Wednesday, 6 August 2014

bookmaker | london album photographed

 photo ITM_londonalbum_1.jpg

With the failure a while back to post a link to my Blurb book of the London album I created, I had a request to come back with some pictures of the book once it arrived, and with my thoughts on the quality.

First off, with the software that Blub provides; the Book Smart Program, it is very easy to put the book together. The software is downloaded to your computer and you choose the pages and so on without having to be online. Once you are finished you upload to the Blurb website and are taken directly to the ordering page. Very convenient. It did take a while for the upload to process as I had full bleed 12x12 pages.

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Blurb offers two different speed delivery options at different rates. I chose the cheaper one and was given an estimated delivery date about a week and a half from ordering. The book was delivered to my house via FedEx three days before the estimate. I think Blurb added a European print site to their American one a while back, so that is probably the reason for the speedy delivery to Sweden. I was very happy.

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I chose a hardcover book with image wrap (I really don't like dust jackets) with the premium lustre paper. The quality of the paper is really nice. It's very thick and I've had a few comments on that from people I've shown the book to. They have all thought two pages were stuck together. I really like it.

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The print quality is far better than what I have seen with other album printers (of which Shutterfly is the only American one). The colours match those on my computer very well. The saturation is very good (one point where Shutterfly often failed in my opinion). Blacks are mostly really nice. There are some images that could have been better but I couldn't say that this isn't an error on my part in my editing.

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All in all I am very happy with this album, and wouldn't recommend anyone to go anywhere else for printing their albums. This was my third album ordered from Blurb and they have all been equally nice.

 photo ITM_londonalbum_6.jpg

 photo ITM_londonalbum_7.jpg

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  1. It is lovely! I have not had as great of an experience with Blurb. I've done two small square books (7x7), and both have the same issues. The page margins are a bit inconsistent (text that was supposed to be centered, is actually off-center). The colors are OK, but I can see horizontal lines in the photos like you would get with a desktop inkjet printer. Overall, I've been happy with them, but they pale in comparison to my other photo books from Shutterfly and Adorama Pix. I think maybe Blurb's printers are not consistent, or that some (in different locations) are better than others. I'm glad yours turned out great!

    1. I'm sorry that you have had a bad experience with them, Jenny! I do remember reading that they don't cut equally off the sides of each LO. For my first book I changed all my pages according to specs on their website (it was some odd number, can't remember right now). So that might have been why you experienced things being off center.

      What I'm thinking is that you're always taking a chance when you send out to print. Very few companys have perfect printing.

  2. old pictures full with the history feelings. lol