Thursday, 26 April 2012

week in the life | keeping up

I have been surprised at how smoothly keeping up with WITL has gone so far. Working full time means that there aren't too many great opportunities for photography during the day. I mean, how many times can I use the timer to shoot myself in front of the computer? But I think I've done well with regards to my lifestyle - in the sense that it has portrayed my life as it is.

Taking some time before bed to upload the photos and write a little something about the day is also a nice feature. It gives me time to reflect about the day and I quite like that. I should try to keep up with that even after this week.

So, here are a few shots from Wednesday and today.
(Please note that these aren't edited yet)


Busride to work in the rain

Keeping an eye on live updates of a football game that was moved from a Saturday a few weeks back. It went well.

Cooking dinner

Eating dinner

Laundry from Saturday still not put away

Documenting the outfit of the day - I suck at taking photos of myself

Walking from the bus stop to work

Conference call at work

Visiting with friends

Getting clothes ready for tomorrow

Aren't you wowed by the amazing adventure that is my day to day life? Ha! It's so repetative and mundane that it's not even funny.

So, three days left. I think I can really do this! I am both surprised and proud. Of course, then there's the whole putting it together thing that I haven't even touched yet ...

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  1. LOL...I think it's pretty awesome! There's something to be said for mundane & repetative :)
    ( your red shoes)