Thursday, 18 October 2012

p52 | beautiful boys

I have the great fortune of having lots of gorgeous boys around me. OK, so they aren't *just* gorgeous, I love them for a whole lot of other reasons too, but it does make for some lovely portraits. Please allow me to share two of them with you now.

The husband. My rock and my comfort. Love!
I know I've got horrible glare in his glasses, but I am letting that go because I love the look in his eyes.

The nephew. The sparkle, the spunk, the vivacity. How can you not love this little guy?
I love that his big brown eyes shine, and those super cute little teeth - oh my!

OK, so this is supposed to be a white hydrangea. It used to be a white hydrangea. I have no idea how it turned into this but I love how autumnal it looks now. I really like how it greets us on our front porch when we come home.


  1. That's weird! Usually white hydrangeas stay white. But you can change the color of (non-white hydrangeas) by altering the soil to make it more acidic or alkaline.

    Love the baby browns on your nephew. I'm so used to blues on you Swedes!


    1. Yeah, we got white because they would stay that way (ok so I also love white flowers). The ones we have in the back garden are still white, and they are of the same sort. It's all very weird! :)

      LOL, I remember when my sister met her husband way back when they were teenagers. My other sister, who was just a little girl, asked if he was from Italy. I guess the boy got a lot of his genes.

  2. Love the pictures <3 Lille Wilmer <3