Thursday, 1 January 2009

POTD - December 29-31

So here we are, the last installment of the December POTD series. I feel pretty accomplished because I was able to take a picture almost every day (with only two misses) despite illnesses, travels, holidays, and a busy, busy month at work.

2008-12-29, Monday
Johan made saffron semi freddo for our dinner party on the 23rd. We had two portions too many and forgot about them in the freezer. We took them out on Monday. Of course, by then they were way past semi and pretty much just freddo, lol. But they still tasted good. Well, the first three spoonfulls. Then all the cream got to me and I started to feel a little sick. I got a photo out of it though.

2008-12-30, Tuesday
I got a package from my dear friend Karri with some pretty awesome Christmas (and belated birthday) presents. In the package there were, amongst other things, two place card holders that had the most beautiful snowflakes at the base. This is one of them.

2008-12-31, Wednesday
The last day of the year was a flurry of activity in order to get ready for the big birthday party we were going to in the evening. So I only had time to sneak in a photo of the flower I have in my bathroom.

And that, my friends, concludes the POTD challenge for this time. I will without a doubt do this again, but now I need a break from "musts".

I am wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2009!

Monday, 29 December 2008

POTD - December 26-28

2008-12-26, Friday
A lovely chilled bottle of Prosecco

2008-12-27, Saturday
Part of the decorations of the table set for a dinner party for my family

2008-12-28, Sunday
I bought a brooch to wear at a NYE party. I think it's very pretty.

Saturday, 27 December 2008

POTD - December 17 to 25

Oups! I fell behind a little with posting my POTDs. I have been good and taken photos like planned but with everything going on with Christmas it has just fallen down on my to do list. :) But here we go!

2008-12-17, Wednesday
I was working on wrapping our Christmas gifts and I really loved the colours of the ribbons all jumbled up on the table.

2008-12-18, Thursday
We were planning on what to serve a few days later when my dad, his wife, and my brother were invited to dinner. We had a bunch of cook books out and I was lazy that day and snapped a pic of them.

2008-12-19, Friday
This was the first day I cheated all month. I was so tired from a bad cold that day and just couldn't bring myself to do anything. So this photo was actually taken on Saturday. My mum and I made some Christmas sweets. This is a marzipan pig dipped in chocolate. My favourite thing to make around Christmas, lol.

2008-12-20, Saturday
Also from our treat session. We made ginger bread and it all went very well until I was to decorate them. I accidentally cut off too much of the bag and the icing just spilled out. So they didn't turn out as pretty as I would have wanted. They still tasted good though.

2008-12-21, Sunday
My dad's wife made these little Santa girls for me last year.

2008-12-21, 4 Advent
Another ornament in our tree.

2008-12-22, Monday
A small Santa decoration at my mum's place. I think it's cute and unusual.

2008-12-23, Tuesday
We had my dad, his wife, and my brother over for dinner (such a yummy one too) and here's the table all set and ready for some action. I will, by the way, make a separate post about some festive table scapes on Sunday.

2008-12-24, Wednesday
Christmas Eve! This is my sister and her new fiancé. They got engaged on Christmas Eve. Naturally they had to be the focus of my photographic attention. I just love how beautiful they are together.

2008-12-25, Thursday
After dragging my feet all day I took out the camera very late and took some pictures of the tree when the room was all dark. I love the twinkle the lights get in the dark.

Whew, that was it. Just a couple more days to go this month!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

POTD - December 15 and 16

2008-12-15, Monday
Part of a snowflake ornament that we have hanging in one of our living room windows.

2008-12-16, Tuesday
Proof that I'm not completely behind on my Christmas shopping (only half way done though). Presents under the tree.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

POTD - December 12-14 and 3 Advent

I've been a little lax with posting the last few days. So here they are

2008-12-12, Friday
There are some quite different and fun Christmas decorations in town. I liked the glowing presents against the sky.

2008-12-13, Saturday
I made cinnamon cupcakes yesterday morning after watching Lucia on telly. My mother in law called right when I was going to take the photo so the cream melted a little and so it's not as great looking as it was intended to be. I did eat the cupcake but I scraped off the cream first.

2008-12-14, Sunday
We have a strand of lights where each individual light is covered my delicate white feathers. They glow beautifully and I did some experiments photographing it. This one isn't too out there but I like the white feather against the black.

2008-12-14, Sunday 3 Advent
I love snowflakes (so much so that I have one tattooed on my back) and they are the staple of my Christmas decorations. This glass one and a whole bunch of its friends hangs in the tree.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

POTD - December 11

2008-12-11, Thursday
I started working on this card three weeks ago. I didn't get round to finishing it. I picked it up today and looked at it. Decided I hate it and will let it stay unfinished. Still, I took a photo of it because I thought it would be interesting to have photos of not only success but also reality, lol.

Our Italy album from Shutterfly arrived yesterday. Overall I am very happy with the result. Some of the B/W photos are too dark and some of the colour ones are too saturated. But otherwise it is perfect. I am so happy I stuck with the uniform design because it really brings the book together.

I brought the book to work to show some coworkers and I got so much positive feedback, a few questions if I could make one for them with their photos. One person told me to quit my day job, lol.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

POTD - December 8-10

Got back from a business trip and feeling like I am barely alive. It has been a trying couple of days so I am posting and running.

2008-12-08, Monday
Part of my nephew's Curious George collection.

2008-12-09, Tuesday
The business trip was in the north of Sweden and the views were just spectacular. It was cold as hell though.

2008-12-10, Wednesday
Not very creative but it was all I could muster. We all get to have bad days, right?

In other news, I still haven't done any Christmas cards. I fear it won't happen.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

POTD - December 6 and 7 (+ 2 Advent)

2008-12-06, Saturday
A poor little freezing bird was my subject

2008-12-07, Sunday
Some ornaments in our tree

2008-12-07, 2 Advent
A welcome sign that I put in a pot by our front door

Friday, 5 December 2008

POTD - December 4 and 5

2008-12-04, Thursday
Yesterday I passed an old carousel in town and the lights were so pretty against the dark blue sky.

2008-12-05, Friday
Today has been a migraine day so the least thing I wanted, or could, do was to go out on a photographic adventure. So today's picture is a quick snapshot of our newly set up tree.

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

POTD - December 2 and 3

OK, so time seems to slip away from me much faster than I would have wanted. So all I have to offer today is POTD photos.

2008-12-02, Tuesday
I had two layouts featured in the Dec/Jan issue of Digital Scrapbook Magazine. Yay! It arrived at my doorstep, thanks to Jeanne, yesterday and of course I had to take a few photos, lol (btw, I'll make a separate post about that over the weekend). If it's too small to see, take my word for it, that's my name in red under the title of the layout. :D

2008-12-03, Wednesday
Today has been very stressful and I didn't get a chance to break out the camera until tonight. Not the most inventive shot, but there you go.

In other news I've had my papers and stuff out for three weeks now and still only managed to produce three Christmas cards. Isn't that pathetic? It's starting to become somewhat of an issue since the ones that are going out of the country have to be sent like ... now and the rest by the end of next week. Oh if there were more hours in the day!

Monday, 1 December 2008

December Photo of the Day starts today!

Ok, so I cheated and started yesterday, hehe. I had to have a photo for 1 Advent. I think I will do two photos on Sundays to get a special Advent mini album. Could be fun I think.

So here we go!
2008-11-30 Sunday, 1 Advent
Part of the wreath that I hung right next to our front door. The R is for our surname. The wreath also has a snowflake ornament and a snowflake ribbon.

2008-12-01 Monday
I took a short walk in the park right next to my work on my lunch (half)hour. It was cold and gloomy and it mirrored exactly how I was feeling.

Monday, 24 November 2008

December Photo of the Day

I did the "Photo of the Day" challenge in May where I took (at least) one photo every day and posted it on my blog. I really liked doing that; it challenged me to look at things differently and work to improve my photography. I am thinking that maybe I should do it again throughout December. The holiday month is always full of activity and photo ops so it should be the ideal month to break out the camera every day.

Anyone want to join me? For those doing Ali Edwards' "Daily December" this would would be a great help I think.

Saturday, 7 June 2008

POTD 16-31

Yikes! Be prepared for a long post. I've been gone for a while and have a lot of catching up to do. Fasten your seatbelts because here we go!

May 16
On my way from work to the train station to pick up my tickets for a trip I passed a park where there is an old windmill and took the opportunity to snap a few pics.

May 17
The balcony where this bench is placed was sealed off because the stone is disintegrating and it's dangerous to step out on it. So I had to push the camera through the fence to even get a glimpse of it. It's moments like this that make me wish I could walk around with both the Nikon and the Olympus in my bag since the latter one has live view. That would make the shoot itself slightly easier, lol.

May 18
One of the beaches in our town. When I uploaded the picture it reminded me of something from a 20s/30s romantic movie so I thought the "Super Fun Happy" action from Totally Rad was fitting.

May 19
Taken at the train station at 6.30 am while I waited for my train to come in. Not the most exciting photo, but with a long day spent in a meeting and on the train to and from said meeting, and then getting really bad news, this will have to do.

May 20
Sea bed rocks from my garden.

May 21
Taken on my way to the dentist that morning. Pretty happy about the bokeh but I so wish I had a macro lens.

May 22
Two dogs that were tied to a lamp post outside a kindergarten. I don't know them but I thought they were so cute together. They were totally hamming it up for me when I brought the camera out.

May 23
Pretty uninspired that day. Couldn't find anything I felt like photographing. In the end I turned my camera up. Oh well.

May 24
A light fixure in a restaurant where I had lunch. Thought it looked like a planet in the solar system.

May 25
My nephew being hoisted into a tree by my husband to bring down a ball that was stuck in the foliage. He was extatic.

May 26
Not taken on the right day. My first cheat all month. I didn't take any photos at all that day so this one from a few days before will have to do. It's my sister and her boyfriend.

May 27
Beautiful shiny wallpaper at a restaurant.

May 28
This is part of our hedge that we planted a while ago. They were just beginning to bud then and now they are all green. Love that we can finally keep things alive.

May 29
Not the greatest photo. Played around with it a lot to make it seem less boring. Don't know that I succeeded. It's a part of our herb garden, which actually isn't as much of a garden as pot filled with different herbs, lol.

May 30
Ah, last photo of the month save one! This is the Turning Torso, which was designed by world famous architect Santiago Calatrava. I think it's an amazing building but would not want to live at the top, lol.

May 31
Two people who are very dear to me. The woman who brought me to life, and the man who gave my life meaning. This isn't a well taken photo, with all the burn out in the background. But I think of all the photos I've taken for this callenge this is the one that brings out the most emotion in me. Funny how that is.