Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Project 52 and more

I don't want to fall a little too far behind with posting my project 52 photos. I do keep up with taking photos but have been a little lax about posting.

#33, 2009
I took this portrait of the husband's nephew at a crayfish party at my mum's house. He was eating ice cream and it was giving him brain freeze, lol. Still his eyes are so fantastic.

#34, 2009
It was really hard for me to narrow down which photo to use for last week's P52. I took a lot of photos in Copenhagen that I really liked. But this one has something that I can't really put my finger on. Soul, I think. I took it in the round tower where you can walk on the cobble stones all the way to the top. It is said that the king that had it built used to ride on horse to the top. Quite cool.

I thought I should share some other photos from our day in Copenhagen.
The little mermaid

Changing of the guards at the queen's castle

Marble church by the castle


Inside Our lady cathedral

The restaurants at Nyhavn

Oh, and one thing that I have totally forgot is to share my birthday present from my dearest

Isn't he the most wonderful person ever? I've had to learn how to compose with a prime lens, it's so different from a zoom lens! And also, some photos seem to come out a little too blurry. I think it's the combination of aperture, ISO, and shutter speed needing to be a little different than with my other lens? Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it just me, lol? But in any case, I am so happy. The week 33 photo above was taken with the new lens.

Next post, two new layouts. See ya!

Monday, 3 November 2008

A weekend shot

On our way out to a photo shoot this weekend I snapped this one real quick and it turned out to be my favourite of them all. Funny how it can be sometimes.

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Hand made camera bag

For the longest time I have been looking for a camera bag that doesn't look like a camera bag. I have an aversion to the black and grey and oh so boring standard cameras that just scream "come and steal my camera". I wanted something that looked like a regular bag. Something pretty but functional.

Not being able to find anything I liked without having to pay a leg and an arm I complained to a co worker of mine a few weeks ago. She mentioned that perhaps I should consider a smaller bag that I could put inside my regular bags and hence get the protection the camera needs as well as nice looking bag.

Of course this would mean that I would have to make it myself. And though I love crafts, sewing is something I am really really bad at. What to do? Ask a friend! :D I have the most awesome friend called Anneli who agreed to help me out. She is a woman who can do everything. And I really mean it. From beautiful greeting cards, to yummy cakes, to gowns, to [insert anything here]. So I got the fabric and the padding and gave her a sketch of what I had in mind and this is what she came up with:




Is it not beautiful? It fits beautifully inside several of my hand bags and the Nikon fits snugly and comfortably inside. I am so happy with it and so greatful to my dear friend Anneli.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Photo challenge and a thank you

Every week there is a new challenge over at the Jessica Sprague forum hosted by the fabulous miss Liv Esteban. This week is a photo challenge where the layout has to feature warm colour photos. With real life actually going on as well I am feeling hard pressed to produce a layout at the moment. But I do have the perfect photo for this challenge so I thought I would post it here until I can sit down and make a layout with it.


Before I go I want to thank you all for the sweet comments here and on 4shared over the last couple of days. It has made my day to come home from a long day at work and read your little notes. Thank you so much! More templates will be coming soon!

Saturday, 7 June 2008

POTD 16-31

Yikes! Be prepared for a long post. I've been gone for a while and have a lot of catching up to do. Fasten your seatbelts because here we go!

May 16
On my way from work to the train station to pick up my tickets for a trip I passed a park where there is an old windmill and took the opportunity to snap a few pics.

May 17
The balcony where this bench is placed was sealed off because the stone is disintegrating and it's dangerous to step out on it. So I had to push the camera through the fence to even get a glimpse of it. It's moments like this that make me wish I could walk around with both the Nikon and the Olympus in my bag since the latter one has live view. That would make the shoot itself slightly easier, lol.

May 18
One of the beaches in our town. When I uploaded the picture it reminded me of something from a 20s/30s romantic movie so I thought the "Super Fun Happy" action from Totally Rad was fitting.

May 19
Taken at the train station at 6.30 am while I waited for my train to come in. Not the most exciting photo, but with a long day spent in a meeting and on the train to and from said meeting, and then getting really bad news, this will have to do.

May 20
Sea bed rocks from my garden.

May 21
Taken on my way to the dentist that morning. Pretty happy about the bokeh but I so wish I had a macro lens.

May 22
Two dogs that were tied to a lamp post outside a kindergarten. I don't know them but I thought they were so cute together. They were totally hamming it up for me when I brought the camera out.

May 23
Pretty uninspired that day. Couldn't find anything I felt like photographing. In the end I turned my camera up. Oh well.

May 24
A light fixure in a restaurant where I had lunch. Thought it looked like a planet in the solar system.

May 25
My nephew being hoisted into a tree by my husband to bring down a ball that was stuck in the foliage. He was extatic.

May 26
Not taken on the right day. My first cheat all month. I didn't take any photos at all that day so this one from a few days before will have to do. It's my sister and her boyfriend.

May 27
Beautiful shiny wallpaper at a restaurant.

May 28
This is part of our hedge that we planted a while ago. They were just beginning to bud then and now they are all green. Love that we can finally keep things alive.

May 29
Not the greatest photo. Played around with it a lot to make it seem less boring. Don't know that I succeeded. It's a part of our herb garden, which actually isn't as much of a garden as pot filled with different herbs, lol.

May 30
Ah, last photo of the month save one! This is the Turning Torso, which was designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava. I think it's an amazing building but would not want to live at the top, lol.

May 31
Two people who are very dear to me. The woman who brought me to life, and the man who gave my life meaning. This isn't a well taken photo, with all the burn out in the background. But I think of all the photos I've taken for this callenge this is the one that brings out the most emotion in me. Funny how that is.

Thursday, 15 May 2008


Had a great day, once work was over with, with my husband today. We had ice cream at the beach, watched the ocean and international football superstar Zlatan Ibrahimovich's house, toured the newest area of our town, and had a photography adventure on a deserted industrial lot where a building is falling apart. It was fun. We decided we need to do things like this more often.

I shot this photo right when we were leaving. The sign with the number stood out to me and I fell for it right away.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

POTD 13 & 14

Here we go again ... getting the hang of it by now, right? :)

May 13
The lilacs are in full bloom and have been for almost two weeks now. I am so baffled because I'm pretty sure they usually bloom around the time the schools end in the beginning of June. But they are very pretty.

May 14
Literally the only photo I shot today. It was taken in the supermarket in the fruits and veggies section. The lighting was horrible which gave for a terrible original photo. So this isn't exactly my best photo ever, but it will have to do.

Monday, 12 May 2008

POTD 10-12

Lots of photos in this post. :)

May 10
I had two photos as the photo of the day. I played tourist in my hometown after going paper shopping. The old part of town has great architecture so the photos for this day is a set of one of the buildings.


May 11
We attended my god daughter's 3rd birthday party on Sunday. She tried on one of our presents and loved it! I played around with layers and came up with two variations to the original. I'd love to hear what you think about them.



May 12
On my way back to the office from a meeting I passed a cemetary. One of the graves was decorated with lots of colourful flowers and there was a little bench at the edge. Despite being such a sad place that little area was filled with so much love. The lighting conditions were not ideal; it was noon and the sun was very harsh so there is a lot of burn out. But when I look at this photo I just see the love.

Saturday, 10 May 2008


Anyone who knows me can attest to my life long love of ice cream. As a small child I would eat so much ice cream that my stomach would get so cold that I had to spend hours in the bathroom. LOL, I have learnt to restrain myself now but I still love it.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

POTD 5-8

I have been on a three day business trip, so the opportunity to take lots of fancy photos was a bit limited. I did keep up with the challenge though. Quite chuffed with that.

May 5
Detail of a tractor in the building site next to our neighbourhood.

May 6
Taken from the flight on the first day of my business trip. The weather was beautiful and I could not resist to snap a few photos through the window.

May 7
On our way back to the hotel after dinner last night my coworker needed a coffee fix. I only got a few shots of the place.

May 8
I took this literally as I walked through the front door as I came home from my business trip. I thought it was my last chance for a photo today.

Sunday, 4 May 2008

POTD 3 and 4

Here we go with the Photos for May 3 and 4. The first one is of my adorable godson. He is just 11 years old but is already a heartbreaker. Those eyes melt my heart.

This second one is of me wearing my Converse All Stars. I love these. They are comfortable and cool and make me remember the days when I was young and all I got to wear was knock offs, lol.

I am still working on those freebies. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Photo a Day for May

So I jumped for the chance to participate in a challenge to take one photo every day in May. I have tried it before without success but I was never one to give up on a lost cause before so I thought I'd give it another chance. So far so good, lol, as I have two out of two. Score!

I will be posting the photos here throughout the month. Let's start with #1 and 2 right now.

May 1st
Taken from my mother's balcony. It is a lovely cherry tree. The blossoms completely cover the branches.

May 2nd
Taken on my way home from work. I am so surprised that the rapefields are in full bloom already. I thought that was supposed to happen in June? But it is a striking sight.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Something off the charts cool to learn

After getting the Nikon D80 our old Olympus E-10 has not been used one single time. I feel a little sad about letting it collect dust for the rest of all eternity since it's still a decent (allthough not fabulous anymore) camera. Today I remembered something I have been wanting to learn for the longest time and was so happy to see that the Olympus will do a much better job than our new bells and whistles camera.

You see I have had this link about IR photography stored in my favourites for years now. I love the look and the thought of me shooting beautiful art like that gets me all excited.

I think I will spend some time doing some more research on this and see if I can find some filters for dirt cheap so that I can start playing around some.

Sunday, 6 January 2008

How to brighten a dreary winter Sunday

How to: Put on your long Johns, grab the camera and go. I shot these photos today on a little outing my husband and I went on. I'm still learning how to manage this new camera but I think they came out half decent.