Wednesday, 2 April 2014

laying it out | why I scrap and favourite topics

I think I have talked before about not being an event scrapper. So yeah, I do Project Life, but beyond that I scrap what is in my heart, and to get a creative outlet. That is why I scrapbook.

 I think that many years from now, when future generations of our families look at my scrapbooks (I hope they will), they will still know me from these pages. Not from what I did on a Thursday afternoon, but for what moved me, what I loved, and what I felt was worth capturing in our lives.

This layout is one about the husband and myself. I do know that I make lots of pages with us. I really don't care. I love us, and it inspires me. So that is what gets scrapped. 

 photo kbpco_140330_lindaroos_somekindofwonderful.jpg
(Supplies: Some Kind of Wonderful : The Kit by Kim B's Designs)

One thing that I really like to scrap is "right now" pages. It gives a good snapshot of my life at any given time and I really think it's a fun way to do a roundup of sorts of me and my life. I especially like to scrap about things that make me happy.

This one gets to show things that has made happy in March of 2014.

 photo pcostash_140401_lindaroos_thismakesmehappy.jpg
(Supplies: Limeade | solid papers, Sup? | the elements by Karla Dudley, Renewal | Alpha, Renewal | Paper Pieces, Renewal | Paintbrushes by Laura Passage, Honeycomb Stitches by Mommyish)

The creative outlet is important too. I need to make pretty things to be happy. Doing digi scrap is perfect because it makes no messes, and I can be as fussy about the details as I want to be; I don't have to worry about if I glued something on straight, or if my handwriting is good enough, or that I can't cut a straight line to save my life. Doing digi takes care of all those imperfections and still produces pretty results. I love that so much.

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