Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the weekend in pictures

So I said yesterday that the boy spent the weekend with us. We had lots of fun and his stay included science experiments and a little craft, games, funny dances, burgers and milkshakes, and whole lot of silliness.

During our science and crafts hours we created carbon dioxie (check out this blog for easy instructions) and blew up a ballon with it.
We also made the classic diet coke fountain with the help of some Mentos. This was very much appreciated by the boy.

The last experiment we did was to write with invisible ink and then heated it to read the messages. I found the super easy instructions here.
Once we knew it worked, the boy wrote a secret love note to someone he cares about (his mama) and then put it in a bottle that he decorated with punched hearts and wrinkle paper. I helped with writing the instructions on a tag.

If you want more ideas on fun things to do with kids, then I found this link on Pinterest.

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