Friday, 5 April 2013

photography | insta baking

 photo ITM-Key-Lime-Pie-web.jpg
3 limes, 4 egg yolks, 1 can condensed milk, 10 digestive crackers, 50 grams butterbake bottom 175 degrees celcius for 10 minutes, bake cake 140 degrees celcius 25 minutesdecorate with lime zest and whipped cream

I decided to shoot my baking process of the key lime pie we had last week with my iPhone, just for fun. I think the telephone is easy and quick to use in the kitchen where there are lots of things going on at the same time, and a bunch of messes all over the place. The big girl camera tends to get in the way, especially for those actions shots. I find it difficult to focus and zoom with one hand while pouring or whisking or whatever with the other. With the phone, it's so much easier to get the action shots in.

While I don't consider myself cook book material, I do think it would be kind of neat to make a home made mini cook book of my own in this format. This would be especially fitting for the spring and summer food that tends to be easier to cook.

And as a side note; if you get a chance do try this recipe out. It's wicked good!


  1. Love that you, me, and my Em have the same model mixer. :)

    1. Oh, don't you just love it?

      I had wanted the brushed nickel one but it was sadly not to be as it was twice as expensive as all the other ones. So the grey one it had to be. Love it to bits. :)