Tuesday, 29 May 2012

free class from jessica sprague

Guys, check out this free class by Jessica Sprague!

Jessica has compiled a class where she teaches five different awesome things you can do with Photoshop. Way cool!

(Click on the image to go directly to the class)

Don't miss it!

p52 | here doggie

I love this little boy. He is the cutest of the super cute. He wasn't all too interested in having his picture taken, he kept following me when I backed up to set the shot up right, but somehow it didn't really matter because he is so sweet.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


So I took a week and a half or so off from the Interwebs. What was I up to? Well, I can't really share fully yet because it's not for me. But I can share that it has to do with:

Crepe paper roses

Kraft paper and stripes



I am über excited and my brain is working overtime, mostly when I should be getting some much needed sleep, to figure out the best possible solution to each thing.

As fair warning, I might be a bit absent over the course of the next six to eight weeks due to this project. I promise to share big time when I can!

Be well everyone!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

laying it out | my life

I really like to scrap about the everyday kind of stuff in my life, and how I feel about it. I have talked before about the fact that my life is very repetative with work, house, food, sleep. So scrapping special events would for me mean that about four layouts would get done every year. Ha! Doing it this way means that I get a recording of what was on my mind at one particular time in my life.
I like that.

So with that, I'm sharing with you two more layouts about me and my life.

(Supplies: This & That Charming Kit, Great Outdoors Mini Kit by Echo Park)

(Supplies: Paris & Co Antique Gold Paper Pack by Carina Gardner, Note To Self Kit by Echo Park, Thankful Template by In the Making Design)

Monday, 21 May 2012

p52 | fluffy

The day that I went for a walk in the part by my workplace I wasn't really on top of the world. It had been a rough day with big stuff happening. There was a work function that evening and I didn't have time to go home before it. So I took a walk in the park, with the hope of getting some breathing time and a chance to decompress.

These little cute fluffy babies were among the first things I saw. After another 20 minutes with trees, flowers, and quiet time I felt like a whole new person. Looking at this photo now, it brings a smile to my face.

Last week my goddaughter had her 7th birthday and we were there to celebrate. The cotton candy was a huge hit with all the kids!

7 days in may | come join in!

The first challenge of 7 Days in May has been posted! Come on over to JessicaSprague.com to join in! Also, to claim your freebie for today!
7Days Be Positive
(Click on the image to go directly to the challenge)

And of course, there will be a new challenge every day for the rest of the week (including, of course, a freebie). Whee!

Sunday, 20 May 2012

7 Days in May 2012

It's here again peeps! It's time again for for our annual week of fabulousness; 7 Days in May!

Join Liv Esteban, Nancie Rowe-Janitz, and myself in the yearly tradition of a week full of fun! We're starting tomorrow and then going strong all through the week until Sunday with a new challenge (and a freebie!) everyday! It will be a blast! Do make sure to stop by!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

laying it out | back in the saddle again

I am really enjoying digi scrapping again, after two or so years of minimal amounts of layouts. I'm not going to cry over spilled milk, because I did other lovely things instead, but let me just say that I'm glad I found the inspiration for it again.

I loved this shot of Michael Bublé from his concert in Stockholm. He is such a dreamboat.

Supplies: Vintage Valentine Circle Tags, Vintage Valentine Journaling Tags by Elle's Studio, Spellbound Paper Pack, Spellbound Elements Pack by Pink Paislee

I used to be an avid reader. Like, reading three books in a weekend kind of avid reader. In the last couple of years, basically since I started by current job, my brain is usually far to mushy when I come home in the evenings to be able to concentrate on anything and so I read perhaps four or five books a year. I decided to change that this summer and made a list of books I really want to read before the end of September. With being able to listen to audio books on my way to work (I am telling myself that counts as reading) I really do think I can make it.

Supplies: Sweet Summer Circle Tags, Summer 2010 Documented by Elle's Studio, This & That Charming Elements Pack, Note To Self Paper Pack by Echo Park, Retro Spring by Reverie Atelier

Monday, 7 May 2012

p52 | summer is approaching

These last two weeks we've had a range from pretty decent to practically awesome weather and it really does give hope that summer will be here soon. I love that! So what better way to celebrate that than to showcase it in the weekly photos?

Quite a lovely view isn't it? Only a few minutes from our house!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

typography | inspirational prints

One of the things I noticed when looking at the pictures from last week's Week in the life project was that my office at work is very bare. I do have a few small postcards, but they are on the opposite side of the room and I have my back to them most of the time. The two walls that I see the most when sitting there are empty and very white.

So I decided to do something about it. Since I have a large format printer it would be very easy for me to cook something up and print out at home. Frameless prints would also be easy to put up, and take down, without doing anything to the walls.

So with that said, I created two very simple, but for me effective in message, prints. I will be very happy to put them up.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

week in the life | the pages

I am dragging on a bit with WITL, but please bear with me as I share the pages I have put together depicting last week. As I have said in my previous posts, scrapping the whole week was not an option. I just don't have the time or energy right now. So I decided to go in the other direction and just put the photos and words together.

I still need to do a cover and a title page before I can have it printed, and I am still debating what size to get, but I am happy with the finished pages for now.

If you would like to check WITL out, then I reccomend you visit Ali Edwards for info, inspiration, and wise words. If you want to see what inspired me, then visit Lynette Penacho's excellent blogpost.

Just a last few words: WITL is about documenting life as it is. It doesn't have to fit a certain format or be carried out at a certain time of the year. I truly feel that anyone who wants to can do this as long as they make it work in their life, and adjust the format and expectations to their own situation.

Oh, and don't forget to actually live that life as well!