Friday, 7 June 2013

p52 | summer beauty

I'm back in the world of the living again after a week of being sick and then a week of trying desperately to catch up at work and at home. It feels great to be back!

I want to kick off with a couple of P52 photos from the past four weeks.
Summer is here and it shows with the abundance of pretty flowers that are everywhere.

A walk along the beach one sunny morning. It was quiet and empty. The wind was blowing in my hair and I just felt so refreshed.
 photo P52_2013_20_logo.jpg

What is happier and brighter than the combination of blue skies and yellow rape fields. It takes my by surprise every year how beautiful it is.
 photo P52_2013_21_logo.jpg

Right after the rape fields have show their glory, it's time for the lilacs to get in the battle. Oh, the smell, oh the vibrance! I love late May/early June when they bloom. Oh, and can you believe this was shot with my iPhone?
 photo P52_2013_22_logo.jpg

I bought some flowers for a work function at the beginning of this week, and they are so gorgeous. Soft, delicate petals of pink beauty. How can you not love it?
 photo P52_2013_23_logo.jpg

I'm thinking that the next coming weeks will need to feature something other than plants, yeah? LOL!

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