Wednesday, 21 May 2014

digi how to | simple white photo frame

I have had a few questions lately on how I create the white frames in my Project Life layouts, and I thought I would try to explain how easy it is to make these simple white frames. Really, don't ever buy a simple white frame! You can do it yourself in two minutes or less!

OK, so here is a Project Life layout just to remind us what the white frames look like.
 photo 84_bhpl_lindaroos_140505_r_web.jpg

Here's a screenshot of the layout zoomed in on my workspace in Photoshop. You can see the actual layout on the left and the layers palette on the right.
 photo ITM_layerspalate_screenshot_1.jpg

In the layers palette, you can see that I have created one layer that is the white frame. The white frame is created by drawing a rectangle with the rectangle tool, making sure that my chosen colour is white.

On top of the white frame layer there is another layer that is the mat for the photo itself. The mat is created in the same way as the frame, but slightly smaller than the frame rectangle.

On top of that is the actual photo that I have dragged into my file. The photo is "clipped" to the photo mat. You clip by hovering the mouse between the two layers so that you see a white square with a black arrow beside it and then holding down the Alt key while left clicking. Doing it this way instead of cutting the photo to size means I can play with cropping, size, and placement of the photo in a non destructive way. The size of the mat stays the same.
 photo ITM_layerspalate_screenshot_2.jpg

Here I have hidden the photo mat and photo to show what the white frame looks like.
 photo ITM_layerspalate_screenshot_3.jpg

And here I have hidden the frame to show what it would look like to just have the photo mat and the photo.
 photo ITM_layerspalate_screenshot_4.jpg

As you can see the drop shadow is applied to the frame layer since that is the one that is on the bottom of the three layers.

I have been digi scrapping since 2007, so these things are like second nature to me. If you have other questions I would be more than happy to answer them as best I can. Just give me a shout here or on Facebook.

However, if you want to become proficient in digi scrapping I highly reccomend taking a class or two. I have been a very happy customer of Jessica Sprague's most excellent classes. She has state of the art videos, she explains everything very well (and she is funny too), and the kits that come with the classes are lovely. Her classes will give you a good foundation to build on.

Be well everyone, and just give me a shout if you need further clarification!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! This was very helpful and so simple! I had no idea how to even create a drop shadow either but I can see from your share above that its in the "effects" so I'll be looking into that. Thank you again Linda!

    1. Thank you Mandy!

      I will post a little info on my drop shadows next week!

  2. Thank you so much Linda! And thank you for the mini go through on how you make your PL pages that you gave me in an earlier comment/post. I tried to find again, to thank you there. But now I will do it here. I'll look into the courses that Jessica gives.

    I have already taken som ourses that Cathy Zielskie gives through Big Picture classes and they are good and funny too. But I haven't learned how to make shadows there.So that's my next step. And another thing I would love to learn is how to make fo example different shapes, like your "banner shape" (the one with the stripes in your layout). And then my next step is to copy cat one of your pages (I'll show you when I have), just so that I get the idea and can make my own later. I must say: I love your layouts!

    1. Thank you Anne Marie!

      I will post a little info on my drop shadows next week for you guys, and I will try to explain the shapes as well. But really, Jessica Sprague will do that perfectly in her Up and Running class! :)

  3. Oh and I have another question (stakkars deg). And forgive me if this is a very silly question: How do you keep track of all the digital elements you have? How do you know what for instance digital papers you have or what digital elements you have? I find it hard to remeber what I have so that I can coordinate elelemnts from diferent kits etc...

    Am I making sense...? :-)

    1. Oh great question! I will touch on that as well next week!