Sunday, 29 April 2012

week in the life | on the homestretch

I am feeling like the week has flown by. I thought it would be difficult and complicated to document the week in detail. It really hasn't. Thanks to iPhone it is surprisingly easy. I have also gotten into the habit of using the timer on the dSLR which has been great for getting the everyday stuff like cooking and folding laundry into the shots.

Friday was a crazy, crazy day at work with no less than six meetings. This meant I had very little time for documenting. But that has to be ok too. That is my reality. I just don't get to share it here.

Satuday was very different. It was a lovely day with tons of time to relax and love on our families. I always say weekends are too short. And they are, but a little piece of me also think that maybe they hadn't been as awesome had they been around all the time ... or at least that is what I'm telling myself! Ha!

Alright, shots!
(and no, I haven't had time to edit these either)


Beautiful blooms on a tree outside work

Loving my skirt

Fixing something to eat

Perfectly boiled eggs

Listening to the husband's talents

Friday night treat


Favourite breakfast

Little lovely

Folding laundry

Watching football

Getting our grill on

Enjoying a glass on the porch

Boys being boys

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