Friday, 28 December 2012

faves | wrapping up 2012

With only a sliver left of 2012, I thought it fitting to do a little round up of the year, looking back at some of my faves when it comes to digi scrap and photography.

It's been a whirlwind year with twists and turns lurking behind what seemed every corner and with big changes on many fronts for me. I gave up designing, which was so very hard and sad, I started a new position at work and it's having a field day with me. I know I haven't talked about it here, as I like to keep my corporate self seperate from my creative self, but it has been a huge deal for me in the past six months. I hope I can start to feel a bit more at ease in the coming months. But I digress! I also vowed with my friend Liv Esteban of Liv.e Designs to scrap more this year than the last few ones. I haven't checked on her for a while, but I made good on my promise and created 50+  layouts (even more if I count the Rome album I'm working on and the two wedding photo books I've created this year). I haven't scrapped that much in years! And yeah, the weddings! I shot two weddings! Granted, they were family or I wouldn't have accepted the requests, but it was nerve wracking and fun. So yeah, many challenges this year for me! Not all good, but certainly not all bad either.

Let's get back to the faves part; I thought this post should showcase what I consider to be my top five favourite layouts and my top five favourite photographs. Just for kicks, I will also throw in links to my favourite kits that I've come across this year - so that you can add to your stash if you haven't got them already.


number 5:

(Supplies: Free Spirit Paper Pack, Kickin' It Elements Pack, Get Happy Elements Pack, Modernist Elements Pack, La Storia Elements Pack by In the Making Design, Stitches by Anna 3 by Anna Aspnes)

This very colourful layout is a step out of my comfort zone for sure, but I so love the series of photos of the little ham that is my nephew and the placing of the paper flags under them.

number 4:

(Supplies: Buku Bokeh Overlays by Splendid Fiins, Retro Spring Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz, Everyday Eclectic Full Collection and Note To Self Full Collection by Echo Park, Declaration Element Pack by Pink Paislee, Marrone Paper Pack and Indulgence Elements Pack by In the Making Design, Stitched by Anna 3 by Anna Aspnes)

This layout was created when I was struggling to keep my chin up this summer and all I wanted to do was to go on holiday. I love the photo and the simplicity of the page (not reflected in the supplies list).

number 3:

(Supplies: Rockin' Template by In the Making Design, Fairytale Kit by One Little Bird and Paislee Press)
This one I love because of the love in the photo, and the gorgeousness of the kit

number 2:

(Supplies: Sleigh Ride by Crate Paper, Kringle & Co by American Crafts, both for AC Digitals)

This one quickly became a favourite. I think it's the colours. Or the patterns. Or the layers. LOL, it's all beautiful!

number 1:

(Supplies: Note To Self Full Kit by Echo Park, Stitches and torn paper edge by Anna Aspnes, Staples by Vinnie Pearce)

I think this is my favourite layout of all times. The importance of the topic and journaling for me is the main reason. But I have to say that the utter fabulousness of the elements and papers of the kit by Echo Park gets me every time.


number 5:

I just love the tenderness between them in this shot! Could it have been better technically? Yes. I am certainly not going to try to talk myself out of that, but I did my best under the circumstances, and I am happy that I was able to catch the love in that moment.
You can see more of the wedding shots here.

number 4:

I love this one because they are just so beautiful, and the glow in their eyes makes my soul happy. Now that I look at it, I think I could have edited it a little better as it seems awfully bright, but oh well.
You can see more of the wedding shot here.

number 3:

I am so in love with the lines in this photo. It's almost mesmerizing to me. It also holds great memories of our trip to Rome.
My album of the trip is still in progress, but you can see the state of it so far here and here.

number 2:

Oh the eyes! Oh those little teeth! Oh the pure joy! I cannot say how much I love this little guy. I am also quite chuffed with the technical aspects of the shot. Yes, the white part behind him to the left is distracting, but I like the softness of the light and the catchlights in his eyes.
you can see a layout with this photo and two others taken at the same time here.

number 1:

I fought hard to get this shot. I fought a bad head cold, a very strong wind, cold fingers, slippery rocks, and a camera on strike. It took me many tries to finally get it right. Because of all these things, I am so proud of the outcome.
You can see more photos from our hike here.


Alright, so I promised you links to the stuff I have enjoyed working with the most this year. Oh boy, narrowing it down to five was difficult to say the least. But here they are, in no particular order:

Hometown Proud by Design by Dani - gorgeous colours and patterns
Note 2 Self  by Echo Park - one of my favourite kits ever with masses of awesome elemets
Sleigh Ride by Crate Paper for AC Digitals - the coolest Christmas kit I've seen
Worn by One Little Bird & Sahlin Studio - everything is so gorgeous in this kit and so perfect for me
Foto focus by Liv.e Designs - the perfect photo album template set, created for me by my dear friend Liv Esteban

So that is it my friends; my faves round up of layouts, photos, and products (not created by me but loved by me)! Let's hope next year will bring lots of time for making pretty things!

Thursday, 27 December 2012

laying it out | crazy ladies

The photo in this layout totally cracks me up. My sister in law is a super fun and positive person to be around; always up to no good.

(Supplies: Country Picnic Kit by Pebbles for AC Digitals, Fairytale Kit by One Little Bird and Paislee Press)

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

christmas morning

Christmas is celebrated on  Christmas Eve in Sweden, and the day finally came - even though I did feel like I needed a few more hours of both preparation and sleep - with a sense of anticipation. The presents were wrapped, the table was set, and the food was done. I even managed to get some pretty clothes on!

I take great pride in my wrapping and put in a lot of time and care to make them all match in accordance to a certain theme for each year. This year was kraft with stamped snowflakes (my love for snowflakes is eternal), washi tape, baker's twine, and red satin ribbon.

Many times I draw from the wrapping theme for the table setting. I find this particularly nice as our tree is always placed right by the dining table. This year was no different. I wanted that homespun, traditional look on the table as well.

I went with three thick wreaths along the length of the table and filled the centers with red apples. Those centerpieces smell so lovely!

For each plate setting I made miniature wreaths with a gingham ribbon and a little tag saying "Merry Christmas".  They fit perfectly on the glass plates.

I also used pillar candles, again tied with the gingham ribbon, in simple glass vases, and some large tealights.

My good friend Anneli gave me handmade (by her) three wick candles that I really wanted to use. The only problem was that I had no candle holders - can you believe it - to put them in. That was a total bummer, and it still irks me a little.

It was a quick. easy, and simple dressing of the table that felt perfectly restrained and laid back for a Christmas dinner.

We had a lovely and calm day with good food, a nice visit from Santa, and many wonderful gifts. Also, too many sweets. I will be using photos from the day in digi scrap layouts and Project 52 posts in the coming days.

Until then, take care!

Tuesday, 25 December 2012

laying it out | christmas

It's been a whirlwind of a week (and a half) and it has been impossible to steal away to spend some time in front of the compy. But I wanted to share with you two layouts about my beautiful tree that I love oh so much.

(Supplies: Solstice Papers, Stamped Snow Brushes by Nancie Rowe Jantitz, Father Christmas Papers by Jodie Lee, Christmas Day Full Collection by Carta Bella)

(Supplies: Hoho Holiday Mice Vol.2, Hoho Holiday Solid Papers, Tape It Up Krafty by Liv.e Design, This & That Christmas Full Collection, Very Merry Christmas Full Collection by Echo Park, Winter Wonderland by Jessica Sprague)

Have a great couple of Christmas days! I will be back soon with some photos from our Christmas celebration.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

laying it out | day in the life

I wanted to do a little something with the, granted not amazing, photos from 12.12.12. And the beautiful kit Amy Tangerine from AC Digitals was perfect for the job. I also used some gorgeous journaling cards from Becky Higgins' Project Life Baby kit.

I like how it came together, making the lack of quality in the photos not matter as much.

christmas card | 2012

I love sending Christmas cards almost as much as I love getting them. Usually I also love making them and most years I go old school and make them by hand with glue and glitter and actual pretty papers.

I had big plans for our Christmas cards this year. I had the coolest photo shoot planned for the husband and I, and when the snow arrived I was quite giddy to get it done. But alas, the husband wasn't as gung ho as I was, and the one day where we was actually at home during the daylight hours, I was so stressed out with getting a bunch of other stuff done that we missed the slot. I was totally bummed. I suspect he wasn't. Ha!

So, this left me with one other option - this since I had waited so long to start those damn cards that handmade was out of the question unless I wanted to give up a week's worth of sleep to make them - and that was to go digital.

So digital, not a huge problem for me, really. I quickly designed a postcard style card with a big graphic greeting on the front, and a more personal note on the back. I wanted something retro looking but still very graphic and clean. I also needed something that was easy to alter as I needed versions in three languages (Swedish, English, and Italian). I also wanted several Swedish versions.

Here is one Swedish version, with a line from a traditional Swedish Christmas song.

with the back

And here is the English version with a traditional sentiment

with the back

(Supplies: Sleigh Ride kit by Crate Paper from AC Digitals)

I printed the front and the back on seperate sheets of paper and then attached them to eachother, thus giving me a super thick card. I also decided to go large and made them 14,85cm x 21cm (half of an A4 sheet).

I love how they turned out. Granted, they aren't traditional at all, but then again I don't mind stepping out of the box for the sake of good looks.

I would love to see your cards, if you want to share them!

Sunday, 16 December 2012

p52 | drawing nearer the big holiday

Oh you know all my weekly photos are going to be about Christmas when December finally rolls around. I know it's taking the easy way out, and I'm not exactly known for cutting corners, but I'm so close to burn out with this project right now that I will take anything I can get.

But before the latest, let's do a make up for week 46 that I missed.
It's the husband's favourite guitar. It's quite pretty and shiny. It's always in our house so it would be feasible for me to have taken it that week. So it will have to do.

Alright, last week we finally got the wreath up on the door. We have a wreath to please me. The decor of the wreath is to please the husband; blue and black baubles with the Inter Milano logo (it's a football, or soccer for you Americans, team).

I started wrapping the gifts the other day. It's going slowly forward. I have a sprained neck and basically doing anything where I need to lift my arms or turn my head is problematic. But I have a super busy week ahead of me and I know that I need to get them done as fast as possible to even have gifts to give when Christmas rolls around.

For the record, I have no idea why the ribbon and washi on the gift in the background have such ugly colours. They are the same red as the red in the front gift. Nikon, you jerking me around here? Or is that you Adobe? Hee!

Friday, 14 December 2012

wedding blog feature

Guys, photographs of some details from my sister's wedding this summer is featured at Hostess With The Mostess today! I am majorly chuffed.

Hop on over and check it out, why don't you?
Right here!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

photography | 12.12.12

So I guess it didn't pass anyone by that yesterday was the last time this century that the numbers of the year (assuming that you don't spell out the whole year including the first two numbers), the month, and the day is the same. I thought it would be cool to take twelve photos during the day to document what was going on.

Since it was a work day, and I was also scheduled to take a project management class, I knew it was impossible to use the big camera. So Instagram it had to be.

Here's what my day looked like. The top right one was taken at 12.12 pm.

And, for those wanting subtitles (from left to right, top to bottom)
1. It was another day where I woke up with a migraine. An hour extra in the dark with some breathing excercises and pain killers was what I needed to feel well enough to get out of bed.
2. It was cold as heck waiting for the bus and I am quite sure I was born in the wrong part of the world.
3. A cup of green tea during practical group work at class.
4. Light fixture in the lobby of the hotel where the class took place. Taken at 12.12 pm.
5. Pastry that was served during the afternoon coffee break. I didn't have any.
6. Passed through one of the seating areas in the lobby on my way out and liked the lights.
7. Walked through the snowy park on my way to work.
8. Starting the night shift once back at work. Spent about 2,5 hours there before I had finished the stuff that couldn't wait.
9. I wore the necklace that the husband gave me on our 11th anniversary. It's a snowflake which was quite fitting as our wedding had a snowflake theme and they have been a favourite of mine ever since (I even have a big one tattooed on my back).
10. Finally arrived home much later than normal and loved seeing the Christmas lights already on both outside and inside.
11. Crappy dinner; we've been too busy to go shopping and all there was to eat was an emergency stash frozen dinner. Boo. But with a glass of wine it went down just fine.
12. Printed our Christmas cards. Unfortunately I ran out of double sided tape about half way through the assembly so I wasn't able to finish them.

Did you document your day yesterday?

Monday, 10 December 2012

laying it out | hot new stuff

I'm really getting into the Christmas mood, you guys. The tree is up, and I cannot love it more. The glistening lights, the beautiful baubles, the ribbon - it's just so pretty. I can't stop creating layouts about it.

(Supplies: Ho Ho Holidays Solid Papers and Flags and Scribbled Words by Liv.e Designs, Vintage Christmas Cards 1 and Merry Merry Holiday Brushes by Nancie Rowe Janitz, Baker's Twine by Splendid Fiins all at

About a year ago we were in Italy celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary and I had one very good drink at the terrace of a very swanky department store. It was a great moment, sitting under a blanket watching the twinkling lights, and talking while ejoying our goodies. It's such a great memory.

(Supplies: Walnut Grove by Pebbles for AC Digitals, Stitched by Anna 3 by Anna Aspnes)

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

laying it out | roma travel album part 2

I hope you don't mind me sharing some more layouts from my work in progress travel album about Rome? I'm almost done with day two. LOL, I know, it will be one huge book, and I have my work cut out for me. But I really want to keep with the format that I started, and not cram too much into each page. I want the beauty of the places we saw to shine. And it will have to take time. Please send me good some good vibes that I can keep the work up until it's all finished.

Here are seven more spreads!

(Supplies: Create a Book Posted Collection (modified) by Katie Pertiet, Worn Kit by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio)

Can I just say that I love, love, love the Worn Kit by One Little Bird and Sahlin Studio. The papers are fantastic, and so are the elements. And the clusters! A neautrals lover like me is in beige heaven with this kit.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

p52 | struggle

I never thought I would say it. I totally lost interest in Project 52. With only a few weeks to go of the year I feel like my life is just the same old same old week after week and I can't find any photos that I feel are "worthy" of going in the book. I also feel that after four years, everything I do has been covered already (again, due to the same old same old part).

I even noticed that I didn't take one single photo at all during week 46. So that means a big fat X for that week. I will need to find something out there once I put the book together. I just don't know what that is at this very moment. I admit, I can be an idiot at times. Sheesh!

But in any case, I did manage to get photos for week 47 and 48. Go me, right?

We got a new bed a couple of months back but had to wait for the headboard to get here. After several delays it was finally delivered to our house and of course it was instant love. It's a pretty dark grey wool and it gives such cool sophistication to the room.

Advent is here, and even though the light actually isn't supposed to be lit until Sundays, we cheated and got a headstart on Saturday with glögg and gingerbread cookies. It was quite lovely.

Alright, so only four more weeks. I need to stick it out!

Monday, 3 December 2012

ac digitals grand opening

A new and utterly fabulous digital scrapbooking shop has opened its doors today! It's AC Digitals with gorgeous products from American Crafts, Becky Higgins Project Life, Crate Paper and Pebbles.

All products are 25% during the grand opening, there are gorgeous freebies to grab, and prizes to win. Awesome, yes?

Hurry on over right away to and get lost in all the gorgeousness!

And as if you needed more incentive, but here are a few layouts I have created with some of the gorgeous kits available today.

(Supplies: Amy Tangerine Ready Set Go by AC Digitals, Days of December Layered Templates 7 by Katie Pertiet (including frame))

(Supplies: Kringle & Co by AC Digitals, Press Plate No 2 by Paislee Press)

(Supplies: Sleigh Ride and Kringle & Co by AC Digitals, Inspired by sketch No 16 by PageDrafts)

How did I get my hands on all these goodies before opening you ask? Well, my sweethearts, I was lucky enough to be invited to join the Creative Team for AC Digitals! Can you believe it? Well I hardly can, I almost fell of my chair when I got the news. But yay, right?

OK, now go! Go get lost in the pretty over at!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

advent calendar grown up edition

So the husband mentioned a couple of months ago that it would be cool to have a grown up version of an advent calendar. I have been thinking of doing one for years, and now that he mentioned it himself, I knew I had to do it.

Being the natural born procastinator that I am, I put it off for weeks and weeks until I had just a few days to put it together. But oh! What do you get for a grown man if it has to be relatively small both in size and in prize? Finding 24 of those is difficult I tell you. I finally got the last piece on Friday on my lunch break and then spent half the night making number tags and putting everything in bags in order to be able to put them up today when the husband was at work.

It turned out well, I think. Some of the objects are a bit on the heavy side, which meant that I had to go a little overboard on the tape. I wish I didn't have to use tape; I originally wanted to attach the bags to string. In the end I couldn't figure out a way to fasten the string to the wall without making holes. So tape it had to be.

It was a great success when he came home and was able to open the first bag. I now hope the excitement lasts all the way until Christmas!

I put the bags on our chalkboard wall in the entry to the kitchen from the hallway. The chalk banner is always there but usually it says "Remember". I thought it fitting to change it to "Merry Christmas". And, ok, we won't be able to use the wall as a message board for the most part of the month but I think we will manage. As long as we remember to put the trash bin out on the right day, I think we're good. LOL!

I used regular kraft paper bags to hold the items. The tags are made from red striped kraft paper that I free handed the numbers on. I had planned to print the numbers but felt it was a tad too noisy at 1.30 am. I stapled the tag to the bag, also making sure to staple the bag itself shut at the same time. It was not until this morning that I noticed that I had forgotten to change the pink staples that I had used for the BIL and SIL's wedding in August. Oh well!