Wednesday, 13 November 2013

guest blogging at pixels & co

You guys, pop on over to the Pixels & Co blog today, where I am blogging about using journaling cards in "regular" scrapbook layouts. You know I love that topic, LOL! Anyway, I give a couple of ideas on how to use them, and also share some beautiful examples by the talented creative team members at Pixels & Co.

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Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Frankly, I'm a lucky girl. I have had the good fortune to get to know many beautiful and lovely women since my first fays of joining internet communities. From wedding planning mates (over at the now dead forum), to gossip and whine pals (over at, to creative inspiration (at I am truly thankful for all of them as they have given me strength, support, love, laughs, tears, and much inspiration.

I got to know Cathy Pascual, a super talented girl, when she was a creative team member at Cathy has a keen sense of style, and her ability to pull out the most beautiful layouts is so very inspiring. Cathy has an Etsy shop where she sells adorable embroidered hoop art, and she also has a blog where she shares her art and her scrapbook work.

Yesterday Cathy posted her nominations for something called Liebster awards, and I was one of the awarded. Oh deary me! Thank you, Cathy!

Now, usually I'm not into all of those blog awards type of things, and especially not when it comes to the ones with rules, which this thing supposedly has. But I was inspired by Cathy's kindness to at least share with you five blogs that I really enjoy to read (but blatantly disregarding the rules). So here we go:

Becky of Casa Caudill
Becky is smart, and funny. She takes fabulous photos, and she decorates her house in awesome ways.

Benita of  Chez Larsson
Benita's blog is all about eye candy when it comes to home interiors . Her minimalist style is just up my alley.

Frida of Trendenser
Frida's blog is one of the biggest in Sweden. She shares her own excellent photography as well as truly stylish interior and graphic design. This blog is in Swedish, but anyone can enjoy the beautiful images.

Meeta of What's for lunch honey
Oh my god! Don't go to this blog if you are on a diet! This girl cooks, and photographs, the most amazing food.

Tammy of  Telling stories from chez nous
Tammy is a truly lovely woman. She cooks, she scraps, she talks, she takes such good care of her beautiful family. She is an inspiration!

And there you have it, five blogs, five women. Enjoy!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

A source of inspiration

Ah, inspiration, that elusive flash of lightning that goes off inside of you (gut? heart? head? combination of all of those?) for a second or two. How I love when it shows up and how it frustrates me when I can't evoke it or control it. It's a love/hate relationship for me with inspiration for sure, granted not a 50/50 ratio, but still the frustration is definitely there at times.

I like to look at pretty things when it's all a mess inside of my head and I can't quite get my ideas out. I find it calms me down and helps me focus. Sometimes it makes a certain idea seem crystal clear - and I love those times - and sometimes it just makes me feel happy. I think that's a kind of inspiration too.

I thought it would be a cool idea to compile a little list of places and things that give me tons of inspiration - both for digi design and for feeling happy and refreshed. At the very least they might inspire any one of you guys as well.

Now this is a list I will have to come back to and add on to as time goes. One can't very well put a restraint to inspirational places, right?


My Fonts
The perfect place for typeface and typographic inspiration. I've signed up for their newsletter and it's cool to get their picks in the inbox every now and then.

Lovely Package
All about great package design. Fabulous pictures. *love* this site.

Style Me Pretty
Swoon! Amazing weddings are featured here. Beautiful photography and fabulous design details in abundance. Also, weddings make me immensly happy.

The epitome of style. Nuff said.

Paper Source
This place has high quality paper design and their front page is always very colourful and inspirational.
This place is quite genial. I like the idea of collecting pretty, inspirational, images in one place that doesn't take up space on my own computer. I like clicking through my collection and looking at what I felt grabbed me at one point of time. Another plus is that you can hook up with other people and see their collections as well. I'm lindsan if anyone is on there.

Hostess with the mostess
Hip, fun, and trendy this place is the go to for party detail designs for me. 
Also, I had the honour of being featured twice. Awesomely awesome.

Swedish blogger with impeccable taste. Centered around interior design but she branches out every now and then.

Martha Stewart
Needs no further introduction!

This is the perfect place for finding great colour combinations. Colour is a huge source of inspiration for me and just looking at the swatches at this site can cause flutters in my stomach.

Colour Lovers
Another fabulous place for colour combos. This place grabs the combos from photos or graphic design.


Do you have any favourite sites for inspiration that you would like to share? Please do!

Monday, 1 November 2010

New eye candy blogs

Did you know that there is a brand new blog by the team all dedicated to the beautiful digital art that the team creates? Check it out! It only just started but you are guaranteed mouthwatering eye candy if you follow this one!

And if you are into hybrid art, you won't need to feel neglected and forgotten, because there is a whole blog just for you too! Again, you won't be disappointed with the stunning creations at this place.

Now, don't I get the prize for today's best blog tips?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Words of wisdom from P-Dub

Pioneer Woman is da bomb. She really is. And this post is something I want to remember, for my own good. I thought sharing it here, for those of you who by any chance don't read her blog (yet), would be a good idea.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Galna Kocken is blogging!

My husband, the chef, has started a new blog. Long time coming! We talked about this last year and had this idea that he would cook and I would shoot and then he would blog about it. Well, that kind of fell through but now he finally decided to go for it.

He will take photos of his food and then every now and then talk about food and drinks, and perhaps kitchen gadgets. He is planning to blog in Swedish but anyone can check out the pics and be inspired.

He calls himself Galna Kocken - the Crazy Chef. Check him out!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Blog pimping

My friend Jessica, or Dr V rather, at Pawcurious has been nominated for not one, but two bloggie awards; best new blog and best designed blog.

Jessica is smart, funny, and an excellent writer, and even if you don't have a pet of your own you will enjoy reading her blog. Chances are you will also fall in love with her adorable little puppy Brodie.

Check her out, and if you like her, vote for her at 2010 bloggies.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Photo wall change

Sometimes even I have a stroke of genius. Like when I decide to look through my IKEA catalogues and be inspired. I did that four or five years ago and was really inspired to start a photo wall. We lived at a different place back then but we decided to bring the idea with us to this house when we moved just little over three years ago.

Being the lover of "simple" that I am, and let's face, plain anal about order and "clean", used 19 identical frames, all B/W photos, and arranged them in a grouping that I personally thought was appealing. But, that was three+ years ago, and to be honest both my photography and my editing skills have improved vastly since then. It was time for an update.

We discussed me doing something artsy and creative but in the end we (or I rather) came back to the simple, clean style that I want to define our house. So I simply printed some new photos and changed out the old ones.



What I want to convey with this post is that you don't need to do elaborate stuff to get a good end result. You don't need to do LOs, or books, or hybrid projects with all your photos. You don't need a lot of fuss. Sometimes just printing the photos and putting them in frames can be more than enough and very effective.

I love walking past this wall - it's on the way from the living room to our bedroom so I pass it at least twice a day - and see people we love, or a place we've been to, or a detail of something beautiful in our lives. I love to have guests go over and stand there for a while, striking up conversations whether they were there when the photos were taken or not. I love that they are a part of our daily lives and not stuck in in a box or in a book case.

Now you might not like the straight rows that I have. You might not like the uniform frames. You might not want all of your photos in B/W. Well that is the beauty of it, you can do it any which way you like! If you want inspiration, you can check out Decor8 Flickr group. There are plenty of photo wall pictures. Through this group I found Chez Larsson and fell in love instantly. Wow, what a beautiful home. What beautiful ideas.

Oh, and if you need tips on how to get perfectly straight rows like mine for a photo wall just give me a shout. I thought and thought about this for the longest time and came up with a way that works really well if you have enough photos to finish up the photo wall all at once.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Speaking of birthdays

The fabulous diva that is Jen at Hostess with the mostess featured my birthday party on her blog yesterday. It is my second feature at her blog and I am as extatic this time as the first. Jen has impeccable taste and to even be considered is a great honour for me. You can see the specific post with just one click!

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

New blogtip

A friend of mine just started a new blog. She is a fantastic writer and if you like animals and a good read you will want to stay up to date with this blog!

Say hi to Dr. V!

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Awesome blog tip

One of my favourite blogs to read every day is Cathy Zielske's. She is hilarious and stylish and sassy. You will not be sorry to follow her blog. Just saying.