Friday, 29 March 2013

laying it out | spectacular

I think I have shared the photo in this layout before, in one of my P52 posts for 2012. I can only say that I still love it so much. I think the dramatic feel of it is just so captivating. I could look at it for ages and ages. I needed to make a layout with it and am so happy with how it came out. I think the beautiful blue and brown papers compliment the colouring of the photo so well. But then again, blue and brown are my favourite colours so that isn't really all that surprising.

 photo LivE130325_LindaRoos_Spectacular.jpg
(Supplies: Scribbled Words Vol 2 Superlatives, Shabby Chevs Paper Pack, Texture Magic Brushes, This & That Textured Stickers, Smudge It Brushes, Winter Breeze Kit, I Sing For Spring Kit all by Liv.e Designs, For The Record Kit by Echo Park, Rock The Blocks Templates by Crystal Livesay)

You can pick up the beautiful handwriting of Liv Esteban of Liv.e Designs with her new release Scribbled Words Vol. 2 at today!

Have a happy Easter everyone!

Thursday, 28 March 2013

p52 | catching up

Has it really been five weeks since I posted a P52 photo last?

Wow, time does fly by! I have to be honest and say that I haven't really felt up to photographing as of late. I stopped keeping my dSLR in the handbag. It was heavy and I I felt I didn't use it anyway. It has not been positive on my photography that's for sure. However, it has meant that my phone has been working overtime.

Naturally, the quality is not the same. The resolution is not up to par of course, and well, frankly neither is anything else. But I feel like the trade off is acceptable at the moment. I will still try to make an effort to getting back to photographing.

So, I have five weeks' worth of P52 photos to share with you. All but the last one were taken with my iPhone.

 photo P52_2013_08_logo.jpg

I love tulips. Love. Especially white ones. I think they are elegant but yet bold at the same time.

 photo P52_2013_09_logo.jpg

A slow week. I resorted to taking a shot of the stones in our front yard.

 photo P52_2013_10_logo.jpg

I like the lines and the play between light and shadows in this photo. It's on the platform in our underground. I had just missed my train (the tail lights can be seen right at the end of the photo) when I shot this.

 photo P52_2013_11_logo.jpg

In between snowstorms and dull greyness we've also been privilige to some pretty spectacular dusks. This one was shot from our driveway. Quite lovely I think.

 photo P52_2013_12_logo.jpg

Getting ready for the Easter holiday with some pretty decorations.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

crafting | modern style easter eggs

 photo DSC_0233b_web2.jpg

If you're looking for some last minute quick and easy tips on how to make some fun decorating crafts for Easter, then this is the post for you.

I wanted to do some nice decorating for Easter and settled on egg decorating. Now, you know me, I'm not the frilly frou frou kind of person. Multi coloured was not going to be for me. I saw a couple of more modern versions of decorated eggs and decided to give it a try to paint patterns with sharpie pens.

 photo DSC_0242b_web.jpg

Now, if you are fussy about details and want a perfect job, but you don't have a super steady hand, then this isn't a job for you. I found it difficult to keep lines straight on the organic shape of the egg. If you are a more easy going kind of person with no OCD tendencies, then you will be very happy with how easy this project is.

I got pre blown eggs from my craft store - I didn't have the time, or the energy, to deal with the mess of blowing them myself - and used a couple of different size pens to paint directly on the eggs. I know it could have been nicer if I had taken the time to tape off on the ones where I chose to draw stripes but I took a gung ho approach and just went to town.

 photo DSC_0249b_web.jpg

I decided to keep some eggs white to bring some balance to the display in the glass bowl, which is from Ittala by Alvar Aalto. I think it makes the ones that actually have a pattern stand out more.

I am quite happy with this project. It was very easy to make in about an hour in front of the telly and it looks funky and sleek at the same time. I have an easter decoration that isn't tacky.

 photo DSC_0239b_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0238b_web.jpg

How are you decorating for Easter?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

hybrid | using project life products for greeting cards

 photo DSC_0225b_web.jpg

In this installment of my unofficial series about using Project Life products for other things than Project Life layouts I want to share how you can use journaling cards as greetings.
If you want more inspiration for how you can use Project Life products and journaling cards for other purposes than Project Life then read my previous posts:
Using journaling cards with inspirational sayings
Using Project Life products in regular scrapbooking

Pressed for time? No interest in whipping out your paper stash and go to town with glues and glitters? Want a streamlined process for getting your greetings out there? Well, then this might be just for you!

I created an Easter card to send to family and friends with the help of Project Life supplies. It was quick and easy, and I had them designed, printed, and adressed in less than an hour. Now that's the type of crafting that works perfectly for someone like me, who doesn't have tons of free time to spend on crafts.

What I did was follow these simple steps:
1. Open a journaling card of your choice in Photoshop - I chose one of the title cards of the absolutely stunning digital Becky Higgins Kraft Kit by Tiffani Smith.
2. Add text to the card - I chose to place the greeting splash over the pattern and a small little fun fact about eggs at the bottom. If you wanted to you could certainly add a small photo to the design.
3. Design finished.
4. Drag the finished card to a new document the size of the paper you will be printing on. In my case that was a 12x12 sheet of cardstock. I was able to fit four cards on there. If you are printing a different size, do you best to fit as many as possible so that you don't have to print as many sheets of paper.
5. Print.
6. Cut.
7. Optional - attach card to a slightly bigger backing piece of cardstock. I chose to do this as I had run out of the extra heavyweight cardstock and though the card was a bit on the flimsy side.
8. Write a personalized message on the back.
9. Card finished.

 photo DSC_0226b_web.jpg

 photo DSC_0227b_web.jpg

With the wealth of journaling cards available in every digital scrapbooking store right now, your options are virtually endless. It would be a lot of fun, I think, to choose different designs for each recipient. I didn't have the time or energy to do that this time, but with all the fun cards of the Kraft Kit, I certainly did contemplate it.

Check back tomorrow for some tips on how to decorate your home for Easter in a matter of minutes - this time completely unrelated to anything Project Life or digital. I'm going analogue, baby!

Monday, 25 March 2013

laying it out | using Project Life products in regular scrapbooking

Last week was a tough one for me. I had a ton of stuff happening all at once at work and that, coupled with many deadlines outside of work, meant I was a bit of a mess when I got home on Friday night. Thankfully there was something, besides my wonderful husband and a glass of wine, to help me regain some strength - fresh springy flowers. This layout is all about that.

 photo bh130325_lindaroos_todaywasmagic.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight Edition by Liz Tamanaha, Crate Paper Storyteller, American Crafts Amy Tangerine, American Crafts Amy Tangerine Sketchbook all from AC Digitals, Fairytale Kit by Paislee Press at The Lilypad, Rock the Blocks Template by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Co)

So I want to talk a little about the Project Life kit I used here. I will never be a Project Lifer. Part of that is because the Project Life system layout set up doesn't appeal to my design sense, but mostly because my life is very repetetive with work, cleaning, computer time, sleep, and some food thrown into that. I know my pages would be very similar week after week. In addition I also don't think I need to document in that chronological way. For me it's more important to capture feelings, thoughts, and ideas rather than to recapitulate my life moment by moment.

But that does not mean, however, that the gorgeousness of all the Project Life related designs out there right now are not for me. Journaling cards can be used in many different ways to spice up a "regular" digi layout.

In the layout above I used three different cards from the stunning Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight Edition by Liz Tamanaha, which is available at AC Digitals today, as well as three of the papers from the same kit for the main parts of the layout. I simply used clipping masks for the cards like I would for any paper.

Do you want more inspiration on how to use journaling cards for your layouts? Check out my previous post: Using journaling cards with inspirational sayings.
Also, check back tomorrow for more inspiration - this time in hybrid form!

Saturday, 23 March 2013

laying it out | this is love

So I took this photo back in September when we were in Italy. I still adore it. I don't get to see my sister and her beau all too often as they live there so photos of them are very important to me.

I don't want to embarras her too much ( I think the mere fact that I used a photo of them in one of my scrapbook pages is bad enough), but I think they are just so gorgeous together. Definitely two very photogenic human specimens there! LOL!

 photo LivE130322_LindaRoos_Thisislove.jpg
(Supplies: Painted Frames, Shabby Chevs Paper Pack, Sing For Spring Kit, Smudge It Brushes, This & That Textured Stickers, T+Mini Vol. 2 Adoration, All About Love Elements all by Liv.e Designs, Note To Self Kit by Echo Park, You&Me Journal Card freebie by Crashnotes)

You can pick up the beautiful Painted Frames by Liv.e Designs right now at They are 25% off over the weekend.

Friday, 22 March 2013

laying it out | an easter layout

Easter is fast approaching and I thought it fitting to prepare with a layout fitting the holiday theme. I like Easter. Not for the sweets that seems to overwhelm the shops here, particularly, but rather because it comes around spring. Spring is nice with the soft colours, freshness, and new beginnings.

 photo rmpco_130322_lindaroos_happyeaster.jpg
(Supplies: Dream Big Templats by Simply Tiffany Studios, Cotton Tail Kit and Snippets Real Life by Robyn Meierotto, Kraft Essentials and Life 365 Stampsheet by Karla Dudley everything from Pixels & Co)

You can pick up Robyn Meierotto's beautiful and sweet Cotton Tail Kit at Pixels & Co today!

Monday, 18 March 2013

laying it out | all over the place

I have a truly eclectic collection of layouts to share with you today.

Let's start with a look back a couple of months. With the slow start that spring is having right now (we're supposedly going to have snow fall all this week) I'd gladly even take autumn weather over this!

(Supplies: T+Mini Vol 3 Documented, Shabby Chevs Paper Pack all by Liv.e Designs at Jessica, Life 365 Stampsheet by Karla Dudley at Pixels & Co)

I love having fresh flowers in the house. I especially love white flowers, be it lilies, roses or like these, tulips. Tulips are especially lovely this time of year as I feel they kind bring the hope of spring and warmer weather.

(Supplies: Rock The Blocks Templates by Crystal Livesay, These Are The Days Full Kit by Karen Funk, Snippets Real Life Elements and In Stitches Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto, Life 365 Stampsheet and Hello Love Elements by Karla Dudley, Going Places by Ardent Sparrow, In Good Company Collab all from Pixels & Co)

I don't usually sit and do nothing. Even if I'm parked on the couch I'm usually working on the computer. But the other week, just before I got my computer back, I found myself collapsed on the sofa with absolutely no will or energy to do anything at all. I wasn't feeling 100%, struggling with some GI issues. I stayed exactly like that for two hours. At the end it felt so good to have just been still. I think I need to do this more often!

(Supplies: Layered Looks Template 1 and Barely There Brushes One by Simply Tiffany Studios, Snippets Real Life Elements and In Stitches Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto, Take Note Kit, Life 365 Butterflies, Life 365 Stampsheet, Anyday Extras by Karla Dudley all from Pixels & Co)

Friday, 15 March 2013

hybrid | birthday box

My sister, who lives in Italy, had a birthday this week and I wanted to make a little something extra with the packaging of her gift (that was sent with our mother on a plane to visit the girl) since I couldn't see her.

The gift was small but fragile and so it was perfect with a decorated box to hold the stuff.

(Supplies: It's My Party by Robyn Meierotto at Pixels & Co, fabric flower and aqua gem from my craft stash, cardboard box, double sided tape)

Since I wanted the box to be extra sturdy I decided against making it out of just cardstock and instead get a thick cardboard box from our local craft store.

I made a print file with the paper for the top and bottom of the box. I made shapes in the right sizes for each side of the box, including the foldover flaps and clipped the digi paper by Robyn to the shapes. This made it very easy for me to print, cut, and then just attach to the box and fold over.

I also made shapes for the banners and rosette to which I also clipped the papers to and printed. Lastly I also printed the flags and cut out as best I could - I do not have a cutting machine and it was difficult to cut such small shapes perfectly.

I think the finished box is super sweet and festive. I am so happy with the finished result.

Question: would anyone be interested in a tutorial on how to cover a cardboard box with printed digi products? I would be happy to put one together and share here!

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

laying it out | using journaling cards with inspiring sayings

Do you collect inspiring quotes and sayings? I quite like to use them in my layouts from time to time so long as they don't get totally cheesy and overly sentimental. If they can help tell the story of the photo or the theme of the layout I think they are excellent as titles or subtitles.

Lately, with the craze in journaling cards, there has been an abuncance of scrapbooking supplies with cute sayings. I love using these accent cards to decorate my layouts. One great thing is that they can be used in more ways than just straight up and down as journaling cards. I wanted to share one way to use them in a creative way to spruce up the page.

(Supplies: Dream Big Templates by Tiffany Tillman, Dare To Dream Papers, Solids and Notecards by Karen Funk, Life 365 The Buttons and Card Love Set 1 by Karla Dudley, In Stitches Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto all from Pixels & Co)

In this layout I have clipped two different journaling cards from Karen Funk's beautiful Dare To Dream Kit to shapes; one speech bubble and one framed circle. By doing so the cards are used as beautiful wordart and function as a title and subtitle.

(Supplies: Lucky Bums Template by Tiffany Tillman, Dare To Dream Papers, Solids and Notecards by Karen Funk, Anyday Extras by Karla Dudley, Hello Love Kit by Mye De Leon all from Pixels & Co)

Again I have clipped a journaling card of Karen's, this time to match the framed photo. This gives the layout a cohesive look while still bringing that little extra variety.

This technique can be used in many different ways and is perfect for those layouts where a full journaling card isn't exactly right but you still want to utilize the gorgeous details of the card.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

laying it out | snapshots from daily life

Lately I have been loving to create layouts with photos taken with the iPhone. Just regular snapshots from my everyday life, simple moments that are worth remembering despite being perhaps mundane and "normal". Both the photos in these two layouts were taken with my phone (one with my old iPhone 4 and one with my new iPhone 5 - I think the quality difference shows).

(Credits: Needs & Wants Stitchies Vol 3, Shabby Chevs Paper Pack, This & That Stickers Pack, Winter Breeze Kit, Smudge It Vol 1, Roundabouts Photomasks all by Liv.e Designs at Jessica Sprague, Life 365 Stampsheet by Karla Dudley, Grow With Love Letters March by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Co)

The husband and I have this standing tradition since we moved into our house to have a nice and relaxing Friday night every week that he has the weekend off. With lit candles, Spotify, some wine and good food, it's always a lovely start to the weekend. I wanted to capture the warm feeling I had when I snapped the picture.

(Credits: Shabby Chevs Paper Pack, T+Mini Filmed Template, Winter Breeze Kit, freebie from the Holidays in Hand class previously held at Jessica Sprague all by Liv.e Designs)

I took this shot in the underground on my way home one day after work. I was struck by the lines and the light at the very end of the platform and thought it was just so gorgeous. And how cool with the light seeming to be stronger closer to the tunnel than in the open platform. That sparked the idea for the layout.

Monday, 11 March 2013

laying it out | back with a vengeance

Hello my darlings! It feels good to be back!

If you follow my facebook page then you will know that my computer broke down and had to be taken in for some repairs about two weeks ago. I am not going to lie; these two weeks have been rough on me. Not only did I have material that had not been backed up yet (bad, bad Linda), which for a while seemed to have been lost forever, but I also had deadlines looming that I was unable to meet. Lastly, it's pretty much hard for a girl who has grown as dependant on her computer to be without it. I did a lot of house related stuff while the computer was away. I worked so hard that I was tired and fell asleep around 9.30 at night. That gave this insomniac a thing or two to think about, for sure.

Anyway, I got the computer back mid week last week and spent a good night or two installing and putting my stuff the way I like it. My data was thankfully not lost, just saved to a EHD, but the whole computer had to be rebooted wiped clean and so I had to start fresh.

This past weekend has been spent catching up to those missed deadlines and creating stuff that I am delighted to share with you for the next couple of days. Let's start right away!

(Credits: Crate Paper Portrait Kit at AC Digitals, Grow With Love Letters February Template by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Co)

On Valentine's day I cooked and baked for the husband and we had a little mini celebration in the kitchen. It wasn't gourmet food by any means, but still, I don't cook all too often so it was special enough to be documented.

(Credits: American Crafts Amy Tangerine Sketchbook at AC Digitals)

We are crazy folk, the husband and I. Last year we wanted to end our very late summer holiday (like, september) with a crayfish party. Since everyone else had already had their time off, and were stuck at work, we decided to throw one for ourselves. Complete with singing and shots, we pulled the party off. It was a great success!

(Credits: American Crafts Dear Lizzy Spring, American Crafts Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic, Pebbles Walnut Grove at AC Digitals, Grow With Love Letters March Template by Sara Gleason at Pixels & CO, Fairytale Kit by Paislee Press at The Lilypad)

I just wanted to document little details of a good day last week. It all started with the spring-like top I dug out of my wardrobe (hence the picture of my clothes). A nice little positive topic that made me smile.

(Credits: Crate Paper Toybox, Crate Paper Storyteller, American Crafts Dear Lizzy 5th & Frolic all at AC Digitals, Grow With Love Letters Mach Template by Crystal Livesay at Pixels & Co)

My little nephew is the cutest thing; he talks up a storm and has so much positive energy beaming out of his eyes, and he is so funny with his comments, that I feel immense joy spending time with him. I knew I wanted to scrap these pictures the minute I saw the Toybox Kit. I think the two (photos and kit) were meant for eachother. :)