Tuesday, 24 July 2012

laying it out | winter scene

I must be crazy doing winter pages in the dead of the summer. But as soon as I saw the splatter brushes by Liv Esteban, I knew I wanted to do something grungy and wintery.

I took these pictures on a walk after work last winter. The geese were still roaming the parks. Don't they ever go away? The canals were frozen but we had no snow. I remember that it was really cold, but also pretty.

(Supplies: Splatters Vol. 1, Beach Party (JessicaSprague.com 5th Birthday Freebie) by LivE Design, It's a Start Templates 8 by In the Making Design)

Monday, 23 July 2012

laying it out | tasty

I think I have touched on the subject before? I try to keep a healthy diet and for the most part it works very well. Granted, I am fortunate enough to be married to a chef who can cook up all kinds of goodness with healthy and fresh produce, so it's not like I have to struggle to get it on the table. And once it's there, well I would be an idiot to say no! Hee! But like all other people, I also get cravings every now and then. When I'm not in the mood to ignore it I cheat the old sweet tooth with something that is indeed delicious but not detrimental to neither my health nor my waistband.

Secret? Not really. It's just a fruit smoothie or milkie. Easy, but effective! Just chunk fruit and berries (oh, and mint! and vanilla!)  in the mixer along with yoghurt or milk and blitz. On super hot days, not that we have any, it's nice to add some ice as well.
That's what this layout is all about.

(Supplies: Kinda Sketchy Template 1 by Splendid Fiins, Stella Paper Pack by Pink Paislee, Free Spirit Paper Pack by In the Making Design)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

diaper cake + monkey card

A co-worker of mine recently had a little baby boy and I was put in charge of getting some gifts for her and the boy. Along with some cute clothes and shoes I took the opportunity to make another diaper cake. I made one for my little nephew when he was born a year and a half ago and really loved the result.

The best thing of it all, apart from it being really pretty, is that it's 100% usable. This is a really useful gift for new parents. The diapers will obviously be a welcome item, and the blankets are soft and practical. Also, there is a nice treat for mum and dad in the middle as well in the shape of a bottle of bubbly!

The cake is super easy to make! Here is a quick rundown for those who are interested:

1. Get a round tray of any kind. I chose metal because I like the sophisticated touch it gives.
2. Put a bottle of drink of your choice in the middle of the tray. I chose bubbly because I know the new mother shares my love for the stuff.
3. Roll small diapers tightly and wrap a small rubber band around each diaper. I chose Pampers New Baby #2 (for 3-6 kg) as I figured those would be more useful for a longer period of time than the newborn tiny tiny ones. Also, they are great becuase they aren't covered in lots of ugly prints.
4. Stack the diapers, standing up, around the bottle. Once you have one row, wrap the whole first row with a rubber band.
5. Continue stacking and wrapping with rubber bands. For the bottom layer I did three rows.That gave me a bit space to the edge of the tray.
6. When it's time for the second layer just put the diapers on top of the first layer. I wrapped the bottle with a few unrolled diapers before I started stacking. This meant that I could get away with only one row. So that makes one row and a bit for the second layer. Repeat the steps you just did for the first layer; stacking and wrapping with rubber bands.
7. For the top layer don't wrap the bottle neck with unrolled diapers. You want the top layer to be smaller than the second one. You know the drill by now; stacking and wrapping.
8. Now it's time for the pretty stuff. Wrap each layer with folded baby blankets. Wrap the blanket with a rubber band to keep the blanket in place. Don't worry, it won't show!
9. Get some pretty ribbon and tie it around each layer right where the rubber band is.
10. As a last step crown the cake with a topper of your choice. And hey presto, you're done!

My supplies:
Tray - Groggy from IKEA
Bottle - Champagne
Diapers - Pampers New Baby #2 (I used 1,5 packs of 62 diapers)
Rubber bands - Generic pack of varied sizes from the supermarket's office supply department
Blankets - Torva from IKEA
Ribbon - White and red ribbon from my stash
Toy - Torva from IKEA

I also made a cute card to go with the presents in the shape of a monkey face!

The card opened like a book and held a greeting and all the contributors' names.
I used the Hometown Proud Paper Pack by Design by Dani for the elements of the monkey's face.

I think it came together really well.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

laying it out | summer joys

Even though there still is a bit to go before I get to have some time off for a summer holiday, and even though this hasn't been the best summer in memory, I'm in a summer kind of mood. I let that reflect in my two layouts this past week.

The joy in this picture of my nephew jumping into a pool makes my heart sing despite the fact that you can't see the huge smile on his face or the squeal of delight that he let out at the time.

(Supplies: Port Beach Facebook Timeline Template 2, Country Lane Elements Pack by Paislee Press, Retro Collage Alphabet by Designs by Dani, Beack Party Freebies by LivE Designs and Lori Whitlock)

Nostaliga caught me off guard the other week and I had a strong longing for the turqoise waters, the lush green hills, the warming sun, and the fantastic seafood of Cinque Terre. I had to put it into a layout.

(Supplies: Take Me Away Kit by Designs by Dani, Free Spirit Paper Pack by In the Making Design)

Friday, 13 July 2012

wedding shoot | frida & jocke

Let me just come out and say it. My sister is absolutely stunning. Her husband is totally handsome. I was so not ready for the challenges of being a wedding photographer (that also needed to get home and switch to baker)! Haha!

Please allow me to share with you some photos from my sister's wedding. I took the photos after the wedding in a park in the city of Lund, apart from the first two that were taken just outside of city hall where they were married.

I wasn't prepared for feeling so stressed about hitting every shot. I wasn't prepared for forgetting about 80% of the shots I had planned to take - lesson learned here to write it down and actually bring the list to the shoot. I wasn't prepared for forgetting basic photography rules and techniques. LOL!

A few other lessons learned?
I don't shoot in landscape a whole lot. Need to change it up a bit.
What I thought would be tons and tons of pics turned out not to be. Need to push that button even more.

I 've been spendning the nights this week going crazy with editing. I've done five different edits for each photo only because I can't decide which I like best. Do photographers do that?
For this post I decided to only use two of the five to keep it consistent. We'll see what I do for the couple's album.

But now, back to editing! Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

laying it out | all about the boys

With all the wedding hoopla, and also due to being ill for a while, means I haven't shared with you my latest layouts. So here's to catching up!

A while back I spent the weekend with my sister's family and we took the opportunity to go to a farm and visit with some animals. My little nephew loves animals to no end and was extatic when he could wander around rabbits and goats and even feed them. It was a truly happy moment.

(Supplies: Mercantile Mix Patterns 4 by Jenni Bowlin Studios, Note To Self Element Pack 2 by Echo Park, Love My Boy Elements Pack by Pink Paislee)

We celebrated Midsummer's Eve with my husband's brother and his family and I got some really great shots of my godson (and nephew). This happy one was perfect for a layout.

This layout was featured in the weekly spotlight at Club Creating Keepsakes. Yay!

(Supplies: Hometown Proud Paper Pack and Elements Pack by Dani Mogstad, Flightplan 5 Template by One Little Bird Design)

More layouts will be coming next week!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

homemade wedding

A week and a half ago my beautiful sister and her handsome fiance had an amazing wedding on a gorgeous sunny day.

The reception for the couple's parents and siblings was held in our garden and it was a homemade affair from start to finish. My obsession of making things pretty coupled with the fact that I would do anything for my family meant that I was able to talk them into letting me make the invitations, the table setting, the buffet decorations, the guest book set up, a photo booth of sorts, and baking for the dessert buffet. I also took photographs. Go right ahead and call me crazy! LOL!

I would love to share with you some shots of the details that I made.

So the idea was to do a kind of modern whimsy in kraft, red and black & white, and with stripes and roses in the center of the whole theme.

The invitations were printed on kraft in keeping with the theme. A mistake on my part in the printing process meant that I had to improvise and do a raised strip for the text. It ended up being a unique feature.

For the welcome toast I did hand texted his and hers tags for the champagne flutes.

The guests' glasses were either decorated with paper flags or dipped in chalkboard paint and decorated with the couple's names and love words.

The tables were covered with tan linen, the middle part of the table where the bride and groom were seated, was a beautiful embroidered table cloth. This was matched with all white china, and black and white striped napkins (which the bride and I made). In the ceiling of the pavillion we strung twinkle lights and solar panel lanterns.

Instead of using real flowers I made crepe paper roses that were put in heart shaped boxes all along the table. Those babies were so very pretty but with eight boxes and six roses in each I worked for a month to get those finished and was pretty fed up at the end.

The bride and groom wanted a relaxed feel to the reception and opted to not have a seating plan. Still, I made hand texted banners for the two of them to make sure seats were saved right in the middle of the table where the bride's bouquet was also placed.

The Italian style buffet was placed inside the pavillion and decorated with black and white striped linen, tiny bunting in kraft, red and black & white, and a kraft paper pinwheel flower.

The couple asked for a non traditional cake and we opted for the most delicious chocolate and hazelnut cake with vanilla cream and strawberries. The cake was decorated with mini bunting.

To accompany the cake I also baked Pina Colada cookies, Baci (Italian almond kisses), heartshaped mini meringues, and then also dipped strawberries and marshmallows in chocolate.

Instead of a traditional guest book we set up a small station on the gift table where the guests could write a message on small tags in kraft bags. The messages will be placed in the wedding album once I finish it. To guide the guests through the process I made a sign that matched the invitations and added one of the paper roses as decoration.

To add some more fun we decided to do a photo booth where the guests could let loose and goof out. This was a huge hit and we had so many laughs. The station was set up on our deck right next to the pavillion with a golden picture frame, some fun props, and another sign to guide the guests through.

Here is a shot of the husband and I just to show you some of the silly antics everyone was up to.

If you want to take a look at the beautiful couple, you can do so here.

Be well everyone!