Wednesday, 23 July 2014

bookmaker | london album

I finally got around to ordering my London album (from our trip in August last year). I finished the pages a couple of months back, I think, but didn't upload them to Blurb for some reason.

But today I did! I cannot wait to see it in real life!

OK, so here is where I had a link to my book on Blurb. But apparently they won't show the book unless I set it up for selling. I'm not so hot on that idea, as I think and hope you will understand.

If you have forgotten what the pages look like, please do feel free to go back and check my many posts on the topic!

Sorry folks! I think I found one thing I would rather Blurb to improve on here!



  1. Har du tagit bort den? :-( Det kommer upp följande meddelande: "The book you're looking for can't be found. It may have been deleted or removed from public view."

    1. Nej, det funkade bara inte som jag hade tänkt mig med länkning. Bara jag kunde se den om jag inte ändrar inställningar så att andra också kan köpa den. :)