Tuesday, 23 September 2014

laying it out | not ready

Autumn is definitely here. I'm not ready. Not at all. The past two weeks have been pretty good considering, with sun and warm weather, but yesterday was the definite turn. I'm pretty sure we will be seeing the typical south Sweden autumn days with rain coming sideways, wind that goes straight through you, and bone chilling damp. So no, I'm not ready one little bit. I had to make a layout about it.

 photo sgdpco_140910_lindaroos_fallingleaves.jpg
(Supplies: This Year 2014 Fall Kit by Scotty Girl Design, Clean and Simple n21 by Sabrina's Creations)

Friday, 8 August 2014

laying it out | all new

Happy Friday!
I wanted to share two brand new layouts I just created!

On my birthday last week we spent the day in Copenhagen together, and got this selfie while we were resting tired feet in a bar. I am so in love with it. I love his hand on my hair, his face touching my head, the tenderness that the photo conveys. I had to scrap it, really.
 photo kdpco_140808_lindaroos_seriously.jpg
(Supplies: Psych by Karla Dudley)

The husband also took the big one in this layout, and I love it equally much.
 photo kdpco_140808_lindaroos_inmyhappyplace.jpg
(Supplies: Psych Kit, Hush Brushes by Karla Dudley, Take The Metro Papers by Sugarplum Paperie, Quick Scraps Vol 04 by Anita Designs)

Rehashing the whole "woe is me, I can't eat ice cream" thing again with this layout.
 photo sgdpco_140808_lindaroos_cool.jpg
(Supplies: Summer Pop Shoppe by Scotty Girl Design, Travel Adventure Templates by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients)

All these supplies are available at Pixels & Company today!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

laying it out | in summer mode

I'm in full summer mode at the moment. Of course, as I am typing this the rain is pouring down outside. Now that is typically Swedish summer for you! But we have had some great days lately and I am looking forward to more. This has found me in the mood to scrap all summer layouts!

So for as long as I can remember I have hated the beach and the water.
One, I am very afraid of water (which is due to an incident when I was a kid) and will only swim if I know I can put my feet down and touch the ground. I will never, ever put my head under water.
Two, I get sunburned very easily, and also got melanoma 10 years ago, so I don't want to be half naked in the sun.
Three, I have hated the way my body looks since I was in my early teens, so I don't want to be half naked period.
This means I very rarely join in the fun when swimming is on the agenda.

I have been contemplating the situation for a while and have decided that I need to change this. I don't want to miss out because I have issues with cellulite and saddle bags. I don't want to feel bad about myself. I don't want to put focus on the less than stellar parts of my body. I don't want the kids around me to remember me as the bore who never played along, and I certainly don't want to set a bad example regarding body image. So I made this layout. And I bought myself a bikini and hit the pool.

 photo mompco_140706_lindaroos_livealittle.jpg
(Supplies: Best Summer Ever - At The Beach, Best Summer Ever Full Kit by Mommyish, A Story Captured Vol 7 by Anita Designs)

And even though there are no pictures of me in the pool, let's not go too far right away, this happened that night. The boys are such water animals, and they spent most of the afternoon and night splashing around.
 photo sgdpco_140713_lindaroos_splash.jpg
(Supplies: DiSTRESSed Patterns 3 by Scotty Girl Designs, Seaside Serenity by Anita Designs, Summerific Elements by Creashens, Jack Elements by Laura Passage and Mommyish, Tweedy by Mommyish, Bermuda Triangle (alpha) by Gennifer Bursett)

I recently became lactose intolerant, which means that it's hard for me to find good ice cream out and about. This is a bit of a sad thing for me as I absolutely love ice cream. Especially the soft and fluffy kind you get in Italy. We did get an ice cream maker so that I can make my own, so I think I'm going to live. This photo is about a moment in the summer of 2013 when we visited with my sister and her boyfriend in Milano.
 photo ddpco_140714_lindaroos_gelato.jpg
(Supplies: Ice Cream card template set by Kelleigh Ratzlaff, Confectionary Papers, My Tribe by Gennifer Bursett, Essential Styles, Best Summer Ever At The Beach by Mommyish, Watercolor Overlays by Celeste Knight)

I have never been good at lounging around, doing nothing. It literally crawls under my skin when I have nothing to do, even if it's just perusing Pinterest. But it's a thing that I need to work on, and what better way than working on it on a sunny day under an unbrella in the garden?
 photo bhpl_140713_lindaroos_reallife.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Kiwi, Becky Higgins Project Life Coral, Hello Love by Karla Dudley, Some Flairs Vol 8 by Anita Designs, Best Summer Ever At The Beach by Mommyish)

Friday, 30 May 2014

hybrid hotness | recipe cards

 photo sgdpco_140530_lindaroos_recipecards.jpg

A while back I stumbled across a 6x8 Snap album by Simple Stories, and even though I am strictly a digi girl when it comes to my Project Life, I felt like I had to have it. So I got it, and then it sat empty on a shelf for a couple of months. I had no idea what to do with it.

But then I happened to see the super cute and very practical Recipe Maven recipe cards templates by Scotty Girl Design. The album would be ideal to keep all the recipes that we have come to love but that I only have pinned on Pinterest, and with that are becoming increasingly difficult to find as I grow my pinboards (and that seems to happen quickly).

 photo ITM_recipe_1.jpg

The templates come in several shapes, that fit perfectly with the page protectors. Since I got the Snap album in teal, I felt that I wanted a neutral compliment in the recipe cards, so I modified the templates to fit my vision.

 photo ITM_recipe_2.jpg

 photo ITM_recipe_3.jpg

I am very happy with the look, and the fact that the plastic page protectors are perfect in the kitchen when messy fingers want to get hands on.

Now I just need to remember to actually take photos of the food when we cook it!

Friday, 2 May 2014

laying it out | insd celebration challenges

You guys, you have to come over and play along in the games and challenges in the forum at Pixels and Co.

I have taken two so far, and I kind of love the results!
The first challenge I took was the "What colour are you?" challenge hosted by Janell Nugent. By answering a few questions on an online questionare, you get a colour and the challenge is to scrap a page using just that colour. I got aqua!

 photo pco_140501_lindaroos_letsgetlosttogether.jpg
(Supplies: Bermuda Triangle iNSD bloghop freebie by Pixels and Co Designers, Simply Adore You by Gennifer Bursett, Limeade Spiked Solids by Karla Dudley, Neutral Stock Papers by Audacious Designs)

The second challenge I took was the "Challenge me this" challenge hosted by Gennifer Bursett. The person who posts after you in the thread gets to give you the challenge. I was challenged by Maribel to scrap a layout with a bold pattern background.
 photo pco_140502_lindaroos_bold.jpg
(Supplies: Far And Away Elements Pack, Julep Paper Pack, Anchored Elements Pack by Gennifer Bursett, A Lifetime Elements by Karla Dudley, This Year 2014 Chevron Papers by Scotty Girl Designs, Kate & Co Collab, Dream Newsletter Freebie Collab, Bermuda Triangle iNSD Bloghop Collab by Pixels and Co Designers)

Fun, isn't it? Come on over and join in, why don't you?

Friday, 14 February 2014

laying it out | of love fests and the drag of everyday

You know I'm a sucker for the husband. You know, as I said just the other day, that I love to create pages about him. And on a day like Valentine's Day I choose to continue with the sappy love. This is us. With a lot of glasses.

 photo wwcpco_140203_lindaroos_mwah.jpg
(Supplies: Aflutter | Kit by Laura Passage, You Charmer | Templates, Digi Basics | Neutral Smears by Mye De Leon)

But then there is the drag of the everyday. The days when I'm left alone to entertain myself. As you can see in the pictures, I'm not all that good at entertaining myself - I've got a frown on all of them! But I figure it's a good idea to hash it all out and hope to do some healing through the scrapbooking.

 photo sgdpco_140211_lindaroos_dayafterday.jpg
(Supplies: Mosaic Templates, Summer Bliss Cardstock, Distressed Patterns by Scotty Girl Designs, Day After Day | Elements by Sabrina's Creations, This & That - Patterns, This & That - Elements, Be Thankful | Mini Kit, Snippets - Real Life by Robyn Meierotto, Digi Basics | Neutral Smears, Torn and Stitched by Mye De Leon, Type Cast Alphas by Mommyish, Julep | Elements by Gennifer Bursett)

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 24 January 2014

laying it out | reading list

I'm trying to get into reading again. I had to take a break this autumn and winter because my brain simply didn't function properly and it was impossible for me to focus on anything for more than three minutes at a time. But now that I am doing better, it's time to crach those books open again!

So I made a small reading list for myself, about books that I want to read (and have wanted to read for quite some time).

 photo adpco_140124_lindaroos_readinglist.jpg
(Supplies: Story time by Anita Designs, Challenge Me - Vol 4 | Template by Dawn by Design, This Year 2014 Journal Cards by Scotty Girl Design)

I started off by getting a book that isn't on the list, ha! It is by Jillian Flynn, though so that might be considered ok.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, 3 January 2014

laying it out | using older photos

So here's the thing: my life isn't always very eventful. I don't always have lots of new photos and topics to scrap about. What I do have is several photos from specific events and occasions that I never got to use (you know when you have hundreds of photos from one day and it's impossible to scrap them all when you first document the occasion). I also have photos that I want to use again and again simply because I feel like I want to document the occasion again from a different perspective, or because the photo just fits a feeling I want to convey.

So with that, I want to plug using older photos on new layouts. I want to do it by showing you these layouts.

Photos from January 2013, which I first used in this layout
 photo stspco_130102_lindaroos_thisfamily.jpg
(Supplies: Pocket Journal Card Templates | Originals by Simply Tiffany Studios, Forever And A Day | Templates by Sabrina's Creations, Be Thankful | Mini Kit, Snippets - Real Life by Robyn Meierotto, Anchored | Elements by Gennifer Bursett, Torn and Stitched by Mye De Leon)

Photos from July 2013, which I first used on this layout
 photo pco_140102_lindaroos_importantdetails.jpg
(Supplies: Curiosity Collab by Pixels and Co designers, Life Cards by Karla Dudley)

I have used all of these photos before but I really like them, and I really like to remember the moments where they were taken, so I am not going to let the fact that they have already been used stop me.

I also feel like the new layouts are completely different in both feel and look. I think going back to older photos can be a good thing. I really like the soft colours and the modern, graphic patterns that I have used on these layouts and I think that compliments the photos so well.

As you can see, I have chosen to not journal on these new layouts. This time I wanted to focus on the feeling that these photos give me and just keep it simple. That can work very well especially since they have already been scrapped before.

And just for the heck of it, here is a new layout with new photos!
 photo dbdpco_140101_lindaroos_capture.jpg
(Supplies: This Year 2014 Brushes by Scotty Girl Design, Saccharine | Patterns by Dawn by Design, Expert | the page template by Karla Dudley, Under the mistletoe {elements} by Designs by Anita, Elemental: Frames V.1 by Gennifer Bursett)

Monday, 2 December 2013

laying it out | hello december

December is here! Autumn has really gone by very fast this year, I think. I am mostly thankful that the weather has been quite ok for the most part, and that snow still hasn't made an apprearance here.

But with December making an entrance, Christmas is everywhere - decorations, shopping, and scrapbooking products. Of course, being a lover of Christmas, I revel in the abundance. So, with that, please allow me to share a few layouts.

 photo sgdpco_131118_lindaroos_happyholidays.jpg
(Supplies: Be Merry Kit by Scotty Girl Designs, Paper Stacks (Volume 1) | Templates by Laura Passage)

 photo sgdpco_131121_lindaroos_deckthehalls.jpg
(Supplies: Be Merry Kit by Scotty Girl Designs, This week templates, Hello Winter by Anita Designs)

 photo ckpco_131202_lindaroos_1aadvent.jpg
(Supplies: Cozy Little Christmas, Cozy Little Christmas Tags by Celeste Knight, Jack | the template album by Karla Dudley, Be Merry Papers by Scotty Girl Designs)

 photo kdpco_131202_lindaroos_jackfrost.jpg
(Supplies: Jack | the template album, Jack | the papers, A Lifetime | the elements by Karla Dudley, Hello winter by Anita Designs)

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

laying it out | of love and character

I am a luck girl in so many ways. Mostly because I am married to the most amazing husband in the history of ever. He takes care of me when I'm down, and when I'm not feeling well. He treats me so well and loves me so much. I don't know who I would be or what I would do without him.

 photo kdpco_131101_lindaroos_foreverandalways-1.jpg
(Supplies: A Lifetime Kit by Karla Dudley, Piccadilly template by Crystal Livesay)

 photo bhpl_131111_lindaroos_thisisus.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Coral Kit, Anchored Kit by Gennifer Bursett)

Working on my London album made me want to do a page with some of the photos, that aren't necessarily tied to eachother more than in colour and character. I like that there is so much more than just steel and concrete in London, so much personality and history. I wanted to capture that in one layout.

 photo anpco_131111_lindaroos_streetsoflondon.jpg
(Supplies: Roughdraft No. 3, Currently: Papers, Neutral Stock: Papers by Audacious Designs, Anchored | Full Kit, Love You Kit by Gennifer Bursett, Walt's Park Elements By Scotty Girl Designs)

Monday, 16 September 2013

project life | week of september 9

Last week was a hard one for me. I put in overtime, spent three days away for work, and had multiple migraines. The weekend went by way too fast, and I generally felt like a zombie at the end of the week. Still, I made an effort to document it as best I could.

 photo 13bhpl_lindaroos_130909_1_web.jpg

 photo 14bhpl_lindaroos_130909_r_web.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Heritage, Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight, Becky Higgins Project Life Seafoam, Life365 buttons by Karla Dudley, In Stitches Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto, Hombody by Shannon McNab)

On the right side page I documented a few things that I like at the moment; from little things like songs I sing along to, to my favourite series, to my husband's gift to me on my birthday. Of course he made it on the list as well! I thought it would be nice to look back on not only what I was doing each week this year, but also what I enjoyed.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

project life | first week of the last year as a 30-something

And here I am; entering my last year as a 30-someting. I am a bit torn on the whole thing. I don't mind time moving on, but I admit to feeling a bit unsure about approaching 40. To me it feels like it brings with it a whole lot of expectation. To have arrived. To be where I'm supposed to be in life. To feel like I am secure in myself. I'm a not sure I am quite there yet, and it stresses me out a little. Granted, I get stressed out by a great deal of things.

But I am determined to make this last year of my 30s a great one with lots of good experiences and challenges. We have already started last year with the 40 before forty project,  of course and that will keep my plenty busy. But I have also decided to try and document my year in the shape of Project Life album. I spoke about this last week.

And so, my first two pages, of my first week as a 39 year old, get to start it off.

 photo 1bhpl_lindaroos_130729_l_web.jpg

 photo 2bhpl_lindaroos_130729_r_web.jpg
(Supplies: Becky Higgins Project Life Midnight, Becky Higgins Project Life Kraft, Becky Higgins Project Life Seafoam and also Crate Paper Maggie Holmes Kit, Life365 Buttons by Karla Dudley, In Stitches Neutrals by Robyn Meierotto, Homebody kit by Scotty Girl Design)

As you can see, and as I spoke about in my last post, I have decided to not follow the pocket system that Becky Higgins has formulated but rather try to stay true to my own style with layers and a few well chosen elements to help tell my story. I think that the Becky Higgins Project Life products that are available digitally at Digital Project Life are perfect even with my formula.

I am very happy with these first two pages. They let the photos take center stage, and there is ample space for journaling thanks to the journaling cards. I like the centered, layered look. Of course, I had lots to say seeing as we were on holiday this week and the photos are excellent seeing as they picture Italy, but I hope I can continue to keep this formula.

I haven't yet made a title page, but I am thinking that I might do a simple compilation of photos from the last year once it has passed. But we'll see. For now, I am just going to be happy that I created my first two pages.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

laying it out | back up and running

OK, so I am finally back up and running with my new computer, and am working really hard to make up for lost time. That means goodies to post on the blog! Yay!

Incidentally, all the photos in this post were taken in Italy. What can I say, it's a place fit for photography!

 photo sgdpco_130715_lindaroos_enjoyandrelax.jpg
(Supplies: Skyscraper Templates, Walt's Park Kit by Scotty Girl Design)

 photo sgdpco_130715_lindaroos_youaremylife2.jpg
(Supplies: Everlasting by Scotty Girl Design and Mye De Leon)

Monday, 15 July 2013

laying it out | morphing

I participated in a digi morph challenge over at Pixels and Co. Ever heard of such a thing?
Well, it starts out with one inspirational layout. The layout is sent to the first participant, who creates a scraplift. That layout in turn is then sent to the second participant who does the same thing, and so on. Once the last participant has finished, all layouts are revealed and the morphing from the inspirational layout to the very last one is shown.

It was great fun (even though I had to send my work to the fabulous Karla Dudley - talk about nerve wracking). Here is my layout:

 photo pcodigimorph_130613_lindaroos_thebestever.jpg
(Supplies: Kraft Essentials, Card Love | Set 1, Jumbo Sentiments | Set 1, Life Cards by Karla Dudley, He Creates | Full Kit by Dawn by Design, Penny Kit by Creashens, Digi Basics | Neutral Smears by Mye De Leon, Silver Lining Collab by Pixels & Co designers)

This is my layout for the second round of the Cropped competition at Pixels & Co. I'm not competing, but the members of the Creative Team are graciously allowed to play along with each challenge of the new rounds. In this round there were four new products that had to be included and the layout had to have 75% white space. Right up my alley! :)

 photo pcocroppedr2_lindaroos_nothingtohide.jpg
(Supplies: Mystery basket products, Life 365 | the papers by Karla Dudley, Homebody, The Good Life Collaboration, Let's Go Collection by Scotty Girl Design, Fly Away, Toolbox: Mists V.10 by Gennifer Bursett, This & That - Full Kit, Cottontail - Elements by Robyn Meierotto, He Creates | Full Kit by Dawn by Design)

As a follow up from last week, my new computer arrived and I am busy getting it set up like I want it, installing everything I had on my last one, and making sure I'm properly backed up. I'm also trying to get the hang of Windows 8, which I think lacks seriously in user friendliness.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

laying it out | trio

My sisters are so precious to me. They are my babies, my confidantes, my loves. They are smart, and funny, and pretty. They are strong, and courageous, and amazing. I love them with all my heart. My life is better with them in it.

 photo rmpco_130628_lindaroos_bettertogether.jpg
(Supplies: WordArt | Love Notes, This & That - Full Kit, Krafty - Labels by Robyn Meierotto, {i}NSD 2013 Grab Bag by Crystal Livesay, Hello Love by Mye De Leon, Basically - Full Kit by Mommyish, Butterfly by Karla Dudley, Carefree | Full Kit, He Creates | Full Kit by Dawn by Design)

I started running last year. All through the summer and autumn I went running two or three times a week. I didn't exactly turn into a super sprinter, but I kept at it. Then winter hit, and it was just way too cold to run. Come warmer weather this year and I tried, twice, to pick back up. Thing is, I never got back into it. I didn't instantly succeed or become a master, and that made me feel miserable. It's a character flaw of mine; I put a lot of pressure on myself, and when I don't excel I feel horrible and quit. I need to stop that. That's what this layout is about.

This layout was created for the "Cropped" competition at Pixels and Co. Are you participating?
Since I'm part of the site CT, I am not eligible for the prizes, but it's fun to take on the challenge.

 photo pcocroppedr1_lindaroos_mylife.jpg
(Supplies: Homebody by ScottyGirl Design, Snippets | Love, Free Love by Robyn Meierotto, Wide Washi Tape - Digital Elements by Karen Funk, Digi Basics | Neutral Smears by Mye De Leon, Stamp Press | Life, Kraft Essentials, Life 365 | the buttons by Karla Dudley, Free Love by Mommyish, He Creates | Elements by Dawn by Design)

As you know the husband and I love food. As you know, I like to snap a few shots every now and then of that food. I think you also know that I like to scrap about it. So nothing new about this layout! We had grilled prawns one day, and it was quite Lovely. Messy, but lovely.

 photo LivE130705_LindaRoos_Shrimponthebarbie.jpg
(Supplies: Point Of View Arrows, Woodoodled Paper Pack, T+Mini 02-Adoration, Shabby Chevs PP, Photo Stories-Everyday Pebbles, Joy of Childhood Paper Pack, Tagged For Life, Photo Stories-Dymo Labels by Liv.e Designs, Winter Wonderland Collection by Jessica Sprague and Heidi Swapp)

Monday, 24 June 2013

laying it out | trying to catch a break

Yes, I am literally trying to catch a break at this point in my life. Things are extremely hectic at work, and I find myself running faster and faster to keep up. I am afraid that I'm not doing a very good job of it.

I have quite a few things that I want to share here, but that means actually sitting down by the computer Before 10 pm, actually hooking up the camera to said computer, and actually editing the photos in said camera. But once I do all that, you can look forward to a couple of shots of the husband's mancave, a few photos of a Swedish holiday, and some weekly P52 shots.

For now though, I have a bunch of layouts to share. I am going to love you and leave you with these ones today. I think the pictures and the words will give you the story.

 photo cp130610_lindaroos_lovethis.jpg
(Credits: Crate Paper Maggie Holmes, Crate Paper Pretty Party, Crate Paper Storyteller, Becky Higgins Holidays freebie for AC Digitals, Life 365 Buttons and Butteryfly Kit by Karla Dudley, I Love You Kit by Genifer Bursett, Stitched by Anna 3 by Anna Aspnes)

 photo cp130623_lindaroos_blissful.jpg
(Credits: Crate Paper Maggie Holmes, American Crafts Dear Lizzie Spring for AC Digitals, Rock the Blocks Template by Crystal Livesay, Lets's Go Kit by ScottyGirl Design)

 photo cspco_130609_lindaroos_love.jpg
(Credits: Watercolor No. 01 Journal Cards, Stencils No. 03 by Creashens, Summer Bliss Cardstock by ScottyGirl Designs, Deco Brads Digital Elements by Karen Funk, Hello Summer Embellishments by Mye De Leon, Life 365 The Word Brushes by Karla Dudley)

 photo cspco_130614_lindaroos_todaywas.jpg
(Credits: Penny Collection by Creashens, Edgy and Angled Templates by Crystal Livesay, Fly Away by Gennifer Bursett, Hello Summer Embellishments by Mye De Leon, Ink Spots No. 1 by Wild Blueberry Ink, In Stitches - Neutral Basics by Robyn Meierotto, Silver Lining by Pixels & Co Designers)

 photo dbdpco_130614_lindaroos_eliaslove.jpg
(Credits: He Creates | Full Kit by Dawn by Design, Hello Love The Elements by Karla Dudley)

 photo rmpco_130624_lindaroos_youaremylife.jpg
(Credits: All That Glitters Templates by Crystal Livesay, This & That Full Kit by Robyn Meierotto, Butterfly The Elements, Life 365 The Buttons by Karla Dudley, The Good Life Collaboration by ScottyGirl Designs, Silver Lining, In Good Company freebie by Pixels & Co designers)

 photo LivE130614_LindaRoos_RightNow.jpg
(Credits: Cut-out Alphas; Photo Stories Krafty Papers; Hoho Holidays Solid Papers; NW Stitchies Vol3; Photo Stories Washi Tapes; T+Mini 04-So Blessed; T+Mini 05-Work Of Art; Texture Magic all by Liv.edesigns, Basically Kit by Mommyish)

 photo LivE130621_LindaRoos_Preciousmoments.jpg
(Credits: Tagged For Life, Shabby Chevs PP, HIH Tags, TW2D13Freeb-WornKraftTag, Photo Stories-Goodiebag, NW Stitchies Vol 3, Photo Stories Washi Tapes; This And That Sticker Pack all by Liv.edesigns, This & That Charming full kit by Echo Park Paper, Life 365 Stamp Sheet by Karla Dudley Design)

Monday, 27 May 2013

laying it out | good things

I have three layouts to share today that all celebrate good things in my life. I figure one needs to grab hold of good things in life and savor them. They bring energy to get through the not so fabulous moments.

I try not to drink too much soda, I usually have a glass of Coke Zero a day. But then there are days when more than that is needed. Those are the days when I get a can during my lunch break and enjoy it at my desk. It is a life saver - or at least a burst of energy.

 photo LivE130524_LindaRoos_Lifesaver.jpg
(Supplies: Paintbox Vol. 1, T+Mini Vol 4 So Blessed, Shabby Chevs Paper Pack, Splatters Vol 1, Loopies Vol 4, Photo Stories Everyday Pebbles, Photo Stories Dymo Labels, Photo Stories Washi Tapes, Photo Stories Krafty Papers, This & That Stickers Pack, Texture Magic, Winter Breeze all by Liv.e Designs, Note To Self Kit and For the Record Documented by Echo Park)

Quiet moments at the beach, a warm breeze, beautiful rays of sun. How can this not be wonderful?

 photo acd130527_lindaroos_atthebeach.jpg
(Supplies: American Crafts Shoreline at AC Digitals, Hello Love by Mye De Leon)

Ah, Friday nights in the summer. A nice glass of wine on the patio, some music, and the husband beside me. Those are some of my very favourite moments.

 photo wbipco_130527_lindaroos_enjoytoday2.jpg
(Supplies: Photo Clusters, Photo Tabs, Ink Spots, Wanderlust Cardstock, Homebody by Wild Blueberry Ink, Kraft Essentials, Butterfly, Life 365 Stamp Sheet by Karla Dudley, Carefree Full Kit by Dawn by Design, In Stitches Neutral Basics, Krafty Labels by Robyn Meierotto, Let's Go Elements by Scotty Girl Design, Silver Lining Part 3 by Gennifer Bursett)

I'm not a chronological scrapper. I don't feel like telling my life story in a diary kind of way would be neither inspiring nor very good. Least of all would there be any variation. I find that telling my life story by picking moments, stories, and photos that strike an emotion in me is much more interesting. Hopefully I will be able to look back at all my pages when I am old and see that my life was full of good things, bad things, funny things, sad things, amazing moments, dull moments, delicious moments, and disastrous moments. Do you scrap favourite moments, just because, or are you a chronological scrapper?

Monday, 13 May 2013

laying it out | fresh

This layout is devoted to spring. To new beginnings, to growth, to green, to fresh air, to garden work (even though I actually hate that).

 photo acd130513_lindaroos_welcomespring.jpg
(Supplies: Daydream Kit by American Crafts at AC Digitals, Photo Clusters by Wild Blueberry Ink at Pixels & Co, Life 365 Buttons by Karla Dudley at Pixels & Co)

We had the good fortune to spend a few hours this weekend watching one of our boys play sports. It's his first season playing, and this was his second game ever. Lots of fun to see little six year olds chase eachother around on the pitch.

 photo wbipco_130512_lindaroos_awesome.jpg
(Supplies: The Good Life Collab Kit by Wild Blueberry Ink and Scotty Girl Design, Photo Clusters and Wanderlust Stamps by Wild Blueberry Ink at Pixels & Co)

You can pick up the new and very colourful and vibrant Daydream Kit by American Crafts at AC Digitals today!