templates 8

by Sheri Horton using Flirty Kit

by Barbara Unzen using Things to Love Template

You can see these layouts, and many more, with full credits at the gallery.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

p52 | windy

We took a drive today to get some air and see something else but laundry and the vacuum cleaner. That was a much needed break and we got to see some lovely views. We went to one of several beaches around here and took a very short stroll along the shore. It was very windy and quite cold, but I got some lovely shots. So even though I've had a few nature shots in the last couple of weeks for P52, I had to choose another one this week.

We also went to an abandoned, and burned down, industrial building and I got some really cool shots, including real life grafitti artists, but I will have to share those later in the week. I have lots to finish for an upcoming event (more on that very soon)!

Have a great week everyone!