Friday, 15 February 2013

laying it out | focusing on the bright spots

I had a sudden burst of positive feelings the other day and felt like everything was all rosy and bright. Even stuff I normally moan about. It resulted in two layouts.

I travel a bit for work and even though I don't mind it all too much (it's nice to see my colleagues and my boss, who are stationed at the other end of the country), there are certainly things that are draining or stressful. In this layout I focused on bright spots from my latest trip the other week.

(Supplies: Life 365 Collection Part 1, Life 365 Collection Part 2, Anyday Extras all by Karla Dudley, Hello Love Kit by Mye De Leon, Template from In Good Company Collab Kit by Tiffany Tillman, everything from Pixels & Co)

It's a well known fact by now that I'm not winter's biggest fan. But there is one thing I like; waking up in the morning and seeing everything all fluffy and/or spiky from thick frost. I always run out, sometimes in my pajamas to me honest, with my camera ready to snap away. I jusst think it looks so gorgeous!

(Supplies: Jumbo Sentiments Set 1 by Karla Dudley, Hello Love Kit by Mye De Leon, Paper Stacks Templates by Scotty Girl Design, everything from Pixels & Co)

Karla's super cute Anyday Extras and cool as ice Jumbo Sentiments, as well as Scotty Girl Design's Paper Stacks Templates are new at Pixels & Co today. Check them out!

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