Tuesday, 17 July 2012

diaper cake + monkey card

A co-worker of mine recently had a little baby boy and I was put in charge of getting some gifts for her and the boy. Along with some cute clothes and shoes I took the opportunity to make another diaper cake. I made one for my little nephew when he was born a year and a half ago and really loved the result.

The best thing of it all, apart from it being really pretty, is that it's 100% usable. This is a really useful gift for new parents. The diapers will obviously be a welcome item, and the blankets are soft and practical. Also, there is a nice treat for mum and dad in the middle as well in the shape of a bottle of bubbly!

The cake is super easy to make! Here is a quick rundown for those who are interested:

1. Get a round tray of any kind. I chose metal because I like the sophisticated touch it gives.
2. Put a bottle of drink of your choice in the middle of the tray. I chose bubbly because I know the new mother shares my love for the stuff.
3. Roll small diapers tightly and wrap a small rubber band around each diaper. I chose Pampers New Baby #2 (for 3-6 kg) as I figured those would be more useful for a longer period of time than the newborn tiny tiny ones. Also, they are great becuase they aren't covered in lots of ugly prints.
4. Stack the diapers, standing up, around the bottle. Once you have one row, wrap the whole first row with a rubber band.
5. Continue stacking and wrapping with rubber bands. For the bottom layer I did three rows.That gave me a bit space to the edge of the tray.
6. When it's time for the second layer just put the diapers on top of the first layer. I wrapped the bottle with a few unrolled diapers before I started stacking. This meant that I could get away with only one row. So that makes one row and a bit for the second layer. Repeat the steps you just did for the first layer; stacking and wrapping with rubber bands.
7. For the top layer don't wrap the bottle neck with unrolled diapers. You want the top layer to be smaller than the second one. You know the drill by now; stacking and wrapping.
8. Now it's time for the pretty stuff. Wrap each layer with folded baby blankets. Wrap the blanket with a rubber band to keep the blanket in place. Don't worry, it won't show!
9. Get some pretty ribbon and tie it around each layer right where the rubber band is.
10. As a last step crown the cake with a topper of your choice. And hey presto, you're done!

My supplies:
Tray - Groggy from IKEA
Bottle - Champagne
Diapers - Pampers New Baby #2 (I used 1,5 packs of 62 diapers)
Rubber bands - Generic pack of varied sizes from the supermarket's office supply department
Blankets - Torva from IKEA
Ribbon - White and red ribbon from my stash
Toy - Torva from IKEA

I also made a cute card to go with the presents in the shape of a monkey face!

The card opened like a book and held a greeting and all the contributors' names.
I used the Hometown Proud Paper Pack by Design by Dani for the elements of the monkey's face.

I think it came together really well.


  1. She´s gone be very Happy! / Your mam <3

  2. Linda du är bäst! You're the best!