Thursday, 13 December 2012

photography | 12.12.12

So I guess it didn't pass anyone by that yesterday was the last time this century that the numbers of the year (assuming that you don't spell out the whole year including the first two numbers), the month, and the day is the same. I thought it would be cool to take twelve photos during the day to document what was going on.

Since it was a work day, and I was also scheduled to take a project management class, I knew it was impossible to use the big camera. So Instagram it had to be.

Here's what my day looked like. The top right one was taken at 12.12 pm.

And, for those wanting subtitles (from left to right, top to bottom)
1. It was another day where I woke up with a migraine. An hour extra in the dark with some breathing excercises and pain killers was what I needed to feel well enough to get out of bed.
2. It was cold as heck waiting for the bus and I am quite sure I was born in the wrong part of the world.
3. A cup of green tea during practical group work at class.
4. Light fixture in the lobby of the hotel where the class took place. Taken at 12.12 pm.
5. Pastry that was served during the afternoon coffee break. I didn't have any.
6. Passed through one of the seating areas in the lobby on my way out and liked the lights.
7. Walked through the snowy park on my way to work.
8. Starting the night shift once back at work. Spent about 2,5 hours there before I had finished the stuff that couldn't wait.
9. I wore the necklace that the husband gave me on our 11th anniversary. It's a snowflake which was quite fitting as our wedding had a snowflake theme and they have been a favourite of mine ever since (I even have a big one tattooed on my back).
10. Finally arrived home much later than normal and loved seeing the Christmas lights already on both outside and inside.
11. Crappy dinner; we've been too busy to go shopping and all there was to eat was an emergency stash frozen dinner. Boo. But with a glass of wine it went down just fine.
12. Printed our Christmas cards. Unfortunately I ran out of double sided tape about half way through the assembly so I wasn't able to finish them.

Did you document your day yesterday?

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  1. Love that you documented 12 things on 12.12.12.